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Jump (iPod/iPhone)

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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
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Bone Breker (50 points): Break 30 Fish Bones in a single game.
Buzzard Basher (125 points): Stomp on 60 Buzzards in a single game.
Feathered Friends (100 points): Collect a Green Balloon without stomping on a single Buzzard.
Garbage Collector (125 points): Smash 20 chunks of Space Garbage in a single game.
Going Green (75 points): Collect 500 Green Balloons in a single game.
Going Up (100 points): Bounce on 4 Spring Board Pelicans in a row.
Gold Rush (50 points): Collect 400 Yellow Balloons in a single game.
Light speed! (150 points): Jump on 3 Galaxies in a row.
Red Head (50 points): Collect 500 Red Balloons in a single game.
True Blue (100 points): Collect 700 Blue Balloons in a single game.
Yellow Belly (75 points): Collect a Red Balloon whilst having less than 100 Yellow Balloons.