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Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Xbox 360)

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Enter one of the following codes at the Cantina to unlock the corresponding character or cheat in Free Play mode. Note: They must still be purchased with studs.

Effect Code
Admiral Ackbar ACK646
Battle Droid Commander KPF958
Boba Fett Boy GGF539
Boss Nass HHY697
Captain Tarpals QRN714
Count Dooku DDD748
Darth Maul EUK421
Disguise BRJ437
Droid Trifighter AAB123
Emperor EMP666
Ewok EWK785
Force Grapple (Jedis can grapple without gun) CLZ738
General Grevious PMN576
Greedo ZZR636
IG-88 GIJ989
Imperial Guard GUA850
Imperial Shuttle HUT845
Jango Fett KLJ897
Ki Adi Mundi MUN486
Luminara LUM521
Obi-Wan Kenobi ghost BEN917
Padme VBJ322
R2-Q5 droid EVILR2
Sandtrooper CBR954
Stormtrooper NBN431
Taun We PRX482
TIE Fighter DBH897
TIE Interceptor INT729
Vulture Droid BDC866
Watto PLL967
Zam Wesell 584HJF
Zam's Speeder UUU875
Super Gonk SPRGNK
Poo Money PMN904
Walkie Talkie Disable JKJ589
Power Brick Detector FBM834
Super Slap 294NMB
Force Grapple Leap CLZ738
Stud Magnet VXZ193
Disarm Troopers HJU848
Character Studs DHY782
Perfect Deflect PER894
Exploding Blaster Bolts EXP912
Force Pull PUL966
Vehicle Smart Bomb SMA293
Super Astromech R2D222
Super Jedi Slam SLM768
Super Thermal Detonator THE931
Deflect Bolts BNL435
Dark Side DRK328
Super Blasters HHD647
Fast Force BYY492
Super Lightsabers GHL978
Tractor Beam 53NKH3
Invincibility HS9K44
Score x2 HBF899
Self Destruct DRX444
Fast Build KJU233
Score x4 DQY857
Regenerate Hearts 528HBB
Minikit Detector FBM152
Score x6 NMP499
Super Zapper DFY111
Bounty Hunter Rockets BKJ462
Score x8 XXY99G
Super Ewok Catapult ERF893
Infinite Torpedoes NUJ866
Score x10 VXZ123

and and


Ghost characters

Successfully complete Story mode to unlock the Ghost characters for purchase. Ghosts characters are invincible and are ignored by enemies except when in vehicles.

Indiana Jones

Enter the "Bonus" room in the Cantina by using the door to the right of Episode VI. Enter the "Trailers" door (first on the left) and watch the trailer for Lego Indiana Jones: The Videogame. You can now buy Indiana Jones for 5 studs.

Slave 1

Complete all 36 minikits collection missions to unlock Slave 1 in all vehicle-based missions.

Naboo Starfighter

Successfully complete the "Anakin's Flight" mission to unlock the Naboo Starfighter in all vehicle-based missions.

Bounty Hunter Mission room

Buy all "Bounty Hunters" or "Bomb Throwers" in the shop. Jabba the Hutt's Bounty Hunter Mission room outside of the cantina will now be unlocked.

Anakin's Flight mission

Collect thirty Gold Bricks that are hidden throughout the game.

New Town

Get 50 Gold Blocks (from finishing minikits, True Jedi, etc.). In the "Bonus" room in the Cantina, build door number 6.


Use The Force to pick up the blue glasses on the floor of the Cantina and stack them up. A bowling ball will appear. You can use Force Throw to send them into the stack of blue glasses to get studs.

Stud Fountain

Collect all Gold Bricks to get a golden fountain in the Junkyard that has a flow of studs.


Collect all the Gold Bricks to unlock an option to watch all the cutscenes at the Cantina.


Walkthrough (PlayStation2)

Walkthrough (Xbox 360)

