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Magic: The Gathering - Duels Of The Planeswalkers (PlayStation3)

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Claws Of Vengeance cards

Win the indicated number of matches with the Claws Of Vengeance deck to unlock the corresponding card for it.

Angel's Feather: 2
Angel's Feather: 10
Brion Stoutarm: 9
Bull Cerodon: 6
Cho Manno, Revolutionary: 15
Dragon's Claw: 7
Godsire: 14
Knight of the Skyward Eye: 11
Pariah: 4
Sangrite Surge: 8
Sigil B Blessinlessing: 3
Sigil Blessing: 12
Woolly Thoctar: 1
Wrath of God: 13
Wurms Tooth: 5

Cries Of Rage cards

Win the indicated number of matches with the Mind Of Void deck to unlock the corresponding card for it.

Borderland Behemoth: 7
Bramblewood Paragon: 10
Bramblewood Paragon: 3
Dragon's Claw: 12
Dragon's Claw: 14
Eyes of Wisent: 17
Eyes of Wisent: 16
Hurricane: 6
Mirri, Cat Warrior: 5
Obsidian Battle-Axe: 11
Obsidian Battle-Axe: 1
Shock: 2nd win
Shock: 9
Vengeful Firebrand: 8
Vengeful Firebrand: 4
Wurm's Tooth: 13
Wurm's Tooth: 15

Ears Of Elves cards

Win the indicated number of matches with the Ears Of Elves deck to unlock the corresponding card for it.

Coat of Arms: 12
Elvish Champion: 1
Elvish Champion: 6
Eyeblight's Ending: 13
Immaculate Magistrate: 3
Imperious Perfect: 9
Jagged-Scar Archers: 8
Lys Alana Scarblade: 11
Nath of the Gilt-Leaf: 14
Rhys the Exiled: 4
Talara's Battalion: 15
Wurm's Tooth: 7
Wurm's Tooth: 5
Wurm's Tooth: 10
Wurm's Tooth: 2

Eyes Of Shadow cards

Win the indicated number of matches with the Eyes Of Shadows deck to unlock the corresponding card for it.

Ascendant Evincar: 13
Corrupt: 15
Crowd of Cinders: 8
Deathmark: 9
Deathmark: 5
Demon's Horn: 1
Demon's Horn: 6
Demon's Horn: 4
Demon's Horn: 3
Dread: 16
Hollowborn Barghest: 17
Mind Shatter: 10
Mortivore: 11
Nekrataal: 14
Plague Wind: 2
Royal Assassin: 12
Soot Imp: 7

Hands Of Flame cards

Win the indicated number of matches with the Hands Of Flame deck to unlock the corresponding card for it.

Blaze: 7
Bloodmark Mentor: 9
Cinder Pyromancer: 3
Cryoclasm: 6
Cryoclasm: 10
Dragon's Claw: 5
Dragon's Claw: 2
Dragon's Claw: 8
Dragon's Claw: 12
Furnace of Rath: 16
Hostility: 17
Incinerate: 4
Kamahl, Pit Fighter: 13
Rage Reflection: 14
Seismic Assault: 11
Shivan Dragon: 1
Shivan Hellkite: 15

Mind Of Void Deck cards

Win the indicated number of matches with the Mind Of Void deck to unlock the corresponding card for it.

Angel's Feather: 13
Angel's Feather: 11
Counterbore: 9
Deft Duelist: 5
Dispeller's Capsule: 2
Isleback Spawn: 10
Jayemdae Tome: 1
Kraken's Eye: 12
Kraken's Eye: 14
Traumatize: 8
Wall of Air: 6
Wall of Air: 3
Wall of Swords: 7
Wall of Swords: 4

Relics Of Doom cards

Win the indicated number of matches with the Mind Of Void deck to unlock the corresponding card for it.

