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Killzone 3

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Cheat Codes

Retro Map Pack and extra unlock points DLC

Go to!/ps3Giveaway and register. Select the Killzone 3 option and enter one of the following UPC codes.



Elite mode

Successfully complete the game.


Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding ribbon.

Double kill XP: Complete an objective in operations or warzone to receive double XP for each kill. The ribbon lasts 60 seconds.
Increased Accuracy: Increases weapon accuracy for all weapons by 25%. Reduces spread for all bullet weapons. Get 5 melee kills to receive ribbon.
Bullet Damage: Increases bullet damage by 25%. Get 5 assist kills in a single round to earn this ribbon.
Faster Aim: Enables player to aim down sights (zoom) of primary weapons 50% faster. Get 5 kills while zooming to get this ribbon.
Faster Reload: Enables player to reload faster. Get 10 kills without zooming to earn this ribbon.


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.
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Ready For Battle - Complete weapons training (Bronze): Completed weapons training in Prologue.
In Your Face - First Brutal Melee (Bronze): Performed first Brutal Melee move. (Video)
No Witnesses - Destroy all dropships on the Highway (Bronze): Destroy all dropships on the Highway. (Video)
Mopping Up - Kill 40 Helghast foot soldiers (Bronze): Killed 40 or more Helghast foot soldiers on the beach. (Video)
Sawn Off - Destroy all chasing APC's (Bronze): Destroyed all chasing SawBlade APC's in the Senlin Beach section. (Video)
Smoking Wrecks - Destroy all Tanks on Senlin Beach (Bronze): Destroyed all the Helghast Tanks in the Senlin Beach section. (Video)
Turn The Tables - Melee Kill a Capture Trooper (Bronze): Killed a Capture Trooper using melee. (Video)
Spiky Personality - Kill a Helghast using a Burster (Bronze): Killed a Helghast by shooting a Burster plant.
Minigunned - Destroy all targets (Bronze): Destroyed everything while using the Minigun on the Intruder.
Quick Exit - Escape the Oil Rig quickly (Bronze): Got off the 2nd rig within 2 minutes. (Video)
Shattered - Destroy all glass in the Labs (Bronze): Destroy all glass panes in the Stahl Arms South laboratories. (Video)
Pinpoint - Kill the Heavy with an StA-14 (Bronze): Killed the Heavy using the StA-14 rifle. (Video)
Evening The Odds - Kill 500 Helghast (Bronze): Kill 500 Helghast.
Cagefighter - Kill 10 Helghast using Brutal Melee (Bronze): Killed 10 Helaghast using Brutal Melee.
Frag Out - Kill 3 Helghast with 1 Frag Grenade (Bronze): Killed 3 Helghast using 1 fragmentation grenade. (Video)
One Each - Kill 3 Helghast with Shotgun Pistol, no reloads (Bronze): Shot and killed 3 Helghast using the Shotgun Pistol without reloading or switching weapons. (Video)
Eagle Eye - Every Sniper Rifle bullet is a kill (Bronze): Shot and killed 6 Helghast using the Sniper Rifle without reloading or switching weapons. (Video)
Power Spike - Nail a Helghast to an exploding object (Bronze): Used the Boltgun to nail a Helghast to an exploding object. (Video)
Up Close & Personal - Brutal Melee another player (Bronze): Used the Brutal Melee move against another player.
Team Player - Play a match as part of a squad (Bronze): Joined and completed a match as part of a squad.
Medic! - Revive another player (Bronze): Revived a friendly player for the first time.
Handy Man - Repair an object (Bronze): Repaired an object for the first time.
Now You See Me - Kill using Cloak (Bronze): Killed another player while cloaked.
Spy Game - Kill using Disguise (Bronze): Killed another player while disguised.
Turf War - Capture a Tactical Spawn Point (Bronze): Captured a Tactical Spawn Point for the first time.
Now It's Personal - Kill 1000 Helghast (Silver): Killed 1000 Helghast.
Fight To The Last - Kill 1500 Helghast (Silver): Killed 1500 Helghast.
Close Quarters Killer - Kill 25 Helghast using Brutal Melee (Silver): Killed 25 Helghast using Brutal Melee.
Hand To Hand Master - Kill 50 Helghast using Brutal Melee (Silver): Killed 50 Helghast using Brutal Melee.
Victory - Complete Campaign on Elite (Gold): Completed every mission on Elite difficulty.
Grand Slam - Win a match in 3 multiplayer modes (Gold): Won a match in Operations, Warzone & Guerrilla Warfare modes.
Platinum (Platinum): Collect all Killzone 3 trophies.

Additionally there are nineteen hidden trophies.

Time For A Dip - Reach the river (Bronze): Reached the Corinth River with the convoy.
Save The Intruders - Arc APCs destroyed (Bronze): Successfully assisted with defeating the Arc APCs.
Never There - Sneak past Helghast (Bronze): Sneaked past all Helghast in the Jungle without alerting any of them.
ISA TV - Establish communications (Bronze): Made contact with Earth.
Aerial Superiority - Kill 5 Helghast while in the air (Bronze): Killed 5 Helghast while airborne using the Jetpack. (Video)
Into The Lair - Reach the cable car (Bronze): Reached the cable car and gained access to Stahl Arms South.
Jail Break - Liberate Narville (Bronze): Liberated Narville from Stahl Arms South.
Go Down And Stay Down - Destroy the ATAC (Bronze): Defeated the ATAC outside the Stahl Arms facility.
Iced - Destroy all Ice-Saws and Dropships (Bronze): Destroyed all 4 Helghast Ice-Saws and all 6 Dropships.
You Drive - Drive the Mobile Factory (Bronze): Took over the controls of the Mobile Factory.
Bring It Down - Defeat the MAWLR (Bronze): Defeated the MAWLR defending the Space Elevator.
Completist - Destroy everything on the MAWLR (Bronze): Destroyed every destructible weapon on the MAWLR while on foot and on the Intruder.
Frazzle Dazzle - Kill 3 Helghast with one shot from the StA5X Arc Cannon (Bronze): Used the StA5X Arc Cannon to kill 3 Helghast with one shot. (Video)
Excessive Force - Kill a lone Helghast with the WASP secondary fire (Bronze): Used the secondary fire function of the WASP launcher to kill a single Helghast. (Video)
Spread The Love - Kill 5 Helghast at once using the WASP's secondary fire (Bronze): Killed 5 Helghast at once using the secondary fire mode of the WASP launcher. (Video)
Double Trouble - Reach the river in Co-op (Bronze): Made it to the Corinth River in Co-op mode.
Stranded Together - Reach the Extraction Point in Co-op (Bronze): Made it to the Extraction Point in Co-op mode.
Pilot's Wings - Mid-air kill (Bronze): Got a mid-air kill using the Jet Pack in any multiplayer mode.
Iron Man - Get a kill with the Exo (Bronze): Killed a player using the Exo in any multiplayer mode.
Let's Go Home - Destroy Stahl's Cruiser (Gold): Destroyed Stahl's Cruiser and left the planet on any difficulty.



From The Ashes Map Pack


Reclaimed Territory

Steel Rain Map Pack


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