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Madballs In Babo: Invasion (PC)

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Steam achievements

Complete the listed task to unlock the corresponding Steam achievement. To view for "Madballs In Babo: Invasion (PC)". Choose the "View Stats" option on the drop down list, then choose the option that will list the achievements for your username.
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B*D*I All-Star: Play as every B*D*I class in a versus match.
Babo Hero: Unlock the Hero Ranks.
Babo Invader: Win an 8+ player Invasion game.
Babo MVP: Win a 6+ player CTF game with the most points on your team.
Babo Sniper: 25 kills using the Striker energy mode.
Babo Team-up!: Host a 4-Player co-op game.
First Unlock: Unlock your first item.
King Babo: Achieve the top Hero Rank.
Magmor Crush!: Crush 100 enemies using Magmor's Colossus ability.
Officer Babo: Unlock the Officer Ranks.
Playbrains Rules: Play with somebody who has the Playbrains rules achievement.
Pro Babo: Win 5 games of Team Skirmish.
Psycho Babo: A fierce kill using every weapon.
Scorched All-Star: Play as every Scorched class in a versus match.
Skirmisher: Get over 2500 points in a skirmish match.
Super Babo: Finish the campaign.
Wise Babo: Find all 50 secrets in the campaign.




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