Demon's Horn: 15
Demon's Horn: 13
Eiherium Sculptor: 6
Etherium Sculptor: 8
Etherium Sculptor: 3
Kraken's Eye: 14
Kraken's Eye: 12
Leonin Scmitar: 4
Leonin Scmitar: 2nd win
Loxodon Warhammer: 11
Mater of Etherium: 5
Platinum Angel ( Most Powerfull Card in Game ): 10
Razormane Manticore: 7
Sharding Sphinx: 9
Tidehollow Strix: 1

Scales Of Fury cards

Win the indicated number of matches with the Scales Of Fury deck to unlock the corresponding card for it.

Blighting: 3
Broodmate Dragon: 11
Crucible of Fire: 4
Demon's Horn: 5
Dragon Roost: 6
Dragon's Claw: 7
Fervor: 13
Flameblast Dragon: 1
Flameblast Dragon: 14
Hellkite Overlord: 15
Shivan Dragon: 9
Threaten: 8
Violent Ultimatum: 12
Wurm's Tooth: 10
Wurm's Tooth: 2

Teeth Of The Predator cards

Win the indicated number of matches with the Teeth Of The Predator deck to unlock the corresponding card for it.

Blanchwood Armor: 1
Blanchwood Armor: 11
Elvish Piper: 14
Howl of the Night Pack: 4
Karplusan Strider: 12
Karplusan Strider: 10
Karplusan Strider: 6
Loxodon Warhammer: 16
Molimo, Maro-Sorcerer: 3
Roughshod Mentor: 7
Troll Ascetic: 15
Troll Ascetic: 9
Verdant Force: 13
Vigor: 17
Wurm's Tooth: 8
Wurm's Tooth: 5
Wurm's Tooth: 2

Thoughts Of Wind cards

Win the indicated number of matches with the Thoughts Of Wind deck to unlock the corresponding card for it.

Counterbore: 4
Denizen of the Deep: 16
Flashfreeze: 10
Flashfreeze: 6
Flow of Ideas: 14
Kraken's Eye: 5
Kraken's Eye: 2
Kraken's Eye: 8
Kraken's Eye: 12
Mahamoti Djinn: 1
Mind Spring: 11
Mind Spring: 17
Put Away: 7
Thieving Magpie: 13
Thieving Magpie: 15
Thieving Magpie: 3
Thieving Magpie: 9

Wings Of Light cards

Win the indicated number of matches with the Wings Of Light deck to unlock the corresponding card for it.

Angel's Feather: 2
Angel's Feather: 12
Angel's Feather: 5
Angel's Feather: 8
Angel's Feather: 13
Luminesce: 6
Mass Calcify: 15
Paladin en-Vec: 10
Purity: 17
Reya Dawnbringer: 16
Serra Angel: 1
Serra's Embrace: 3
Skyhunter Skirmisher: 7
Soul Warden: 11
Spirit of the Hearth: 14
Voice of All: 4
Wrath of God: 9


Challenge section

Use the following tactics.
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1. Garruk: Play both Angelic Blessing cards on the Skyhunter Skirmisher, then attack with it.
2. Elspeth: Play Threaten on Soul Warden to take it. Put Raging Goblin on the Table. Attack with all.
3. Garruk: Attack with all three Grizzly Bears, then wait for opponent to declare blockers. Then cast all three Giant Growths on a Grizzly Bear that is not being blocked by the 7/10 Wall of Wood. Then, use Elvish Piper's ability to play Roughshod Mentor.
4. Chandra: Cast Megrim from hand. Cast Ravenous Rats from hand. Attack with all your creatures.
5. Liliana: Cast Elvish Eulogist from hand. This creates one Elf Token (because of Lys Alana Huntsmaster). Cast Eyeblight's Ending targeting Nightmare. This creates One Elf token. Cast Elvish Warrior. This creates one Elf Token. Use Immaculate Magistrate's ability on Elven Riders making it 13/13. Attack with Elven Riders which is now unblockable; no flyers (Nightmare) nor walls.
6. Chandra: Use Prodigal Pyromancer's ability to deal one damage to Chandra. Cast Boomerang targeting Persuasion. Note: Persuasion is attached (enchanting) Prodigal Pyromancer. Cast Persuasion targeting Raging Goblin. Attack with Raging Goblin (Haste, Mountainwalk, 2/2) and Phantom Warrior.
7. Nissa: Cast Terror on Elvish Champion. Attack with everything. Use Flameblast Dragon's ability on your Sprouting Thrinax. Let x = 3. Your Thrinax dies, you get three new Saproling Tokens, consequently pumping up your attacking Saproling tokens to 6/6 each. Nessa blocks one of your Goblins and is defeated.
8. Liliana: Cast each Incinerate targeting Platinum Angel. Cast Rip-Clan Crasher from hand. Cast Sangrite Surge targeting Knight of the Skyward Eye. Note: If you try to cast Sangrite Surge before casting Rip-Clan Crasher, you might not get a mountain to use Brion's ability during the Attack phase as the CPU taps your lands randomly. Activate the ability of Knight of the Skyward Eye. Attack with everything except Brion Stoutarm. Liliana will try to kill your Knight with her Royal Assassin. Respond by using Brion's ability, choose the Knight, and toss the Knight (8/8) at Liliana. Because Liliana can only block one of your other two attacking creatures (1/1 and 2/2), she will sustain at least 1 damage for a total of at least 9 damage. However, for some reason she blocks the 1/1 so you will deal 10 damage instead.

