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Kidou Senshi Gundam Seed: Rengou vs. Z.A.F.T. Portable

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Easy health recovery

After dieting in a level in Campaign mode, your Mobile Suit will have only 10 health points remaining. To recover health, switch to a different Mobile Suit and play the first campaign level. After completing the level, all Mobile Suits other than the last suit used will recover health.

Easy battles

Choose a Mobile Suit that has a strong long ranged weapon and has moderate speed. Use the thrusters to strafe side to side while firing at your enemies from a distance. When the enemy Mobile Suits get too close, use your melee weapon to thrust forward and attack. When they fall to the ground, thrust away from them and use your long range weapons.

Menu translation

Free Battle
Player or Computer
Team (A, B, Random)
Mobile Suit
Level (Unit strength)

After you are done selecting the suits, press Start. This will bring up a separate menu.

Background Music
Team A Health (50% to Infinite)
Team B Health (50% to Infinite)
Damage Level (Low 1 to 4 High)
Time (120 seconds to Infinite)
Boost Gauge (50% to Infinite)
Experience for Awakening (50% to Infinite)
Awakening Duration (50% to Infinite)

Press Start to begin the battle.

Load Game
New Game
Free Mission (Play missions that have been unlocked through the campaign)
Endless Mode (Mobile Suits will not recover health after a mission)
Arcade Mode
Multiplayer Versus
Multiplayer Cooperative
Tab 1
Arcade Options
AI Difficulty (Easy 1 - 10 Hard)
Damage Level (Low 1 - 4 High)
Time (120 seconds - Infinite)
Boost Gauge (50% - Infinite)
Experience for Awakening (50% - Infinite)
Awakening Duration (50% - Infinite)
Sound Options
Sound Effects
Background Music
Pilot Voices
Tab 2
Configure controls
Tab 3
Save Menu (This will only affect Arcade mode.)
Load game
Save game
Delete data
Autosave (On or Off)


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