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Kinectimals (Xbox 360)

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Cheat Codes


Select "Xbox 360 Transfer" at the main menu. Enter one of the following codes at the "Enter Code" box to receive the corresponding cub.

Cub Code
Asiatic Cheetah 4854-5245-4377
Asiatic Lion 4454-5692-6304
Black-Striped Blue Bengal Tiger 6164-0831-0334
Black-Striped Gold Bengal Tiger 2220-0726-0363
Black-Striped Red Bengal Tiger 4197-5728-0398
Bobcat 2376-0710-8301
Bornean Clouded Leopard 3971-2683-7398
Canadian Lynx 9370-3151-2358
Caspian Tiger 5936-1974-4472
Cave Lion 8832-9523-9426
Fishing Cat 3759-3629-7207
Geoffroy’s Cat 4098-0846-9395
Golden Tabby Tiger 6732-5466-3300
Iberian Lynx 7403-8149-2312
Iriomote Cat 0819-4536-0451
Jaguar 5882-7791-9395
King Cheetah 6821-0358-4303
Liger 9870-2089-4434
Maltese Tiger 8686-5471-6371
Marbled Cat 0119-9397-7521
Ocelot 1882-8516-7272
Plush African Leopard 1004-7671-7462
Plush African Lion 1559-8033-1350
Plush Black Panther 0076-5124-2444
Plush Bornean Clouded Leopard 8543-0584-5307
Plush Royal Bengal Tiger 4765-0363-3374
Plush Saber-tooth Tiger 2820-1073-2290
Red-Striped White Bengal Tiger 3258-3272-5380
Saber-tooth Tiger 9815-3514-6246
Serval 8886-1067-1228
Siberian Tiger 6619-0479-6335
White Jaguar 7850-2804-9321
White Tiger 3727-7807-8356


Bonus items

Complete the indicated task in the listed mini-game to unlock the corresponding item for use outside of that game in Free Play mode.

  • Halo Covenant Ghost: Win a silver medal while driving the Covenant Ghost in the Imperial Raceway mini-game in Cherry Blossom Grove.
  • Halo Grunt Doll: Win a gold medal in the Lakeland Dash contest at Suri Mountain.
  • Halo Warthog Racer: Win a silver medal while driving the Warthog in the kart racing mini-game in the temple area.


Collect the indicated number of medals in three of the five contests one of the following locations. After winning two of a certain type of medal in that location, the corresponding cub will hide somewhere in the area. After earning a third medal of the same type, your current cub will find the hidden cub and a cinematic will play, unlocking the cub.

Bobcat: Win three silver medals at Cherry Blossom Grove.
Borneon Clouded Leopard: Win three bronze medals at Woodland Glade.
Saber-tooth Tiger: Complete the game and earn a medal in the last contest of Celestial Glacier.
Serval: Win three bronze medals at Fiddler's Beach.
Siberian Tiger: Win three gold medals at Suri Mountain.
White Jaguar: Win three silver medals at La Selva.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.
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A Friend For Life (10 points): Choose your first animal in your own game.
First Contact (10 points): Pet your animal for the first time.
Catch Me If You Can (10 points): Get your animal to catch a disc for the first time.
Interior Designer (10 points): Customize your home interior for the first time.
Animal Carer (10 points): Clean and feed your animal for the first time.
Be A Contender (10 points): Enter your first contest.
Pieces of Flair (10 points): Place your first collar on your animal.
Do You Want to Play? (10 points): Play with a toy that your animal has brought you.
Treasure Finder (10 points): Use the Plunderscope to discover your first hidden secret.
Hit The Surf (30 points): Visit the Fiddler's Beach for the first time in your own game.
Archaeologist (30 points): Visit the La Selva for the first time in your own game.
Under The Falling Blossom (30 points): Visit Cherry Blossom Grove for the first time in your own game.
The Hills Are Alive (30 points): Visit Suri Mountain for the first time in your own game.
Mountaineer (30 points): Visit the Celestial Glacier for the first time in your own game.
Treasure Hunter (30 points): Complete the pirate map in your own game.
And Then There Were Two (30 points): Meet the first animal that is unlocked in your own game.
Bullseye (20 points): Hit three moving targets in a disk challenge.
No "I" In Team (20 points): Win a gold medal in another person's game.
Snowed Under (20 points): Complete the snowball volley contest without missing a single snowball.
Telekinesis (20 points): Use aftertouch on a disc 25 times.
Arch Rivals (20 points): Get the highest score of your friends in a contest session.
Well Trained (20 points): Pass an Obedience Trial without a single penalty.
Daredevil (20 points): Collect all items in an RC Car contest and earn gold in your own game.
Gold Standard (50 points): Get a gold medal in every contest in your own game.
Housewarming Present (20 points): Buy a piece of furniture from the Shop in another person's game.
Jack Be Nimble (20 points): Complete an agility course without missing any obstacles.
Ultimate Jump (20 points): Perform the ultimate jump.
The Ring Master (50 points): Perform all the tricks.
Completionist (20 points): Own all the toys in every category in your own game.
Sky High (20 points): Get the animal to catch a disc with a high jumping catch.
Well Travelled (20 points): Play every contest.
On Point (20 points): Get 3 rings in a row on a pole in a hoop-la contest.
Outfielder (20 points): Get your animal to catch a disc 15 times.
Golden Ticket (20 points): Win a gold medal in a contest without a retry in your own game.
Fixer Upper (20 points): Decorate your home with a single theme in all positions in your own game.
Play Time (20 points): Have your animal play with a toy in the home for the first time.
Mix and Match (20 points): Decorate your home using all the themes at the same time.
Two's Company (20 points): Swap with another player while in freeplay.
Keep Your Friends Close (20 points): Play a contest with somebody else.
Guesthouse (20 points): Another player visits your home in your game.
Four's a Party (20 points): Play a contest with four or more people.
Fur-iendship Bracelet (20 points): Buy a collar or pendant from the Shop in another person's game.

Additionally there are eight secret achievements.

Stuntman (10 points): Jumped 3 yards with an RC car.
Halo, Halo (10 points): Played with a Halo toy for the first time outside of a contest.
Light Headed (10 points): Got your animal to spin until it's dizzy.
Claptastic (10 points): Got your animal to clap five times without falling over.
Coco-nuts (10 points): Knocked a coconut down with another coconut.
Ice Cold (10 points): Threw five snowballs in a row at your animal.
Cash Back (10 points): Earned 2000 coins in bonuses by helping a friend.
Felis Aurum (50 points): Discovered the secret of Felis Aurum in your own game.

Avatar Awards

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Avatar Award.

African Leopard T-shirt: Visit the Cherry Blossom Grove.
African Lion T-shirt: Visit the Fiddler's Beach.
Cheetah T-shirt: Visit the La Selva.
Panther T-shirt: Visit the Suri Mountain.
Royal Bengal Tiger T-shirt: Visit the Glade.

Bear Island