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Lucha Libre: AAA Heroes Of The Ring (PlayStation3)

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Cheat Codes


Press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right at the character selection screen. A spoken message will confirm correct code entry.



Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character.

Abismo Negro: Complete Rudos Campaign.
Alan Stone: Complete Rudos Campaign.
Apache: Complete Tecnicos Campaign.
Cibernetico: Complete Rudos Campaign.
Dr. Wagner Jr.: Complete Tecnicos Campaign.
El Mesias: Complete Rudos Campaign.
Espectro Junior: Complete Tecnicos and Rudos Campaigns.
Extreme Tiger: Unlock the "A fly hard to catch" achievement or trophy.
Jack Evans: Unlock the "Flying Without A Ticket" achievement or trophy.
Kenzo Suzuki: Complete Tecnicos Campaign.
Killer Clown: Complete Tecnicos Campaign.
Konnan: Complete Tecnicos Campaign.
Marco Corleone: Unlock the "That's how you dance!" achievement or trophy.
Psycho Clown: Complete Tecnicos Campaign.
Silver King: Unlock the "Espectro of the Ring" achievement or trophy
Superfly: Complete Rudos Campaign.
Zombie Clown: Complete Rudos Campaign.


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.

Don't try this at home! (Bronze): Make a successful aerial attack from the turnbuckle.
He thinks he's a superhombre (Bronze): Make a successful aerial attack through the ropes to outside the ring.
A legend is born (Bronze): Attack Apache 10 times in Practice mode.
Low stakes (Bronze): Free yourself from a pin count having all the disadvantage in popularity.
Domination (Bronze): Execute 50 weak grapples in a match,
Strong as a toro (Bronze): Execute 10 strong grapples in a match.
Challenge to the death (Bronze): Win a 1 vs 1 match in the Pride Battle mode.
¡TOMA! Y no te doy otra no más (Bronze): Defeat the CPU by submission in a 1 vs 1 match on normal difficulty, having dealt 100% damage.
What a picture! (Bronze): Perform a successful special grapple in any match.
Butter arms (Bronze): Execute 500 counters in any game mode.
Showman (Bronze): Perform all different taunts of the AAA luchadores (Only standing taunts without weapons).
Dancing man (Bronze): Execute 4 complete taunts in a row in triple threat or fatal facing of 4.
Bunch of chickens! (Bronze): Do a simultaneous elimination of all your opponents in a triple threat or fatal facing of 4 match.
Raise ravens... (Bronze): Execute an eye poke 5 times in a row.
New Megachampion (Bronze): Defeat Konnan as La Parka in the story mode.
Extinct Religion (Bronze): Defeat Dark Scoria in the Técnicos' story mode.
Nothing lasts forever (Bronze): Defeat the clowns in the Técnicos' story mode
Unbeaten Honor (Bronze): Win the Mask vs Hair match on the Técnicos' story mode.
A real Técnico (Bronze): Complete the Técnicos' story mode.
Feed that bone to another dog (Bronze): Defeat La Parka as Konnan in the story mode.
Don't cry little brother (Bronze): Defeat Charlie Manson in the Rudos' story mode.
The defeated redeemer (Bronze): Defeat El Mesias in the Rudos' story mode.
No dynasty is left standing (Bronze): Defeat Dr. Wagner Jr and Silver King in the Rudos' story mode.
The most Rudo of all (Bronze): Complete the Rudos' story mode.
You're nobody (Bronze): Win an online mask vs hair match.
Dirty game (Bronze): Hit an opponent 3 times with a weapon without being disqualified (disqualification on).
Left him outside! (Bronze): Win a match by your opponent being counted out.
A lo mero macho (Bronze): Win a fatal facing of 4 match in elimination by eliminating all the 3 opponents.
Little ones can too (Bronze): Play a match with the little ones using the secret code.
Cheering him up (Bronze): Make your own banner and make sure that the crowd shows it for 3 minutes.
Which one's the most special? (Bronze): Perform all the special grapples of the AAA luchadores at least once.
Where do you think you're going? (Bronze): Defeat a rudo CPU enemy in normal difficulty 1 vs 1 without letting him leave the ring.
Freeze! (Bronze): Stand still for 5 minutes (submissions and pins excluded).
Flying without a ticket (Bronze): Perform 10 aerial attacks through the ropes in a 1 vs 1 match agains the CPU on normal difficulty.
A fly hard to catch (Bronze): Execute the Superfly special grapple 5 times in a 1 vs 1 match against the CPU on normal difficulty.
Rising star (Silver): Win 5 matches in a row online using your custom luchador or luchadores.
Long live me! (Silver): Win 5 masks vs hair matches without losing the hair or the mask of your luchador.
Slippery like soap (Silver): Execute 50 successful counters in a match.
With a hand tied behind my back (Silver): Win a 1 vs 2 match alone vs CPU on normal difficulty.
Anyone else care to join? (Silver): Win a 1 vs 3 match alone vs CPU on normal difficulty.
Pero sigo siendo el Rey (Silver): Win a king of kings tournament vs 7 CPU opponents.
Charismatic (Silver): Keep your popularity over 3 stars for 5 minutes in a 1 vs 1 match against CPU on normal difficulty.
Untouchable (Silver): Win a 1 vs 1 match against the CPU without taking any damage on normal difficulty.
Don't hit the dog (Silver): Win a group match without letting your partner receive more than 20% damage.
I want to be a robot (Silver): While in a pin, press the indicated button 12 times per second or faster.
That's how you dance! (Silver): Win a 1 vs 2 match fighting alone with El Elegido against 2 rivals on normal difficulty.
El Dorado (Gold): Complete both story lines in Hard.
Héroe del Ring (Platinum): You have successfully unlocked all of the trophies.

Additionally there are three secret trophies.

America's father in law (Bronze): Execute the special grapple of the Apache (classic foul).
Espectro the king (Bronze): Win a king of kings championship playing with Espectro Jr.
El Chile más chiloso (Silver): Defeat Espectro Jr. in the faces' and heels' story modes.


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