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This game is titled Magnetica in North America, Actionloop in Europe, and Shunkan Puzz Loop in Japan.


Credits mini-game

Successfully complete all Quest, Challenge, or Puzzle mode levels. You will play a staff credits mini-game. Complete the mini-game to unlock the "Staff" selection at the options menu. Use that option to play the mini-game again, whenever desired.

Challenge mode: Hard difficulty

Successfully complete Challenge mode under the Normal difficulty setting.

Challenge mode: Special difficulty

Successfully complete the game in Quest or Checkmate mode.

Versus mode: Bonus levels

Earn a gold medal in all 60 Quest mode levels.

D-pad controls

Earn a gold medal in all 60 Quest mode levels.



In Normal Play in the Training, Normal, Hard, or Special, you should have enough time to count the red and blue dots. This is when you usually get the first detonator. Always destroy the one with the least dots. Also when there are the following colors: red, blue, yellow, light blue, and purple, it is typically good to destroy light blue. This works 80% of the time.

Hard mode

Hard mode has the spheres going in two different directions. This makes it a little bit easier in the beginning because you can get bigger chain. When marbles are being destroyed on one side, expand the chain by shooting a marble into the other side. It is easy to get a twelve or better chain this way. The strategy mainly for Hard mode in the beginning is just to group pairs of at least two red, at least two blue, at least two red, then destroy a set in the middle of this arrangement in each path.

Special mode

Special Mode has smaller marbles because there is an extra circle to the spiral. It has expanded, so the detonator also gets a benefit from this. If you are lucky enough to eliminate most of the yellows before you get the first detonator so that only red and blue remain, you will get a killer chain once the detonator is used.

Marble order

The order that new marbles arrive are as follows, starting with the first red or blue then yellow, light blue, purple, green, white, black.


To pass one of the four modes (Training, Normal, Hard, or Special) in Standard Play, you must pass level 99. Quests do not seem endless because you do not have to reach a certain level; the marbles just stop. These four seem endless, but they are not because once you are at level 99, chances are not that much new marbles will be coming.

Impact Barrier

An Impact Barrier is a moving object that destroys a marble that comes in contact with it. It disappears and is sent back in the direction it came from. It only appears in Quest mode.

Line Barrier

A Line Barrier is the same as an Impact Barrier, but it does not move. It disappears and reappears in different spots. It has the same effect as an Impact Barrier. It only appears in Quest mode.

Ion Cloud

Ion Clouds are little things that puff up and make it hard to see where the marbles are and where other marbles are going. To get rid of them, blow air into the microphone of the Nintendo DS. They only appear in Quest mode.


This is something that alters the gravity of the marble passing by it or directly over it and may slightly push it into a different direction. They may be frustrating when you are trying to launch a marble that will lead to a chain. It only appears in Quest mode.

Black Hole

The marble that goes into a Black Hole will be sucked up and disappear. During this time, you cannot launch any other marbles until the marble sent into the Black Hole is gone. It takes awhile; you must be patient. Do not go in these when you are seconds from losing. It only appears in Quest mode.


When you launch a marble into one of these holes, the slot spins. If three of the same icon match up, that icon appears in the slot. It can be a silver, gold, or other color coin. A silver coin gives you 5,000 points. A gold coin gives you 10,000 points. The other coin gives you 50,000 points. It can also be a timer that sends marbles back a little bit (very convenient), or a detonator. Then again, there is always the chance that you will not get anything. It only appears in Quest mode.
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These devices usually lead to two or more different paths. When the switcher is set one way, the marbles have to flow in the path that it leads to, but the switcher can change its direction, pushing the marbles in a different direction than before. It only appears in Quest mode.

Quest Detonators

In the actual quest levels that have detonators, they do not appear in the slot where you can launch marbles. They are actually in the arrangement of incoming marbles. This makes it more convenient actually because you can use it at that minute, or hold off its usage for when you really need it. In the Normal Play, you must use one when you get one. They work the same way as far as the destruction of marbles is concerned.


These are the silver spheres, but they are not marbles. In order to destroy them, you must break a chain next to one or in between two or more. If you break a chain in between two or more, only two are destroyed. These just add space to the set of marbles that are laready on the board, so you have to get rid of them fast. They appear in Quest mode and sometimes appear in several levels in the Puzzle mode as well.


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