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Major League Baseball 2K8 (Xbox 360)

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Cheat Codes

Trading cards

Select the "Codes" option at the "Trading Card Album" menu. Enter one of the following codes to unlock the corresponding set of trading cards.

Effect Code
American League Central Classic Jersey ALCENTRALCLASSICTHREADS08
American League East Classic Jersey ALEASTCLASSICTHREADS08
American League West Classic Jersey ALWESTCLASSICTHREADS08
National League Central Classic Jersey NLCENTRALCLASSICTHREADS08
National League East Classic Jersey NLEASTCLASSICTHREADS08
National League West Classic Jersey NLWESTCLASSICTHREADS08

The Polo Grounds

Enter Chocolate as a case-sensitive code.




Free Inside Edge Reports

In Franchise mode, enable the ability to force trades. In order to get free Inside Edge Reports and not spend money to acquire them, simply trade any player to your team, then trade them back to their original team. By being part of your team once, you will know their tendencies. The next time you play against that player, you will have their report.

Unlocking cards

To achieve the card for uniform that requires you to defeat a team using a Single A club (for example, the '83 New York Mets), adjust your rosters by sending all the major league players down to Single A. Then when playing an exhibition game, adjust the lineup of the team you are playing to sit star players on the bench, put people out of position, and start a reliever. You should then be able to easily defeat the team in a seven inning game under the rookie level and unlock the card. You can unlock more cards at the same time by using a team that you have not earned cards for as your Single A team and earn some of those cards as well.

Use the following tips for unlocking cards that require defense.

  • Infield assists: It does not matter what position your player is playing, just that they accomplish the feat. If you are getting a lot of ground balls to short, move your third baseman (for example, Scott Rolen, Eric Chavez, Joe Crede) to shortstop to get the defensive assists. If there is a hard hit grounder or a slow runner, consider an extra throw to second (for example, 4-6-3) before going to first base to get an extra assist for your fielder.
  • Putouts: If the card requires put outs (for example, Ronnie Belliard or Adam Kennedy), play them at first base. Every ground out to is a put out and you will unlock it quickly.
  • Outfield diving/jumping: Considering moving your outfielders who need to make diving catches (for example, Aaron Rowand, Vernon Wells, Mike Cameron) to right or left field if more balls are being hit there to give yourself more opportunities to attempt these catches
  • Outfield assists: For outfielders who require assists (for example, Jeff Francoeur or Pat Burrell), try playing them in right field and go for the 9-3 putout at first. Note: You can also play Pat Burrell at third base and still get the Pat Burrell card.

Use the following tips for unlocking cards with winning percentage average.

  • Jerseys: Several jerseys require you to come back after your winning percentage average drops below a certain percentage. To achieve this easily, start off as the home team. Allow the visitors to score one or two runs early (preferably with no outs) and your percentage should drop quickly. Pause the game and check the "Game Summary" then "WPA Stats" option to see where your percentage stands. Finish the inning then work your comeback.
  • Player of the game: The player of the game is dependent on who has the best winning percentage average. It does not matter if a player goes 5-5 with three HRs; if they are not doing it when it counts they will not get player of the game. Get big hits that give you the lead or makes a close game out of reach. You can check out winning percentage average throughout the game by pausing game play and selecting "Game Summary" then "WPA Stats". Scroll over to see the current winning percentage average of each individual player. If someone else currently has a higher percentage and is keeping your desired player from being named player of the game, have them fail in a clutch situation and their winning percentage average will go down.
  • WPA cards: Some players (for example, Paul LoDuca, Mark Teahen, and Hank Blalock) require high winning percentage average to unlock their card. As mentioned previously, big hits in clutch situations will give them high winning percentage averages. Consider keeping them on the bench until they can get a big hit and an RBI that unties a game or puts you ahead when youare behind. Walk-offs are great for this.

To unlock the cards for drawing walks (for example, J.D. Drew (2), Bobby Abreau, Brian Giles, Nick Johnson, Marlon Byrd), adjust the AI Pitching Difficulty in your game settings as follows.

AI Corner: Move the slider all the way to the right. By doing this, the pitcher is trying to paint the corners and is more likely to miss.
AI Throw Strike Overall: Move the slider to the left.
AI Throw Strike Ahead: Move the slider to the left.
AI Throw Strike Behind: Move the slider to the left.

