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Magnetis (Wii)

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Easy "Destroyer" achievement

Attempt this at the start of the game, when there is only one color and the blocks slowly fall. Create two rows on the floor, with each row made of magnet heads all facing in the same direction and nothing else. Avoid accidentally dropping conductors next to the magnets. When you begin to creating the second row, you may stack junk blocks on top of it. Also consider clearing away junk before things get unmanageable. To get a 10x combo, five on the top row and six on the bottom will be required. After everything is ready, clear the first match on the bottom and allow the combo to cascade.

Easy "Here come a new challenger!" achievement

Start a two player game and complete it.

Easy "Magnetic Quartet" achievement

Start a four player game and complete it.

Easy "Meteoric!" achievement

Destroy 140 blocks before the timer expires. You will gain a level for every ten blocks destroyed. Note: "X" and decayed blocks will not count. Ignore combos or earning points; simply destroy every block you are given as fast as possible. Do not allow any conductor blocks to decay if possible. Line up and clear them.

Easy "Triple Trouble" achievement

Start a three player game and complete it.