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Lucid (PC)

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Steam achievements

Complete the listed task to unlock the corresponding Steam achievement. To view for "Lucid (PC)". Choose the "View Stats" option on the drop down list, then choose the option that will list the achievements for your username.

Big bang: Clear the last level (55th).
Blue skies: Clear 18 BLUE blocks in consequent moves.
Cosmic superstrings: Get 400,000 or more points in one move.
Dark side of the moon: Clear 35 levels.
Genesis: Over 10 million points in the first level.
Green sun: Clear 6 GREEN areas in a row.
Lucid earth: Clear 5 levels.
Picnic on the moon: Task-Combo of 14 or over.
Red supergiant: Clear 24 RED blocks in consequent moves.
Somewhere over the rainbow: Have 8 Lucid-Blocks on the screen at the same time.
Yellow star: Clear 60 YELLOW blocks in one level.


Easy "BLUE_SKIES" achievement

The required number of blocks can be found at the start of level 30. Clear from the top of the screen down to avoid separating any blocks.

Easy "YELLOW_STAR" achievement

Play level 19 because it begins with a chain of 40 yellow blocks. Clear them, then try to stay with sets of two blocks at a time to minimize your score until 60 yellow blocks is reached.