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Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 (iPod/iPhone)

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Lego figures

Collect the indicated number of Wizard Hats to unlock the corresponding figure in the Room of Requirement. To find the room, go to the far left on the second floor by climbing the stairs.

A Fluffy Encounter: 80.
A Letter from Hogwarts: 10.
Battle With The Basilisk: 140.
Buckbeak Takes Flight: 190.
De-gnoming The Burrow: 110.
Defending Sirius: 180.
Grindylow Attack!: 210.
Gringotts' Vault No. 687: 20.
Harry and the Hungarian Horntail: 200.
Harry Versus The Dark Lord: 220.
Harry's First Wand: 30.
Lockhart's Magical Mistake: 100.
Lord Voldemort Attacks!: 70.
Peeves Causing Chaos: 120.
Sneaking Around Hogwarts: 60.
Snowy Battle in Hogsmeade: 160.
Taming A Hippogriff: 150.
The Dueling Club: 90.
The Flying Car: 130.
The Mountain Troll: 50.
The Stolen Remembral: 40.
The Werewolf Gives Chase: 170.

Professor Dumbledore

Have a 100% game completion.
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