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Madballs In Babo: Invasion (PC)

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Steam achievements

Follow the indicated steps to earn the corresponding Steam achievement. To view your achievement progress and stats, open the Steam client, select "Community", then search for the game hub for "Madballs In Babo: Invasion (PC)". Click the "View Stats" option in the drop down list, then select the option that displays the achievements for your account.
degurnevn ayob

B*D*I All-Star: Play as every B*D*I class in a versus match.
Babo Hero: Unlock the Hero Ranks.
Babo Invader: Win an 8+ player Invasion game.
Babo MVP: Win a 6+ player CTF game with the most points on your team.
Babo Sniper: 25 kills using the Striker energy mode.
Babo Team-up!: Host a 4-Player co-op game.
First Unlock: Unlock your first item.
King Babo: Achieve the top Hero Rank.
Magmor Crush!: Crush 100 enemies using Magmor's Colossus ability.
Officer Babo: Unlock the Officer Ranks.
Playbrains Rules: Play with somebody who has the Playbrains rules achievement.
Pro Babo: Win 5 games of Team Skirmish.
Psycho Babo: A fierce kill using every weapon.
Scorched All-Star: Play as every Scorched class in a versus match.
Skirmisher: Get over 2500 points in a skirmish match.
Super Babo: Finish the campaign.
Wise Babo: Find all 50 secrets in the campaign.




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