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Created by cubex55.


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.
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Boots On the Ground (Silver): Land outside the Visitor's Center.
Just Calling my Boyfriend... (Bronze): Contact the rescuers.
That Way... (Bronze): Find the kidnapper's trail.
Rough Riders (Bronze): Take a ride on the Bone Breaker.
I Herd That (Silver): Free the Parasaurolophus.
Get It Off Me! (Silver): Withstand the surprise attack with no blunders.
Bone Shaker (Silver): Survive the Bone Shaker with no mistakes.
What Are They Doing Here? (Bronze): Escape to the water tower with no slipups.
For Medicinal Purposes (Bronze): Help Nima treat her wound.
Dropping Eaves (Bronze): Overhear all of Dr. Sorkin's conversation with Gerry.
You Must Be This Tall to Ride (Gold): Find the Mr. DNA sign.
Jurassic Park: The Cavalry (Bronze): Complete Jurassic Park: The Cavalry.