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Magic: The Gathering - Duels Of The Planeswalkers 2014 (PC)

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Select "Extras" at the main menu, then select "Promotional Unlocks", and then "Enter Code". Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: The "Server-Driven Content" option in the "Help & Options" menu may need to be enabled.

Viral persona

Enter X340F5IS979E7K3Q as a code and ignore the error message.
ogphl v, a aimf

Promotional card #1

Enter GKSNDR as a code.

Promotional card #2

Enter DWNNDR as a code.

Promotional card #3

Enter FTHPTH as a code.

Promotional card #4

Enter TRCKSC as a code.

Promotional card #5

Enter PRSTTT as a code.

Promotional card #6

Enter RSNGSN as a code.

Promotional card #7

Enter XBXBDZ as a code.

Promotional card #8

Enter PXPRMD as a code.

Promotional card #9

Enter MGCCTN as a code.

Promotional card #10

Enter JRHPRD as a code.


Easy "Hivelord" achievement or trophy

Unlock the "Sliver Hive" deck by completing the Shandalar plane in the first campaign. Select "The Teeth of Akoum," which is the first battlefield in Zendikar. Your opponent only will have about four creature cards in the entire deck. Your opponent's tactic will be to cast those creatures, then equip them to make them powerful. Besides the four creatures and a few pieces of equipment, your opponent's deck is full of land cards. Try to get rid of your opponent's creatures as fast as possible. Once they are eliminated, your opponent's equipment is useless. Once this is done, just play seven different kinds of sliver, and your opponent will be unable to do anything. Your Sliver Hive deck contains two "Path to Exile" and three "Shock" cards. Use Shock whenever possible to counter your opponent's creatures before they are equipped with anything that will allow them to survive being Shocked. Use "Path to Exile" to take care of larger creatures that are already equipped or use it on a creature if "Shock" is not in hand. If your opponent gets creatures in play that are a threat, sacrifice duplicate Slivers before risking unique ones.


Walkthrough (PC)


Deck key

Have a saved game file from Magic: The Gathering - Duels Of The Planeswalkers 2014 to unlock a free deck key that can be used for a deck and extra cards.


Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding persona. The new persona can now be selected at the "Player Status" menu and will appear as your avatar image during duels.

Persona 1: Mulligan down to one card and then win the game.
Persona 2: Attack an opponent with a copy of a creature.
Persona 3: Counter a spell that's targeting a spell you control.
Persona 4: Exile a creature.
Persona 5: Deal 10 damage that's not combat damage to a player in a turn.
Persona 6: Cast five spells in a single turn.
Persona 7: Gain 20 life during combat in a single duel.
Persona 8: Have twenty or more lands on the battlefield.
Persona 9: Deal 10 combat damage to a player with flying creatures in a single turn.
Persona 10: Win during an opponent's combat phase.
Persona 11: Play an online match between midnight and 1:00 a.m. local console time.
Persona 12: Win a duel while at 1 life.
Persona 13: Unlocked virally or through cheat code.
Persona 14: Have a life total of 100 or higher.


Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding title. The new title can now be selected at the "Player Status" menu, and will appear next to your name during duels.

Alara Champion: Defeat every node on Alara.
Auramancer: Control a creature enchanted with three Auras you own.
Demonic Master: Control five Demons.
Herald of Angels: Have five Angels enter the battlefield under your control during a game.
Innistrad Champion: Defeat every node on Innistrad.
Lord of Leviathans: In a duel, control creatures with a combined power of 50.
Mage of Alabaster: Your favorite color is white.
Mage of Azure: Your favorite color is blue.
Mage of Crimson: Your favorite color is red.
Mage of Jade: Your favorite color is green.
Mage of Onyx: Your favorite color is black.
Master of the Planes: Complete the single-player campaign.
Necromancer: Control thirteen Zombies.
Phantom Mage: Win a game controlling only Illusions.
Puppet Master: Control a creature an opponent owns.
Ravnica Champion: Defeat every node on Ravnica.
Shandalar Champion: Defeat every node on Shandalar.
Sliver Hivelord: Win a game with the Sliver Hive deck.
Spellslinger: In a duel, use spells to deal 20 damage to your opponent.
The Annihilator: Cause an opponent to sacrifice five permanents in a single duel.
Zendikar Champion: Defeat every node on Zendikar.