Easy cards

Use the following trick to unlock cards and build up decks that you may not use quickly. Select Single Player Campaign mode then "Custom Duel". Choose a desired Planeswalker to battle then enter the "Advanced" menu. Set your "Life" to "40" and "Starting Hand Size" to "9". Set the CPU's "Life" to "20" and "Starting Hand Size" to "5". The matches will be very easy to win.

Easy "Devastator" and "Life Preserver" achievements or trophies

Select the "Hands of Flame" deck once you have unlocked the card "Dragon's Claw" and play the first opponent in Campaign mode, Chandra Nalaar. Once the game starts you will have seven cards in your hand. Restart the battle until "Dragon's Claw" is in your hand. Play it immediately and wait out Chandra Nalaar's attacks. Defeat her monsters with spells and however else you can defeat them without reducing her life points to 0. Eventually with her red deck and your red deck, you should get the "Life Preserver" achievement in a matter of a few rounds. Once you have enough monsters to total 20 or more damage to Chandra Nalaar's life points, attack. This implies that all of her monsters she summoned earlier have already been defeated. The Mage difficulty setting is recommended.


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.

The Spark (Bronze): Win a game.
Life Preserver (Bronze): Increase your life total to 30 or more in single player, or 60 or more in Two-Headed Giant.
Magic: The Puzzling (Bronze): Complete a challenge.
Devastator (Bronze): Deal 20 combat damage to a player in a single turn in a game.
Defender of Foriys (Bronze): Win a Two-Headed Giant game.
Spellslinger (Bronze): Defeat someone who has earned the Spellslinger trophy.
Duelist (Bronze): Win 5 ranked PlayStation Network matches.
Epic Conclusion (Silver): Defeat Tezzeret in the final single-player campaign battle.
Puzzling Master (Silver): Complete all challenges.
Master of Artifice (Silver): Defeat Tezzeret the Seeker & Sarkhan Vol in the cooperative campaign.
Duels Master (Silver): Win 10 PlayStation Network matches.
Dragon Slayer (Silver): Defeat Nicol Bolas in the single player campaign (Duel the Dragon).
Overkill (Silver): Control creatures with a total power of 75 or more (Duel the Dragon).
Puzzling Grandmaster (Silver): Earn Puzzling Master and complete all Duel the Dragon expansion challenges.
Last One Standing (Silver): Win a 3- or 4-player match on PlayStation Network.
Overflowing Harvest (Silver): Put 8 lands onto the battlefield in one turn.
Everything at Stake (Silver): Defeat Sorin Markov in the single-player campaign (Expansion 2).
Tsunami of Pain (Silver): Deal 12 combat damage to an opponent in a single attack with one blue creature.
Salt in the Wound (Silver): An opponent's last permanent leaves the battlefield.
Madness Suppressed (Silver): Defeat Sarkhan the Mad in the single-player campaign (Expansion 3).
Planeswalker (Gold): Unlock 100%.

Expansion Pack 1

Expansion Pack 2

Expansion Pack 3


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