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Kirby Squeak Squad

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This game is titled Kirby Squeak Squad in North America and Australia, Kirby Mouse Attack in Europe, and Hoshi no Kirby: Sanjou! Dorocche Dan in Japan.

Cheat Codes

In-game reset

Hold L + R + Select + Start during game play to return to the starting menu. This is helpful if you start a file and want to get on another file without turning off the system.


Boss Endurance mini-game

Successfully complete the game.

Cake in Collections menu

Successfully complete the game.

Time Attack mode

Successfully complete the game with all 120 chests collected.
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Bonus world

Collect the secret map pieces from all worlds to unlock the tower in the center of the world map. Once inside you can get any ability bubble.

Birthday message

Set the system date to the date entered for your birthday in the system settings. After the introduction sequence, a short "Happy Birthday!" featuring various Kirby characters will appear.




Ghost ability

The Ghost ability lets you control certain opponents with B. While controlling enemies you can use their attacks with B, jump a lot with A, and destroy them with Select.

Best abilities

The best abilities in the game are U.F.O., Ghost (obtained in World 8), Triple Star (obtained in World 8), Ninja, and Magic (without the scroll). The Hammer ability and the Cutter ability (both with scroll) are also useful.

Combining items

  • You can combine certain abilities together to make better ones by dragging them together. The following is a list of the combinations: Fire and Sword, Ice and Sword, Lightning and Sword, Ice and Bomb, Lightning and Bomb.
  • When you combine two items together, keep the stylus held on the touch screen and the items will spin around in circles. Keep your stylus on the touch screen then and move it around in circles. The bubbles will change colors. If you release the items when the bubbles are red, you will get either the Fire or Sleep ability; if blue, you will get Ice or Sleep; if green you will get Spark, Wave or Sleep; if white you will get Sword or Cutter; and if yellow/orange you will get Animal or Metal.

Defeating Meta Knight

To defeat Meta Knight in World 7, get the Sword Scroll. Although it may seem, have Sword and Fire/Ice/Thunder in your inventory. Combine Sword and one of them. This makes it so you have a Fire/Ice/Thunder Sword. The Fire burns grass and enemies, Ice freezes, and Thunder allows you to hit metal on the ground and send jolts of electricity travel through the room.

Defeating the in World 3 end Boss

  • You will need the U.F.O. power-up and the lollipop that makes you invincible. To get the U.F.O., go to level 3-4. Go through the level and when you get to the hill where metal persons are falling from the sky, go to the opposite side of the mountain and get the "?" in a bubble. Touch it and it will pick a random power-up. If it if the lollipop then you are halfway done. Get on the Warp Star. It will take you to a new place. When you get there, suck up one of the fire persons if you do not already have it. Go to the very right of the level. To the right of the door, burn the cloud away. Inside is the U.F.O. It is recommended that you do the level again and get a spare. If you do not already have the lollipop for invincibility, you can mix power-ups until you get one or get the "?" power-up for a random one. This may take some time. When you get the lollipop and the U.F.O.s, go to the Boss level. You will not need the fire or tornado power-up, but take them if desired and mix them. When you reach the Boss, do not use the lollipop. Stay in the middle of the screen and shoot power shots at him by holding B. This is the easy part. After he dies the first time he will destroy the cloud ground and make another with holes. He is more difficult this time, because he now has an electric shield around him. Use the lollipop. Keep flying into him or staying directly on him and he will die quickly. When he has been defeated, take the chest and you are done.
  • To defeat the Boss of the World 3, get a hi jump Kirby. You also may want an invincibility bubble and an apple bubble. At first you might lose your power, but do not worry. You will get to battle him again. Keep pressing B. After you defeat him, he will return. If you lost your power, go back to the top of the screen and suck up a hi jump minion. Then, attack him while using your invincibility bubble. You should defeat him in a matter of minutes.

Tornado jump

If you have the Tornado ability, press A then immediately afterwards press B to jump really high while doing the Tornado attack. This works well when fighting Bosses.

Brace for impact

Whenever Kirby is about to be damaged by an enemy or object, simply duck by pressing Down. Kirby will still take damage, but his copied ability (if he has one) will not be lost and you will not lose a treasure chest to the Squeaks if they are attacking.

Scroll benefits

The benefits to having the scrolls for Sword, Bomb, and Wheel is that you can "attach" an element to them. For example, in World 6-SECRET, if you have the Wheel scroll and you copy the Wheelie at the start of the stage, then start your roll on the ice, any enemy you come into contact with while you are still rolling will be turned to ice. The Ice-Wheel ability can also be used to make ice bridges by running over the surface of the water.

Ability combinations

There are many different abilities that you can only get by mixing other abilities:

Ice Sword: Sword (scrolled) + Ice
Fire Sword: Sword (scrolled) + Fire
Spark Sword: Sword (scrolled) + Spark
Icebomb: Bomb (scrolled) + Ice
Spark Bomb: Bomb (scrolled) + Spark


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