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Macross Ace Frontier

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Choose the "Setting" option at the hangar. Then choose the "Auto Save/Password" option and enter one of the following passwords to activate the corresponding cheat function.

All Zentradi Arms EX mission

Enter EHIAR as a password.

Do You Remember Famitsu? EX mission

Enter LAMGV as a password.
pfsw ilredv faoew

Generation Drive EX mission

Enter KSALE as a password.

Super Dimension Gladiators Dengeki EX mission

Enter IGYSU as a password.


EX missions

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding EX mission.

Macross 7 EX mission: Get an "S" or better rank in Maiden's Gerek (mission 7) and Nightmare Assault (mission 15).
Macross Frontier EX mission: Get an "S" or better rank in Miss Macross (mission 8) and Friendly Fire (mission 10).
Macross+ EX mission: Get an "S" or better rank in Dog Fight (mission 12) and Song Of Angel (final mission).
Super Dimension Fortress Macross EX mission: Get an "S" or better rank in Longest Birthday (mission 9) and Pine Salad (mission 15).


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