Avacyn's Glory cards

Win the indicated number of matches with the Avacyn's Glory deck to unlock the corresponding card for it.

Angel's Mercy: 2
Angelic Overseer: 9
Avacyn, Angel of Hope: 10
Baneslayer Angel: 16
Bonds of Faith: 18
Champion of the Parish: 12
Champion of the Parish: 6
Deathless Angel: 26
Devout Invocation: 20
Elite Inquisitor: 25
Fiend Hunter: 15
Gather the Townsfolk: 4
Grand Abolisher: 22
Hallowed Burial: 24
Honor of the Pure: 5
Increasing Devotion: 19
Martyr's Bond: 27
Mentor of the Meek: 14
Mikaus, the Lunarch: 1
Restoration Angel: 23
Ring of Three Wishes: 13
Seraph of Dawn: 17
Seraph of Dawn: 3
Seraph of Dawn: 7
Soul Warden: 21
Soul Warden: 29
Thalia, Guardian of Thraben: 11
Thalia, Guardian of Thraben: 28
Thraben Doomsayer: 8
Twilight Shepherd: 30

Chant Of Mul Daya cards

Win the indicated number of matches with the Chant Of Mul Daya deck to unlock the corresponding card for it.

Artisan of Kozilek: 16
Bountiful Harvest: 2
Bountiful Harvest: 13
Eldrazi Conscription: 7
Elvish Piper: 25
Elvish Piper: 20
Exploration: 29
Exploration: 22
Explore: 5
Eye of Ugin: 12
Fierce Empath: 9
Green Sun's Zenith: 11
Into the Wilds: 4
Oracle of Mul Daya: 6
Pelakka Wurm: 17
Plow Under: 27
Primeval Titan: 1
Rites of Flourishing: 15
Rites of Flourishing: 14
Scute Mob: 10
Summoning Trap: 26
Tangle: 24
Tangle: 21
Terastodon: 8
Terastodon: 28
Tooth and Nail: 30
Vengevine: 19
Vigor: 23
Woodborn Behemoth: 18
Woodborn Behemoth: 3

Deadwalkers cards

Win the indicated number of matches with the Deadwalkers deck to unlock the corresponding card for it.

Consuming Vapor: 27
Corrupt: 13
Corrupt: 18
Cruel Revival: 4
Death Baron: 30
Death Cloud: 26
Endless Ranks of the Dead: 9
Exhume: 23
Farbog Boneflinger: 5
Geralf's Messenger: 16
Geralf's Messenger: 7
Grave Betrayal: 28
Grave Pact: 22
Gravecrawler: 11
Gravecrawler: 6
Lord of the Undead: 19
Lord of the Undead: 8
Mikaeus, the Unhallowed: 10
Mutilate: 24
Nightmare: 15
Quest for the Gravelord: 17
Reanimate: 14
Rise of the Dark Realms: 20
Shrivel: 2
Staff of the Death Magus: 12
Undead Warchief: 29
Undead Warchief: 21
Vampric Tutor: 25
Vial of Poison: 3
Zombie Apocalypse: 1

Enter The Dracomancer cards

Win the indicated number of matches with the Enter The Dracomancer deck to unlock the corresponding card for it.

Artifact Mutation: 27
Banefire: 23
Bloodbraid Elf: 24
Borderland Ranger: 4
Broodmate Dragon: 20
Consume Strength: 21
Crucible of Fire: 13
Crucible of Fire: 6
Dragon Breath: 19
Dragon Broodmother: 30
Dragon Fangs: 3
Dragon Roost: 11
Dragonlair Spider: 25
Dragonspeaker Shaman: 16
Dragonspeaker Shaman: 12
Form of the Dragon: 1
Hellkite Hatchling: 8
Jund Battlemage: 15
Kaarthus, Tyrant of Jund: 10
Maelstrom Pulse: 17
Maelstrom Pulse: 9
Maelstrom Pulse: 28
Ogre Battledriver: 18
Penumbra Wurm: 29
Predator Dragon: 7
Sangrite Surge: 5
Spellbreaker Behemoth: 26
Torrent of Fire: 14
Torrent of Fire: 2
Torrent of Fire: 22

Firewave cards

Win the indicated number of matches with the Firewave deck to unlock the corresponding card for it.

