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Landit Bandit

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Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.

Chef Supreme (Bronze): Compose the perfect dish.
Cooking with style (Bronze): Make a 25+ points Hoopbonus in the IronChef level.
Easy Peasy Gold (Silver): Gained All Gold Medals at Difficulty Easy.
Elite Swinger (Bronze): Get 8 'Great Swings.
FAA Approved (Bronze): Complete a Taxi level without taking any damage.
Femme Fatale (Bronze): 5 Flying pickups in one Level.
Fishing ala Dundee (Bronze): Catch a shark with an explosive.
Golden cab (Bronze): Completea Gold medal taxi mission.
Got the golds (Silver): Gained All Gold Medals at Difficulty Meduim.
Hard earned Gold (Gold): Gained All Gold Medals at Difficulty Hard.
King of Catapult (Bronze): Get 5 'Catapult Bonuses'.
King of Manhattan (Bronze): Complete a Taxi level with 5.
King of the hill (Bronze): Get 85+m at the ski jump.
Squid Master (Bronze): Beat the Squid without taking any damage.