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Karnak's Temple

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Press [Esc] during game play to enter the options menu. Select the "Redefine Keys" option. Then, redefine one of the following combination of keys. Note: After redefining the keys, they will return to their original setting.
gubalgtc bof earfat, b hdltbevt

Invincibility (KNTIMMUNE)
Left: K
Right: N
Up: T
Down: I
Action: M
Run/Walk: M
Fire: U
Pause : N
In Game Options : E
Level up (KNTLEVELP)
Left: K
Right : N
Up: T
Down: L
Action: E
Run/Walk: V
Fire: E
Pause : L
In Game Options : P
Additional life (KNTONLIFE)
Left: K
Right : N
Up: T
Down: O
Action: N
Run/Walk: L
Fire: I
Pause : F
In Game Options : E