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Keito no Kirby

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This game is titled Kirby's Epic Yarn in North America, Europe, and Australia, and Keito no Kirby in Japan.



Collect various music during game play to unlock songs for the sound track. Note: To unlock the final three songs ("Dream Land Music", "Staff Credits Music", and "Yin-Yarn's Music"), successfully complete the game.

Quilty Square Music
Collect Patch Castle Music.
Grass Land Music
Collect Fountain Gardens Music.
Collect Flower Fields Music.
Collect Rainbow Falls Music.
Collect Big-Bean Vine Music.
Collect Fangora Music.
Collect Mole Hole Music.
Collect Wierd Woods Music.
Hot Land Music
Collect Pyramid Sands Music.
Collect Lava Landing Music.
Collect Cool Cave Music.
Collect Dino Jungle Music.
Collect Hot Wings Music.
Collect Temper Temple Music.
Collect Dusk Dunes Music.
Treat Land Music
Collect Toy Tracks Music.
Collect Mushroom Run Music.
Collect Sweets Park Music.
Collect Melody Town Music.
Collect Squashini Music.
Collect Cocoa Station Music.
Collect Dark Manor Music.
Water Land Music
Collect Splash Beach Music.
Collect Blub-Blue Ocean Music.
Collect Secret Island Music.
Collect Deep-Dive Deep Music.
Collect Capamari Music.
Collect Boom Boatyard Music.
Collect Fossil Reef Music.
Snow Land Music
Collect Snowy Fields Music.
Collect Cozy Cabin Music.
Collect Mt. Slide Music.
Collect Frosty Wheel Music.
Collect King Dedede Music.
Collect Frigid Fjords Music.
Collect Evergreen Lift Music.
Space Land Music
Collect Future City Music.
Collect Tube Town Music.
Collect Mysterious UFO Music.
Collect Stellar Way Music.
Collect Meta Knight Music.
Collect Moon Base Music.
Collect Outer Rings Music.
Dream Land Music
Collect Whispy's Woods Music.
Collect Tempest Tower Music.
Collect Cloud Palace Music.
Collect Dedede's Castle Music.
Collect Yin-Yarn Music.
Collect Meta-Melon Island Music.
Collect Battleship Halberd Music.

Bonus furniture

Defeat the indicated Boss to unlock the corresponding furniture at the store for purchase.

Hanging Bells: Defeat Yin Yarn.
King Dedede Doll: Defeat King Dedede.
Meta Knight Doll: Defeat Meta Knight.
Star Bed: Defeat Yin Yarn.

Bonus wallpapers

Complete all the missions from the indicated character at the apartment building. That character will offer to come over to Kirby's Pad after you complete a level. Return to Kirby's Pad and that character will give you a bonus wallpaper.

Beadrix Print: Complete Beadrix's missions and have Beadrix visit Kirby's Pad.
Buster Print: Complete Buster's missions and have Buster visit Kirby's Pad.
Carrie Print: Complete Carrie's missions and have Carrie visit Kirby's Pad.
Mara Print: Complete Mara's missions and have Mara visit Kirby's Pad.
Zeke Print: Complete Zeke's missions and have Zeke visit Kirby's Pad.


Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Staff Credits" at the "Flicks" menu.
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Reaching high locations

Note: This trick requires two players. Have a player jump on the other player's head. Then, have the bottom character jump. The top character will remain on the other characters head. Have the top character jump when the bottom character is at the top of their jump. If done correctly, you will jump higher than a normal jump,


Constant electric shock with UFO

When using the UFO in two player mode, for example in Weird Woods, use the shock and obtain a treasure at the exact same moment. This will cause the shock to be endless. The damage effect will be present as well. Press B, 1, or 2 to return to normal.

Droopy yarn

In two player mode, have player one and player two synch their grabs at the same time on each other. Sometimes the yarn grab will be present, but it will be hanging from whichever player the glitch happens to. Use grab to return to normal.