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Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge (Vita)

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This game is titled Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge in Europe and Wallabies Rugby Challenge in Australia.


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation Vita trophy rewards.

Rugby Challenge Accepted (Platinum): Get all Rugby Challenge Trophies.
Good Sport (Silver): Complete 25 online matches.
Online Captain (Gold): Complete 50 online matches.
Tall as Metcalfe (Bronze): Win 60% of lineouts in a match that aren't thrown by your team.
World Champ Domination (Gold): Win the World Championship Competition without losing or drawing a match.
Possessed (Bronze): Maintain Over 60% possession in a match.
This is My House (Bronze): Maintain over 60% territory in a match.
Lack of Discipline (Bronze): The ref calls one red card against you.
A Gentleman's Game (Silver): Do not concede more than 2 penalties in a single match.
End-To-End (Gold): Make a try-scoring run which starts within your own in-goal area.
Conversion Point Pro (Gold): Score a conversion on pro difficulty.
Team Player (Gold): Win 10 matches, each as a different team.
Played for Our Sins (Silver): Win a match with 2 players sent off.
The Catt Memorial Service (Silver): Break through a full back with Jonah Lomu.
Where is Tim Timber? (Bronze): Win the ITM Cup Competition.
Super, Thanks For Asking (Bronze): Win the Rugby 15 Competition.
There's No Forfeiting This One (Bronze): Win the Top 14 Competition.
Working On My Quads (Bronze): Win the Quad Nations Competition.
Hardcore Fan (Gold): Complete Career Mode.
Bank of Toulon (Gold): Collect $100,000 Rugby Dollars.
No School Boy Difficulty Here (Bronze): Get gold medals in every tutorial.
That's No Oil Painting, But OK (Bronze): Create and save a custom player.

Additionally there are three secret trophies

Oh The Memories! (Silver): Score 4 consecutive tries with Jonah Lomu vs England.
Thanks Team (Bronze): Watch through the credits.
Tribute (Gold): Unlock 'Team Lomu'.