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Kirby: Canvas Curse

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This game is titled Kirby: Canvas Curse in North America and Australia, Kirby: Power Paintbrush in Europe, and Touch! Kirby in Japan.


Bonus characters

Have the Game Boy Advance game Kirby And The Amazing Mirror in the cartridge slot and load a saved game from it to unlock Waddle Doo. Alternately, complete Kirby: Canvas Curse with the Game Boy Advance game Kirby's Nightmare In Dream Land in the cartridge slot.

Complete the game to unlock Waddle Dee and also unlock King Dee Dee Dee for purchase (20 medals).

Buy King Dee Dee Dee to unlock Metaknight for purchase (25 medals).

Complete the game with Kirby, Waddle Dee, King Dee Dee Dee, and Metaknight to unlock Waddle Doo.

Medal Swap bonuses

Collect the indicated number of medals to unlock the indicated Medal Swap bonus.

Tropic Line: Six Medals
Zebra Line: Six Medals
Bead Line: Six Medals
Course 1-4: Nine Medals each
Course 5-8: Ten Medals each
King Dedede: Twenty Medals
Life Boost: Seven Medals
Life Boost: Twelve Medals
Life Boost: Fourteen Medals
Meta Knight: Twenty-Five Medals
Song One: Three Medals
Song Three: Three Medals
Song Two: Three Medals

Sound test bonus tracks

Successfully complete the World of Drawcia level with Kirby to unlock the following tracks on the sound test.

Track 24 (The World of Drawcia)
Track 40 (Drawcia Demo)
Track 41 (Dracia Sorceress)
Track 42 (Drawcia Soul)
Track 43 (Ending Cinema)
Track 44 (Credits

Jump mini-game

Successfully complete the game with all five characters to unlock the Jump Game selection next to the "Options" button at the main menu.

Block Attack sub-game

Complete Block Attack level 2 in Boss Games.

Cart Run sub-game

Complete level 2 of Cart Run in Boss Games.

Paint Panic sub-game

Complete level 2 of Paint Panic in Boss Games.

Kirby: Nightmare In Dreamland music

Have the Game Boy Advance game Kirby And The Amazing Mirror or Kirby's Nightmare In Dream Land in the cartridge slot. Alternately, get 200 medals to be able to buy the music from Kirby: Nightmare In Dreamland for 50 medals.

Alternate title screen

Get a 100% game completion to turn the title screen blue.
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Easy lives

You can earn nine lives on the Dash! Jump! mini-game by landing in the small space at the end. Land between 3300 and 3400 to earn nine lives. It is easiest with Meta Knight.

Play Plant Plain or Ravine Road repeatedly as Meta Knight. You will obtain lives quickly because Meta Knight is good at Dash Jump. Then, switch to a character who still needs to defeat The World of Drawcia. He will have a lot of lives and has more chances to defeat Drawcia.

King DeDeDe

To unlock King DeDeDe, you must complete the game as Kirby to unlock Waddle Dee. Then in Medal Swap, you can purchase King DeDeDe for 20 medals.

Meta Knight

You must complete the game as Waddle Dee to unlock Meta Knight for purchase for 20 medals. Once you have purchased them King DeDeDe and Meta Knight, you can now play the game as King DeDeDe or Meta Knight. These two are the best fighters. While King DeDeDe is the slowest, he is also the strongest when fighting Drawcia Sorceress and when he jumps up to hit Drawcia Soul. Meta Knight is also at King DeDeDe's fighting level, although he is the fastest and only has three health whereas King DeDeDe has seven.

Defeating the Drawcia Sorceress and the Drawcia Soul

The final battle starts with you battling the Drawcia Sorceress. She will mostly float around the room during the battle. She is easy to defeat if you study her attacks. One of her attacks is where she jumps across the arena in an attempt to squish you. If you are on the opposite side of the arena it will be easy to avoid. Just roll to the other side of the arena immediately after she jumps. If you are on the same side of the arena as her, you must be quick. Roll away from her immediately when you see her lower to the ground to jump, then roll back as soon as you can. Another attack is where she launches herself high in the air then charges back down to smash you. This one might look impossible to avoid, but it is not. When you see her launch into the air, quickly roll to a corner in the part of the room opposite of where she flew. Finally, she will create enemies (and sometimes spikes and bombs) from paintings then fly away, just as she did before the Boss battles. When she draws enemies, just kill them to make her come back. For bombs, touch them until they are all gone. For the spikes, watch the ground. When you see dots of dirt flying up from a specific areas, it indicates where it will pop up. During the battle, she will shoot a big beam from her rear. Draw a line in front of the blast to deflect it back at her. This will stun her and cause her to fall to the ground. Dash at her to damage her. Do this numerous times until she is defeated. Note: It is easier if you constantly stay on the opposite side of the room as her. When you defeat the Drawcia Sorceress, she transforms into the Drawcia Soul, a big creepy looking glob of paint. She will stay in the background, attacking you from a distance for most of the battle. The Drawcia Soul has a lot more attacks than the Sorceress. The first attack is where she will bounce at you attempting to smash you. Just watch where she is rolling and roll away. In her second attack, she will shoot pods at you from a distance. If you do not touch them in time, they will turn into a fireball, iceball, or laser beam. If they turn into attacks, just roll away. Another attack is where she turns to pieces and falls down on you in the form of colorful meteors. Yet another attack is where she transports to where you are located and makes rainbow things come out of a little crack in the back of her which then surround her. You will see the crack when she is doing the attack. Just stay far away from her to avoid it. Draw lines to protect yourself. Finally, she will charge at you as a fireball. When the sky turns red, quickly guide yourself to the top screen to avoid it. To defeat her, when the pods open up and you see an eye, tap them with the stylus to launch them back at her. When she transports to where you are currently at, tap her to hurt her. You can do this up to three times. Do those two things while avoiding her attacks to defeat her.

