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Judge Dredd vs. Zombies

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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
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Apocalypse War: Rack up 5000 kills.
Block Mania: Rack up 1000 kills.
Compulsory Psychology(?): Fully upgrade all weapons.
Full Eagle: Gain 3 stars on any level.
Hero of Mega City: Gain commendation on all levels of Sector 188 Resyk.
Keys to the Mega City: Buy some credits.
Meat Wagon: Rack up 10 kills.
Necropolis: Rack up 25,000 kills.
Resyk Nightmare: Complete Sector 188 Resyk.
Seasoned: Gain 5 commendations.
Sky High: Complete Sector House 188.
Suspicious Fetishis: Fully upgrade any weapon.
Tek Division: Perform an upgrade on any weapon.
The Long Walk: Gain commendation on all levels of Sector House 188.
The Spirit of Fargo: Gain commendation on all levels of B. Arthur Crock Block.
Undercity Blues: Complete B. Arthur Crock Block.