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Ken to Mahou to Gakuen Mono. 2G

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This game is titled Class Of Heroes 2G in North America and Ken to Mahou to Gakuen Mono. 2G in Japan.

Cheat Codes

Japanese opening sequence

Hold Triangle while the game loads or begins cycling from the current title screen. Release Triangle when the Japanese sequence begins.
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Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation trophy rewards.

School Champion (Platinum): Completed all school trophies.
Student ID Card (Bronze): Complete Crostini Academy Campus Tour.
School Spirit (Bronze): Participate in Sports Festival.
Practically-Minded (Bronze): Take Practical Exam 1.
Culture Club (Bronze): Participate in the Culture Festival.
Practical Exam 2 (Bronze): Submit to Practical Exam 2.
Kung Fu Grip (Bronze): Participate in Martial Arts Tournament.
Coppa's Angels (Bronze): Clear up Coppa's Issues.
Savings Plan (Bronze): Amass 100,000G.
Major Miser (Silver): Amass 1,000,000G.
Hands Across the Abyss (Bronze): Use a Party Attack.
Prolific Creator (Bronze): Create One or More Students of Every Race.
Class Master (Silver): Create a Student in Every Class.
Philanthropist (Bronze): Donate in the Clinic.
Great Beginnings (Bronze): Explore all of Beginner's Brush.
Junior Explorer (Silver): Explore at least 50% of Tohath Labyrinth.
Treasure Hunter (Silver): Open Every Treasure Chest.
Monster Masher (Bronze): Kill 500 Monsters.
Monster Hound (Silver): Kill 10,000 Monsters.
Baptized in Blood (Bronze): Experience Being Mostly Dead.
Lord of the Hoard (Silver): Collect More Than 500 Items.

Additionally there are fifteen secret trophies.

Panini Press (Bronze): Succeed in Drive to Panini.
Lovely Bruschetta (Bronze): Arrive at Bruschetta Academy.
Otherside (Silver): Visit the Other World.
Mashlenia Unchained (Bronze): Liberate Mashlenia.
Lanzlet Liberation (Bronze): Retake Lanzlet.
Yamhath Both (Bronze): Retake Yamhath.
Smooth Talker (Bronze): Save the Hostages.
World Liberator (Silver): Take Payne Out and Save the World.
Trancendent (Gold): Challenge a God and Win.
Point Meister (Silver): Assign More Than 40 Bonus Points (BP).
Labyrinth Master (Gold): Explore All Labyrinths Completely.
Meat Grinder (Gold): Obliterate 50,000 Monsters.
NPC Invitation (Silver): Bring an NPC into a Exploration Party.
All Clear (Gold): Clear Additional Quests & Defeat Boss on 10th Floor of the Dark Gate.
There and Back Again (Gold): Experience Reincarnation.