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La-Mulana (Wii)

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Easy "Curry Addict" achievement

Pause game play and wait for Lemeza to fall asleep, and the Zs to slow down in the following states.

  • Stunned and uncontrollable after falling to the ground.
  • Stunned and uncontrollable after taking damage.
  • Standing in the hot spring.
  • Swimming in water (not standing).
  • Swimming in lava (not standing).
  • Sliding on ice (not standing). Lameza must have the balancing animation (run and stand still for Lameza to raise his hand).
  • Mother phase 1 (first song) or Ellmac's mine cart ride.
  • Mother phases 2-5 (second song)
  • Ending escape sequence, after timer appears; do not pause to fast.
  • Anything that does not fit into a previous state, for example, standing on the surface

Note: Swimming in lava and water may be difficult. Pause during all of the animation types, including sinking and swimming backwards.

Easy "Dive Deep Down" achievement

When in the Temple of the Giants, enter the room to the right just before where you would fight Sakito. Notice there is pot directly above the doorway. Jump up there and hold [Crouch] to jump in it to end up in the Spring of the Sky.

Easy "Let's go together!" achievement

Complete the game under the hard difficulty setting in less than ten hours with a 100% completion. This is easier after at least one other completed playthrough. Note: Make sure you get all of Xelpud's email. #19 is missable if you ignore Xelpud's request in #18 to visit you and go fight a second Boss. You must get the shrine of the mother treasure chest initially, and not later after the transformation.

Easy "Master key" achievement

You will always get a key fairy from a fairy point when you combine the miracle.exe and mekuri.exe software simultaneously. Once you have a key fairy with you, visit the following locations:

  • Spring in the Sky (D-4): The fairy will summon a shop on the right side. If you already found the shop, stand next to it until the fairy works its magic and it changes.
  • Chamber of Extinction (G-6): The fairy will open up an area to the Gate of Time area.
  • Gate of Illusion (A-4): This area can be accessed from A-3 by breaking the floor slightly to the left from the middle of the room. Break the floor using the Axe or the Katana. Once in A-4 the fairy will unlock the chest and allow access to the Fairy Clothes.
  • Tower of the Goddess (C-1): Enter the area with a key fairy and a new chest will appear. It contains the Spaulder.

There is also an additional location where the key fairy can be used that is unrelated to earning "Master key". In Hell Temple (A-7), use the fairy to remove a block on the screen.

Easy "Mulbruk Can Be Yours" achievement

Talk to Mulbruk multiple times after every new item is obtained (including sacred orbs), a Boss is defeated, and any other significant progression. Make sure you show him all of your items to open additional dialogue options.

Easy "NIGORO MANIA" achievement

Activate the miracle.exe and mirai.exe software simultaneously. After they have been activated visit these three locations:

  • Temple of the Goddess (D-5): You see a statue without a head. Move behind it and press [Up] to enter a secret room to find the staff member "Naramura".
  • Temple of Moonlight (B-3): Break the floor under where you found the Axe using the Axe, Knife, or Katana. This will uncover a room with the staff member "Samieru". Note: This room is a secret room to begin with, and you can access it from C-3 by breaking the wall on the upper left.
  • Gate of Illusion (D-4): Defeat the Boss, Chi You, then enter the right side of the upper part of the room. The wall to the right of the spikes is breakable. The staff member "Duplex" can be found behind it.

Easy "A one time challenge." achievement

After obtaining the Philosophers' Ocarina, speak to Samaranta at the Tower of the Goddess (C-5). A ladder will now appear at the top left of the room. Climb the ladder to reach the room with a puzzle. Note: If you complete the puzzle you will recieve the Flail Whip. Clues can be found on the tablets all around the ruins. The solution is as follows. Start by reading the tablet at the top right. Next, place weights on the daises in the following order:

  • Left dais for the joyful white opal.
  • Left dais for the eloquent black onyx.
  • Right dais for the sincere purple amethyst.
  • Right dais for the blissful green emerald.
  • Right dais for the pure white diamond.
  • Left dais for the passionate red ruby.
  • Left dais for the affectionate sapphire.
  • Right scale to make the weight even and to unlock the chest on the bottom.

Easy "Xelpud's Best Friend" achievement

Talk to the Elder multiple times after every new item is obtained (including sacred orbs), a Boss is defeated, and any other significant progression. Make sure you show him all of your items to open additional dialogue options.


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