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Created by cubex55.


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.

Yoder? More Like ExpLODEr! (Bronze): Talk Yoder out of his killing rage.
Troodone (Bronze): Escape the Troodon den.
I Know How to Read a Schematic (Bronze): Get out of the tunnels.
All Together Now (Bronze): Reunite the group.
Life's a Beach (Bronze): Arrive at the beach.
If Dinosaur, Den Flee (Silver): Escape the den, flawlessly.
Mosey on Outta There (Silver): Survive Dr. Sorkin's attempt to free the Mosasaur, perfectly.
Clever Girl (Silver): Fight Yoder with no slipups.
Zero Blind Mice (Silver): Use three flares while finding the tunnel exit.
Finding Nima (Silver): Learn all there is to learn about Nima's past.
You Can't Container (Bronze): Make no mistakes when fleeing the T.rex at the docks.
Do-you-think-he-saurus Rex (Bronze): Choose to save Jess when racing for the docks.
Barbasolved (Bronze): Choose to save the can when racing for the docks.
Jurassic Park: The Survivors (Silver): Complete Jurassic Park: The Survivors.