Browbeat: 18
Chandra's Spitfire: 20
Disintegrate: 21
Final Fortune: 26
Final Fortune: 22
Fire Servant: 24
Fire Servant: 5
Fireshrieker: 8
Fireshrieker: 29
Fireshrieker: 16
Flame Slash: 19
Flamebreak: 6
Flames of the Firebrand: 17
Furnace of Rath: 9
Grim Lavamancer: 14
Grim Lavamancer: 7
Hostility: 30
Inferno: 1
Inferno Titan: 10
Kiln Fiend: 13
Kiln Fiend: 4
Kiln Fiend: 23
Lava Axe: 2
Reverberate: 25
Seismic Assault: 12
Staff of the Flame Magus: 3
Stalking Vengeance: 28
Sulfuric Vortex: 15
Sulfurice Vortex: 27
Wild Guess: 11

Guardians Of Light cards

Win the indicated number of matches with the Guardians Of Light deck to unlock the corresponding card for it.

Angelic Destiny: 10
Armored Ascension: 25
Armored Ascension: 7
Aura of Silence: 19
Auratouched Mage: 4
Concerted Effort: 30
Daybreak Coronet: 16
Divine Deflection: 29
Divine Favor: 2
Divine Favor: 12
Evangelize: 21
Final Judgment: 20
Guardian's Magemark: 13
Guardian's Magemark: 27
Idyllic Tutor: 23
Idyllic Tutor: 17
Kor Spiritdancer: 8
Kor Spiritdancer: 28
Mesa Enchantress: 14
Mesa Enchantress: 5
Pacifism: 18
Pacifism: 6
Pariah: 22
Retether: 26
Seasoned Marshal: 3
Seraph of the Sword: 11
Sigil of the Empty Throne: 1
Three Dreams: 9
Totem-Guide Hartebeest: 15
Unquestioned Authority: 24

Hunter's Strength cards

Win the indicated number of matches with the Hunter's Strength deck to unlock the corresponding card for it.

Beastmaster Ascension: 26
Bellowing Tanglewurm: 27
Biorhythm: 25
Bramblebrush: 19
Brawn: 22
Craterhoof Behemoth: 30
Elephant Guide: 16
Enlarge: 7
Eternal Witness: 9
Eternal Witness: 15
Fangren Firstborn: 23
Leatherback Baloth: 8
Living Hive: 12
Master of the Wild Hunt: 1
Nature's Lore: 29
Nature's Lore: 21
Overrun: 6
Overwhelming Stampede: 24
Predator Ooze: 11
Prey Upon: 18
Primalcrux: 10
Rampaging Baloth: 20
Rancor: 5
Rancor: 17
Rancor: 28
Regal Force: 14
Revive: 4
Savage Summoning: 13
Staff of the Wild Magus: 3
Wurmskin Forger: 2

Masks Of The Dimir cards

Win the indicated number of matches with the Masks Of The Dimir deck to unlock the corresponding card for it.

Archaeomancer: 18
Archaeomancer: 9
Avatar of Will: 20
Consult the Necrosages: 11
Countersquall: 29
Diluvian Primordial: 26
Dinrova Horror: 28
Dire Undercurrents: 14
Doomsday Specter: 30
Evil Twin: 10
Fool's Demise: 17
Guardian of the Ages: 19
Hands of Binding: 24
Illusionary Armor: 13
Illusionary Armor: 4
Lobotomy: 15
Lobotomy: 2
Mark of the Vampire: 6
Mental Vapors: 25
Mindleech Mass: 1
Ravenous Rats: 3
Shadow Slice: 22
Slate Street Ruffian: 21
Sleep: 5
Smog Elemental: 23
Stolen Identity: 27
Threads of Disloyalty: 7
Threads of Disloyalty: 16
Treasure Hunt: 8
Vengeful Vampire: 12

Mind Maze cards

Win the indicated number of matches with the Mind Maze deck to unlock the corresponding card for it.