Power Bricks

Blue Minikit



Easy studs

  • There are several ways to get studs by destroying chairs, trash cans, etc. There are two fan covers on the ground outside the cantina that give lots of studs. Inside the cantina there is a location that gives a lot of studs. In "Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi" there is a table in the middle of the room with blue chairs. Use The Force on these chairs several times. Some studs should appear each time this is done.
  • Use the following trick to get over 50,000 studs easily. Go to the Podrace and use one of the speeders from the beginning of Episode II. These are great for hitting the pink crystals because they have better mobility. Use Subulba's Podracer when hitting the little poles. It is easier to hit them with a wide Podracer. You can easily get over 50,000 studs each time and it is one of the quickest levels.
  • Go to Chapter 1 of Episode III. Use a Clone Arcfighter and shoot everything to get at least 100,000 studs each time the level is completed.
  • Go to "A New Hope", Episode IV Chapter 5. Get to the part where you must build the giant door and break it. Make sure you have the "Character Studs" and "Stud Magnet" extras enabled. Keep killing the Stormtroopers until you think you have enough studs then complete the level. You should also enable "Invincibility" so you cannot lose studs or die.
  • Go to Mos Eisley Spaceport. Get in the Landspeeder. Go through the door with the Landspeeder. Use Ben Kenobi to jump over the nearby building. Build the bomb next to the wall of LEGO pieces. Hit it three times to make it explode or use a Thermal Detonater. Get into the Landspeeder and park it on the grey object. Pull the handles. After getting a car wash, give the Landspeeder to the Jawa behind the wall. He will give you the money.
  • Go to the Mos Espa Pod Race and select "Challenge". The challenge is easy and will result in over 200,000 studs when you win. Note: You must have an enemy ship to use on the gate.
  • To gain a large amount of studs, it will be useful to have "Character Studs" and "Stud Multipliers" activated. The more stud multipliers, the better. Go to Episode IV, Chapter 3, "Mos Eisley Spaceport". Before you enter the cantina after the entry from the first area, kill all the Jawas you see and follow where they come from. Eventually you will find a door that the Jawas will appear from. With any Jedi, constantly swing your lightsaber to gain lots of studs. After about thirty minutes you should have earned about eighteen million studs. Remember to have your stud multipliers on (x4, x6, x8, x10).
  • In the first mission of "A New Hope", instead of going through the big door at the start, turn left and keep pulling the handle. It will continuously give out studs. If done long enough, you will get True Jedi status without leaving the room.
  • At the start of Episode IV, Chapter 1, build the first two control panels then move to the left of the room. Pull the lever repeatedly to collect studs.

Easy "Arcade Master" achievement

Use two controllers. Go to Arcade mode. Have one person play as any of the droids that do not have guns. To do this you must have the extra where the droid explodes. The other play can use any character. Go to duel then set the target as off. Start the game. Make sure that you are as far away as possible without getting blown up. Have the player using the droid blow himself up. Do this until you get 100 points.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

The Phantom Menace (20 points): Finish Episode I in Story mode.
Attack of the Clones (20 points): Finish Episode II in Story mode.
Revenge of the Sith (20 points): Finish Episode III in Story mode.
A New Hope (20 points): Finish Episode IV in Story mode.
The Empire Strikes Back (20 points): Finish Episode V in Story mode.
Return of the Jedi (20 points): Finish Episode VI in Story mode.
Collector (60 points): Unlock all characters.
Secret Master (60 points): Collect all available red bricks.
Going for gold (60 points): Collect all available Gold Bricks.
Mini Mayhem (60 points): Collect all mini-kits.
100% (100 points): Complete the game to 100%.
Lightsaber Master (20 points): Perform 20 unblockable combo attacks.
Lightsaber Defender (20 points): Perform 200 perfect lightsaber deflections.
Dodger (20 points): Perform 200 blaster character dodges.
Stormtrooper Slayer (20 points): Destroy 300 Stormtroopers.
Droid Slayer (20 points): Destory 300 droids.
Fighter Ace (20 points): Destroy 50 TIE fighters.
Yee Haw (20 points): Ride all mounts types & ride-ons.
Cash In (20 points): Sell your landspeeder to the Jawas.
Crowd Pleaser (20 points): Break Jar Jar 20 times.
Slam Dunk (20 points): Destroy 5 people with one attack - Jedi super slam.
Harmless? (20 points): Disable 5 Droidikas with R2D2.
Fire in the hole! (20 points): Destroy 10 characters with one thermal detonator.
Let the Wookiee Win (20 points): Pull 25 arms off other characters.
Disco King (20 points): Set off all three Discos.
Use the Force Luke (20 points): Death Star Trench Run without firing.
Bar Room Brawl (20 points): Start a Cantina Fight with 50 casualties.
LEGO build-master (20 points): Make 100 Build-its throughout the game.
Gopher (20 points): Max out the Stud counter.
Cloud Cover (20 points): Finish Cloud City still wearing a helmet.
Follower of Fashion (20 points): Wear every hat.
Undecided - Crossover (10 points): Destroy Anakin with Vader.
Love is... - Crossover (10 points): Destroy Jango Fett with Boba Fett.
Unfaithful - Crossover (10 points): Destroy The Emperor with Darth Maul.
Did I Break your Concentration? (10 points): Destroy The Emperor with Mace Windu.
Nobody Expects... - Revenge (10 points): Destroy The Emperor with Kit Fisto.
Hands Off! - Revenge (10 points): Destroy Anakin with Dooku.
Who needs Obi-Wan? - Revenge (10 points): Destroy Darth Maul with Qui-Gon.
Strike me down - Revenge (10 points): Destroy Darth Vader with Obi Wan.
Arcade Master (20 points): Get 100 points in Arcade mode.
Online Player (20 points): Play through an entire level online.
Shoot First (20 points): Unlock Han Solo and Greedo, play as Han Solo and shoot Greedo on sight.


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