During the battle of Drawcia Soul, it mostly stays where you cannot damage it. One of the attacks bounces closer then attempts to smash you. It is easy to stay in one spot, then when it is moving to you, dash the other way. Sometimes it will trick you by bouncing in a different location other than where you are at, so you think that he is coming at you. You will then dash into it and get damaged. Only move if it is definitely going to hit you. You may need to turn around at times. It is a good idea to stay in the middle of the field during this attack so that you have two ways to go. Another of its attacks shoots out a group of "X"-shaped objects. You must tap them when they open up. Each one will slightly damage Drawcia Soul. If you do not tap them fast enough, they will come down and attempt to attack you. The blue ones come down as ice balls are going down in one direction. All you have to do is move out of the way. Yellowish ones appear as a laser that rotates 360 degrees then fades. You must draw a line that prevents the laser from hitting you. The ones remaining are the red ones. They come down as fireballs and try to hit you. You must block them with a line two times in order for them to die. In another of its attacks, it breaks itself up and turns into meteor comet things that try to hit you. It is a good idea to stay in the middle of the field during this attack. You must draw a shield around you. Make sure you re-trace it numerous times because the attack lasts awhile. After the attack, globs of paint go back together to form the Drawcia Soul again, ready for the next attack. If the Drawcia Soul goes off the screen and starts to turn orange or red, go to the top of the screen and stay there. Drawcia Soul will dash through the bottom of the screen. You do not have to stay at the top for long, because the attack does not last that long. Be aware, because it might do it again. Another attack is a point of vulnerability. The attack does nothing. Drawcia Soul gets closer to you. You must tap him with the stylus and he will come out again. With Kirby, you must tap him three times before he freezes for a short time, whereas the other characters can take about five hits. Once he is frozen, dash up to him and hit him. This will do more damage than the other attacks do to him. He will then go back out. If you choose not to dash up and hit it, it will go back out after awhile. If you choose not to tap it at all when it is coming out at you, you are missing out on inflicting a lot of damage on it. Once it goes back out, it is going to execute another attack. There is one more attack it will do. It will get close to you and it will appear that there is a slit in the front. A bunch of sharp objects will float around. You must block them with a line, but be aware that they spin around awhile. If you get the chance, dash away from the Soul when it is using this attack. The best place to be during this attack is in a corner, as there are only two spots they can hit you, where the other spots have five possible places of hitting you.

Difference in tapping Drawcia Soul when she teleports

For Kirby, she teleports at least three times when you "get" her in a row. For the unlockable characters, she teleports at least five or six times before she is finally stunned.

Rainbow Run: Ravine Road

For the Line Trial for Ravine Road in Rainbow Run, you do not have to use any ink to get to the end. Just keep tapping Kirby (or whatever character you are using) and you will make it to the end. The air will push you up and you will never fall in the pit. You may needt to use a maximum of 10 ml, but you will get three medals this way.

Rainbow Run: Plant Plain

For the Line Trial, you will be very lucky if you have to use any ink, especially if you are playing as Kirby. You can copy the wheel and spin to the end. If you are playing as a different character, you must tap all of the blocks at the correct time. If you make a mistake, you must dash back to the beginning then back to that spot if you do not want to use any ink..

Rainbow Run: Tiny Town

For the Line Trial, you do not have to use any ink. Just keep tapping your character and you will make it to the end. However when you fall in the pit with the bouncy thing, do not tap the character until you are rolling on ground again.

Rainbow Run: Mag Mount

For the Line Trial, use Kirby. Get the Burning power-up and when you get to the part where there are a bunch of ledges and you must get to the top, keep tapping Kirby. He will dash into the walls. Slowly but surely, he will climb up the walls. You must use some ink to get to the end. Once you cannot do this anywhere, get rid of the Burning power-up then use two simple lines to reach the goal. You should make it in better than 800 ml if done correctly.

Trade backs at the metal swap

Go to the metal swap and touch a plate until you have whatever is behind it. Do not touch anything yet, If it is something you do not want or if it is useless (such as a song) immediately turn off the game then turn it back on. You will still have all the metals, and the game thinks nothing happened. This trick does not work if you exit the metal swap before you turn off the power.

Last three medals

The last three medals can be obtained by earning an "A" rank in level 3 in each of the subgames.

Best Dash-Jumpers

The best two characters for the Dash Jump are Meta Knight and Waddle Doo.

Game references

In Paint Skate mode, you can see things such as the Triforce or the Super Smash Bros. symbol.


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