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Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game Of The Movie (Xbox 360)

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Hold LT + RT + LB + RB and press Down, Up, Y, X, Down(2), Y(2) at the main menu. Release LT + RT + LB + RB and a "Cheat" option will appear at the main menu. Select the "Cheat" option, then enter one of the following case-sensitive codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. After accepting a code, press A to exit the menu. Note: The codes have no effect when playing as King Kong.

God mode

Enter 8wonder as a code. You will still take damage, but will not lose a life. However, high falls and fire can still cause loss of life. Also, this code must be re-enabled with each new level.

Level select

Enter KKst0ry as a code. Note: This code includes the number "0".

One-hit kills

Enter GrosBras as a code.

999 ammunition

Enter KK 999 mun as a code.

Bonuses completed

Enter KKmuseum as a code.

Unlimited spears

Enter lance 1nf as a code. Note: This code includes the number "1" in the second word. Press Reload to get the spears.

Machine gun

Enter KKcapone as a code.


Enter KKtigun as a code.


Enter KKsh0tgum as a code. Note: This code includes the number "0" and letter "m".

Sniper rifle

Enter KKsn1per as a code. Note: This code includes the number "1".


Complete the following achievements to unlock the indicated number of Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Completed game (200 points): Successfully complete the game.
King Of Demolition (100 points): Kong destroys the village of the natives.
King Of Skull Island (100 points): Kong kills the giant snakes.
Foodchain Master (100 points): Jack uses the foodchain system to escape certain death.
Protector (100 points): Jack protects his friends from getting harmed.
King Of The V-Rexes (100 points): Kong has killed numerous V-Rexes.
V-Rex Annihilator (100 points): Kong has killed numerous V-Rexes.
King Of The Jungle (100 points): Kong imposes his supremacy over the inhabitants of the jungle.
Pyromaniac (100 points): Jack uses fire to scare off enemies and get out of harm's way.


Artwork gallery

Successfully complete the game.

Weta Artworks: Environments Part 1

Get a 5% game completion.

Weta Artworks: Environments Part 2

Get a 25% game completion and obtain the correct online code for your particular game at

Weta Artworks: Environments Part 3

Have at least 50,000 points and a 100% game completion.

Weta Artworks: Creatures

Get a 50% game completion.

Weta Artworks: Kong Part 1

Get a 75% game completion.

Weta Artworks: Kong Part 2

Have at least 20,000 points and a 100% game completion.

Weta Artworks: Kong Part 3

Have at least 100,000 points and a 100% game completion.

Weta Artworks: Kong Part 4

Have at least 150,000 points and a 100% game completion.

Old movie filter option

Get a 15% game completion.

High contrast filter option

Get a 100% game completion.

Horizontal flip option

Get a 100% game completion and obtain the correct online code for your particular game at

Peter Jackson Interview

Have at least 75,000 points and a 100% game completion.

Philippa Boyens interview

Have at least 200,000 points, a 100% game completion, and obtain the correct online code for your particular game at

Save Kong alternate ending sequence

Have at least 250,000 points and a 100% game completion.


Walkthrough (PC)

Walkthrough (Xbox)



When you need a bone, go to a dead partially eaten body to get one. Also, if you run out of spears, piles of bone will not run out and do just as much damage.

More effective spears and bones

Spears and bones are more effective when lit on fire.

Even though the machine gun is best against some animals, the most effective weapon is the spear. Your friends always have spears and you can find them everywhere in the ground. If you want it to be stronger, light it on fire.

Save ammunition

When facing different things on Skull Island, you should always try to save ammunition. Find bones, sticks, and spears, but do not throw them. Just get up close and press Fire.

Killing smaller dinosaurs

Use the following trick to kill a smaller dinosaur, such as the Velociraptor, easily. Throw a spear directly in its neck or head. Note: The spear does not need to be on fire.

Trap and kill Venatosaurus

If there are is bushes where it is standing, use a fire spear or bone to burn it alive.

Killing V-Rex as Kong

It may be difficult to get some time when the Rexes are not attacking you. However, the very first time you fight the Rexes, there is a ledge which you can climb onto so they cannot attack. However, once you are up there, you will be attacked by the flying dinosaurs. They are easy to defeat. Once you are up there, go into fury mode by repeatedly tapping Y  Xbox 360  until he smacks the ground. Once in fury mode, attack the Rexes one at a time. After you have hit one of them three times with A  Xbox 360  , they will be temporarily knocked out. You can then perform a finishing move by repeatedly tapping B or A  Xbox 360  . If done correctly, Kong will snap the Rex's jaw in two or throw it.

Easily stun V-Rexes

When fighting the V-Rexes as Kong, press Y  Xbox 360  then quickly press A  Xbox 360  towards the V-Rex to stun them for a short time. This allows you to attack them without being hit.

Passing V-Rex

First, kill bats to get his attention. If that does not work, throw spears then run around the middle wall and throw spears. Next, run around, keep throwing spears, then run through the door.

Defeating the V Rex with Kong

Go to the stairs, then walk about halfway. Wait until the V-Rex arrives, then keep hitting it

Distracting Rexes

You cannot kill T. Rexes when you are a human. The one exception is the smaller version of a Rex in The Cave mission. Other than that, all your guns and spears can do is distract the Rex to come after you instead of your comrades. In most missions you must have the Rex come after you so that your comrades can open a door or complete an objective of some sort. Do not waste all your ammunition on a Rex. A few rounds of fire should be enough to distract it.

Getting rid of spiders

To make spiders run off, get a flaming spear and throw it at them.

To The Lair

Get past the part where you cross the river and move up the building killing the flying dinosaurs. Afterwards swim to stairs. When you walk up them, there will be spears and a big black rapters like the one in the Venatosaurus level. You will be killing the first one, Kill it, but do not kill the second one. It will eventually end up killing itself. Quickly make your way to the building that has a thing on the top filled with fire. The second one will probably be out by then. Get up to the thing full of fire. Light a spear on fire. Wait for a good opportunity, then throw the fire spear and hit the raptor. Remain out of sight until the raptor decides to go to the cave where the ammo drop is located. As soon as the raptor walks into the bushes, they will start burning because of the fire spear. The fire will kill the dinosaur. This also clears your path, as the bushes blocked the route to the lever and ammo drop.

To The Plane

When you get near the water, quickly go into the shelter. Ask Jimmy to get you some spears. The dinosaur will stick there inside, and you can throw things at it. Note: When he runs out of them, go to the left. there will be more.

On The Raft: Killing natives easily

When you get to the point where there are natives on top of a bridge throwing spears at you, you can easily destroy them by picking up a spear, lighting it on fire, then throwing it at the supports. You can also throw the spear at the bushes surrounding the bridge.

Stronger team

To make a stronger team, trade a character's bone for man-made spears. Light your spear on fire and touch your team member's spear. You will now all have fire spears. Note: This almost never works with Hayes because he usually has a gun.


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