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Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

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Critical mode

Successfully complete the game.

Theater mode

Successfully complete the game.

Bonus Boss

Complete the game and save the cleared game data. Resume from that saved game, then go to Traverse Town. Travel to the fountain plaza, where you will have to fight a secret Boss. Being at least level 50 and having a lot of balloon commands in your command deck is recommended.

Alternate ending

Earn seven trophies in Standard mode or five trophies in Proud mode.

Theater mode secret ending

Earn the following number of trophies: thirteen in Beginner mode; or seven in Standard mode; or five in Proud mode; or simply complete Critical mode. Then, correctly answer the three questions given to Riku at the end. The correct answers are:

1. Losing something that's important (third option).
2. My friends (second option).
3. To find something important (second option).

Then, unlock the Secret Message during the credits. Do this by collecting the gold letters during Sora's credit dive until the message "Secret Message Unlocked" is created. Save the game, then reload it. A message will appear, stating that you unlocked the secret ending in Theater mode.

New Game+ mode

Successfully complete the game. Start a new game session and you will be prompted to transfer your previously saved data. This mode has the Spirits you have made reset to level 1, some sections in the Reports (Story, Character Files, Trophies, and Glossary), and the Mementos section. Note: Only recipes are carried over from your items.

Boss Replay mode

Successfully complete the game and save it. To face a previously defeated Boss, return to the area of the world where it originally appeared. A link portal titled "Secret" will appear at the bottom.


Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding trophy.

Badge of Pride: Finish the story on Proud mode.
Critical Praise: Finish the story on Critical mode.
Daring Diver: Score more than 7,500,000 points in Dive mode.
Dream Pleaser: Max out every Spirit's Affinity Level.
Frequent Friend: Place at least 30 Link Portals.
In the Clear: Finish the story.
In the Munny: Amass 5,000 munny.
Keyslinger: Take out 2,500 Dream Eaters.
King of Rush: Take first place in every Flick Rush cup.
Memento Maniac: Save at least 20 photos while bonding with Spirits.
Motion Slickness: Defeat 1,000 enemies while in Flowmotion.
Portal Champ: Complete every Special Portal and Secret Portal.
Pro Linker: Link with your Spirits at least 50 times.
Reality Shifter: Defeat 50 enemies using Reality Shift.
Spirit Guide: Obtain at least one of every Spirit.
Stat Builder: Max out every stat-boosting ability.
Stop Drop Roller: Rack up 2,000 Drop Points.
Treasure Seeker: Find every last treasure.

Flick Rush Cups

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding cup at the Flick Rush colosseum in the Fourth District.

Beginner's Cup: Win the Training Cup.
Digital Cup: Finish The Grid.
Final Cup: Finish the Symphony of Sorcery.
Horror Cup: Reach Flick Rush Rank 15.
Rainbow Cup: Finish Prankster's Paradise.
Secret Cup: Reach Flick Rush Rank 17.
Speed Cup: Win the Rainbow Cup.
Tin Pin Cup: Win the Rainbow Cup.
Yummy Cup: Finish your second visit to Traverse Town.

Hidden message and new glossary item

Successfully complete the game and view the credits. Go with Sora into Drop mode and drop through the credits. After two or three cycles, notice that some letters will be gold. Collect them, and a message will begin to appear on the touch screen. After all letters are collected, the message "Secret Message Unlocked" will appear on the touch screen, and an extra item will be unlocked in the glossary.
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Walkthrough (North America)

Walkthrough (Japan)


Risky Winds benefits

  • If you create a Dream Eater in any world where the forecast is "Risky Winds", the default rank for its recipe will go up a rank. For example, two Epic Fantasy pieces plus twelve Wondrous Fantasy pieces would normally produce a rank-B Ursa Circus. However if the same recipe is used in an area that has the "Risky Winds" forecast, it becomes a rank-A recipe. If the recipe is already capable of producing a star-ranked Dream Eater, then there will be no change.
  • This also has an extra effect on recipes that can produce one of two Dream Eaters. A recipe comprised of three Malleable pieces and two Wild pieces will possibly create a star-rank Meow Wow (90% chance) or an A-rank Flowbermeow (10% chance). When in a world with a "Risky Winds" forecast, this same recipe will still produce a star-rank Meow or a star-rank Flowbermeow, but their probabilities have changed, with Meow Wow’s dropping to 40% and Flowbermeow’s increasing to 60%.

Royal Cake

There is a rare chance that Chef Kyroo will change a Block-it Chocolate, Ice Dream Cone, Confetti Candy or Shield Cookie into a Royal Cake while you are bonding with it.


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