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Madden NFL 07 (Wii)

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Cheat Codes

QB On Target card

Enter WROA0R as a code. Your Quarterback will have 100% accuracy for one half.

Mistake Free card

Enter XL7SP1 as a code. It will be impossible to throw an interception or fumble the ball for one half.

Lame Duck card

Enter 5LAWO0 as a code. Your opponent will be forced to throw lob passes for one half.

Super Bowl XLI Gold card

Enter RLA9R7 as a code.

Super Bowl XLII Gold card

Enter WRLUF8 as a code.

Super Bowl XLIII Gold card

Enter NIEV4A as a code.

Super Bowl XLIV Gold card

Enter M5AB7L as a code.

Aloha Stadium Gold card

Enter YI8P8U as a code.

1958 Colts Gold card

Enter B57QLU as a code.

1966 Packers Gold card

Enter 1PL1FL as a code.

1968 Jets Gold card

Enter MIE6WO as a code.

1970 Browns Gold card

Enter CL2TOE as a code.

1972 Dolphins Gold card

Enter NOEB7U as a code.

1974 Steelers Gold card

Enter YO0FLA as a code.

1976 Raiders Gold card

Enter MOA11I as a code.

1977 Broncos Gold card

Enter C8UM7U as a code.

1978 Dolphins Gold card

Enter VIU0O7 as a code.

1980 Raiders Gold card

Enter NLAPH3 as a code.

1981 Chargers Gold card

Enter COAGI4 as a code.

1982 Redskins Gold card

Enter WL8BRI as a code.

1983 Raiders Gold card

Enter H0EW7I as a code.
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1984 Dolphins Gold card

Enter M1AM1E as a code.

1985 Bears Gold card

Enter QOETO8 as a code.

1986 Giants Gold card

Enter ZI8S2L as a code.

1988 49ers Gold card

Enter SP2A8H as a code.

1990 Eagles Gold card

Enter 2L4TRO as a code.

1991 Lions Gold card

Enter J1ETRI as a code.

1992 Cowboys Gold card

Enter W9UVI9 as a code.

1993 Bills Gold card

Enter DLA3I7 as a code.

1994 49ers Gold card

Enter DR7EST as a code.

1996 Packers Gold card

Enter F8LUST as a code.

1998 Broncos Gold card

Enter FIES95 as a code.

1999 Rams Gold card

Enter S9OUSW as a code.


Local weather

Subscribe to the Wii's Forecast Channel and keep the system online. The weather conditions during your games will match your local weather.

Local news

Subscribe to the Wii's News Channel and keep the system online. During game play, items from the news will be mentioned.




Statistical limits

The game limits certain game statistics.

Maximum points: 255 is maximum amount of points your teams can score. After that point, the scoring stops recording on the scoring summary. For example, if the play that yields the 255th point is a 45 yard TD pass then for every touchdown after that (be it rushing, passing, defensive or return), the message at the top of the screen will always be "45 yard pass" before it says "extra point". Also, your scoring summary will stop recording. Your passing rushing and receiving statistics will still be recorded (to a point), and the drive summary will still say what you did on that drive.
Maximum rushing and receiving yards: 1023 is the maximum rushing and receiving yards in a game. After that point, it stops recording. If you are a WR or RB in Superstar mode, it counts against you for any extra caries (or catch) you have, thus decreasing your yards per carry (or yards per catch). Strangely, your QB has a far higher passing limit. 8191 is the maximum rushing/receiving yards you can have in a season.

2 vs. 2 line of scrimmage

In 2 vs. 2 mode, if you set the yards to 100, when you tackle past the line of scrimmage in the endzone you can go past the line of scrimmage next down, and it will act the same as the line of scrimmage.


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