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Kodai Ouja: Kyouryuu King - 7-tsu no Kakera

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This game is titled Dinosaur King in North America, Europe, and Australia and Kodai Ouja: Kyouryuu King - 7-tsu no Kakera in Japan.

Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Defeat Dr. Z. A message stating that the seal on the Ancient shrine has been broken will appear. Then enter one of the following passwords in Europe next to the shrine to unlock the corresponding bonus.

Dinosaur Password
Ace/Chomp Lightning, Grass, Fire, Earth, Water, Water, Lightning, Fire
Altirinus Wind, Fire, Fire, Fire, Lighting, Earth, Water, Grass
Carnotaurus Earth, Wind, Water, Lighting, Fire, Wind, Wind, Water
Chibi form Chomp/Ace Lighting, Grass, Fire, Earth, Water, Water, Lighting, Fire
Daspletosaurus Grass, Water, Lightning, Lightning, Earth, Earth, Water, Wind
Europhaseloups Earth, Earth, Grass, Water, Wind, Earth, Wind, Fire
Jobaria Water, Lighting, Lighting, Earth, Fire, Earth, Fire, Wind
Mini King Lighting, Wind, Earth, Lighting, Grass, Wind, Fire, Water
Monoclonius Lighting, Earth, Water, Water, Grass, Fire, Earth, Wind
Paris Grass, Water, Water, Earth, Wind, Grass, Lighting, Lighting
Shanganganx Fire, Water, Earth, Grass, Wind, Lighting, Fire, Water
Siamotyrranus Fire, Wind, Fire, Water, Wind, Grass, Fire, Water
Spiny Water, Earth, Fire, Water, Fire, Grass, Wind, Earth
Tank Earth, Grass, Earth, Water, Wind, Water, Grass, Fire
Terry Fire, Lightning, Wind, Wind, Water, Fire, Fire, Earth
Triceratops Lighting, Fire, Lighting, Fire, Water, Lighting, Grass, Earth


Awakened Carnotaurus/Triceratops

During the battle with Seth, defeat his first dinosaur then lose. You will get the awakened form of the first dinosaur.


Successfully complete the "Father" quest.

Stone Circle area

Successfully complete the game.

West Dust Hills area

Successfully complete the game.


Walkthrough (DS)