Æther Figment: 5
Æther Figment: 13
Ætherplasm: 27
Cancel: 2
Chronozoa: 10
Counterspell: 28
Draining Whelk: 11
Gossamer Phantasm: 4
Halcyon Glaze: 19
Halcyon Glaze: 8
Illusory Angel: 25
Incursion Specialist: 24
Krovikan Mist: 20
Leyline Phantom: 23
Lord of the Unreal: 9
Lord of the Unreal: 14
Lord of the Unreal: 17
Lord of the Unreal: 1
Omniscience: 30
Ovinize: 21
Ovinize: 29
Pantasmal Image: 7
Phantasmal Image: 16
Phantasmal Image: 12
Twincast: 22
Unsummon: 3
Unsummon: 18
Veiled Sentry: 15
Veiled Sentry: 6
Wistful Thinking: 26

Sliver Hive cards

Win the indicated number of matches with the Sliver Hive deck to unlock the corresponding card for it.

Armageddon: 12
Armageddon: 22
Battle Sliver: 4
Bifurcate: 23
Bifurcate: 7
Blur Sliver: 14
Bonescythe Sliver: 6
Faith's Fetters: 26
Faith's Fetters: 5
Faith's Fetters: 17
Fiery Justice: 25
Fiery Justice: 3
Indestructibility: 21
Indestructibility: 2
Indestructibility: 9
Lifeline: 18
Lifeline: 27
Lifeline: 13
Megantic Sliver: 1
Mirror Entity: 19
Path to Exile: 11
Predatory Sliver: 8
Savage Beating: 28
Shared Animosity: 10
Survival of the Fittest: 20
Thorncaster Sliver: 16
Titanic Ultimatum: 30
Unflinching Courage: 24
Wild Pair: 15
Wild Pair: 29

Steam achievements

Follow the indicated steps to earn the corresponding Steam achievement. To view your achievement progress and stats, open the Steam client, select "Community", then search for the game hub for "Magic: The Gathering - Duels Of The Planeswalkers 2014 (PC)". Click the "View Stats" option in the drop down list, then select the option that displays the achievements for your account.

Acquire the Sliver Fossil: Defeat the "Sliver Hive" deck in campaign mode.
Battlemaster: Win 75 games.
Bloodless Triumph: Win a game while dealing no combat damage to a player.
Burn Monster, Burn!: Lose the "Angry Mob" encounter.
Chandra's Ally: Defeat Ramaz.
Counter Crazy: Control a permanent with ten or more counters on it.
Death Dealer: Destroy and/or deal lethal damage to 300 creatures.
Deck Eclectic: Win a game with each deck.
Defeat Ramaz's Ally: Defeat the "Chant of Mul Daya" deck in campaign mode.
Deflectomancer: Counter 25 spells.
Field Marshal: Have 40 permanents on the battlefield.
Flawless Victory: Win a game without losing any life.
Heavy Hitter: Deal over 200 damage in the "Go Berserk" Challenge.
Hivelord: Control seven or more Slivers with different names.
In It to Win: Win 25 games.
Land Lord: Control seventeen land of a single type.
Lord of Foriys: Win a Two-Headed Giant game.
Maestro of Sealed: Complete the Sealed campaign.
Master of Magic: Unlock every deck.
Masterful Strategist: Win a Multiplayer game.
Recover the Scrying Shard: Defeat the "Enter the Dracomancer" deck in campaign mode.
Sealed the Deal: Win a Sealed game.
Secrets of the Dimir: Defeat the "Masks of the Dimir" deck in campaign mode.
Skilled Tactician: Solve a Challenge.
Slaughtermaster: Deal a total of 5000 damage.
Sparer of Pawns: Win a game without destroying or dealing lethal damage to a creature.
Spell Delver: Unlock 50 cards.
Spellbook Complete: Fully unlock one deck.
Super Sleuth: Solve every Challenge.
Worthy Adversary: Defeat the "Avacyn's Glory" deck in campaign mode.

Expansion 1


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