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Kamen Rider Climax Heroes OOO (PSP)

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Stage select

Successfully complete Stage 13.

Stage 14

Successfully complete Ragnarok mode, then resume play on the cleared saved game file.
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Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding rider when they are encountered. Note: Multiple attempts may be required. With the exception of W/Double CAX, you must take the recruited rider in your team at least once in Ragnarok mode to permanently unlock them in other modes.

Dark Kabuto: Complete Stage 14 five times.
Garren: Unlock all other riders W/Double CAX. Note: You may need to complete Stage 14 again.
Nega Den-O: Complete Stage 14 three times.
Odin: Complete Stage 14 six times.
Ouja: Complete Stage 14 two times.
Ryuga: Complete Stage 14 four times.
Scissors: Complete Stage 14 once.
W/Double CAX: Unlock Garren, then select Arcade mode, select the last empty space, press Square for a random character, then complete Arcade mode as WCAX.