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Madness Interactive: Halo Slayer

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
Unlimited bullet time IamTheOne
Double the reach length gorilla
God mode iddqd
Laser guide redlight
Super strength bruce
Low gravity jump nasa



Defeating Jesus

Enable the willis and newyorkminute codes. Reach the level where Jesus flies in overhead. Make sure you have a jetpack. Press Q to activate bullet time then fly around and kill everyone else until only Jesus is remains. Then, use a machine gun to defeat him.

Defeating zombies

On Zombie Challenge kill the Jesus to halve the zombies' life. They are harder to kill when green.

Instant plasma grenade explosion

Take a plasma grenade and pull the pin. Press E to set it as your secondary weapon. It should go off. As soon as you want to use it, pull it out. It should not go off however long you hold it. Throw it, and it should go off as soon as it comes in contact with the enemy.

Sonic blast

Go to experiment and get the plasma pistol. Aim and hold the Left Mouse Button for approximately six seconds. Release it and a single shot will kill almost anything.

Exploding bullets

Go to experiment and press 7 to get the sniper rifle. Point it at the ground, then fire. You should hear an explosion. Do this near a dummy and they will explode.


Axe in enemy's forehead

If you throw the energy sword just right and it kills the enemy, it will turn into an axe and become stuck in the enemy's forehead