This will not guarantee that they will draw a walk immediately, however it is almost impossible to draw a walk when the sliders are at their default settings, even under the Rookie difficulty. Just take all the pitches and usually at some point within your four at bats in a game you will get the walk.

For any pitcher who simply needs to earn a save to unlock the card (for example, Jose Valverde, Joe Borowski, David Weathers, etc.), play a nine inning game and let them throw the last three innings. The Major League Baseball rule is that any pitcher who throws the last three innings are awarded a save, and that applies in this game as well. This is different from pitchers who are required to earn a save without giving up a hit (for example Billy Wagner). Make sure you know the stipulations for earning the card before putting your reliever in the game.

Easy Grady Sizemore card

You must have Grady Sizemore make the All-Star team with a minimum of fifteen games played during the season. If Sizemore is not on your team, check the the All-Star vote totals. If he is among the top vote getters, simply trade him to your team (make sure "Force Trades" is on) immediately before the All-Star break. If you have played the minimum fifteen games in your season, you will earn the card.

Easy Jon Garland (L.A. Angels version)

You must finish the season with Garland leading the league in victories. To easily have him earn wins, try the following trick. In order for a starting pitcher to earn a victory, he must pitch at least five innings in a nine inning game (or four innings if you are playing a seven inning shortened game). Whether you a playing or managing the game and are winning, allow your regular starter to get two outs in the fifth inning (in a nine inning game) or two outs in the fourth inning (in a seven inning game), then bring in Garland. Even if he only gets one out and your team keeps the lead, he will qualify for the win. To be safe, you may want to let him pitch a full inning, but technically he will qualify by just getting one out. Do this throughout the season to let Garland rack up the wins and take a huge lead. In order to get the card you must play at least fifteen games in your season.

Easy extra base hits

To get easy extra base hits, adjust the following AI settings.

AI Outfielder Speed: Move the slider to the left
AI Outfield Reaction Speed: Move the slider to the left

You will get easy extra base hits any time the ball goes into the gap because it will take the outfielders a long time to get to the ball before throwing it back in. This is great for unlocking cards for players who need multiple base hits (for example, Mike Piazza and Johnny Estrada), total bases (for example, Matt Holiday and Brian McCann) and hitting for the cycle (for example, Hanley Ramirez, Todd Helton, Mark Ellis). You will also be more likely to hit inside the park homeruns, especially if you play in a park with quirky dimensions or a deep center field (for example, AT&T Park and Dolphins Stadium). Getting an inside the park homerun will count towards unlocking cards, including those for the two pitchers, Carlos Zambrano and Micah Owings.

Easy "A Day To Remember" achievement

You must throw a no-hitter using any number of pitchers (minimum nine innings, Pro difficulty or higher). To have a better chance at achieving this, do the following. Start by adjusting the "Difficulty" tab to "Pro". Next, go to "AI Batting" and adjust the following all the way to the right: "AI Take Strike Overall", " AI Take Strike Ahead", and "AI Take Strike Behind". This will cause the CPU to watch a lot of strike threes. Next, adjust the following all the way to the left: "AI Take Ball Overall", "AI Take Ball Ahead", and "AI Take Ball Behind". This will cause the CPU to swing at borderline, slightly off the strike zone pitches. Next, adjust the following to the left "AI Skill", "AI Contact", and "AI Power". This will cause the CPU to hit the ball weakly, if they make contact at all. Finally, go the the "Human" tab and adjust the following all the way to the right: "Infielder Speed", "Outfielder Speed", "Infielder Reaction Speed", and "Outfielder Reaction Speed". With the contact and power of the CPU all the way down, if they hit the ball they may either weak flares to the outfield and having the your speed up will help catch some balls that may drop in. Also, infielders or outfielders sometimes run in the opposite direction of a batted ball. This will allow you to recover and get some grounders or fly balls that may sometimes sneak through or drop in. Once all the adjustments have been make, check the original tab that read "Pro" and make sure it is now "Custom-P." Since you need to be on at least Pro to get the achievement, Custom-P(ro) is acceptable and will allow you to earn it. When pitching to the CPU, it is best to stay on the inside and close to the corners. Pitches on the outside corner tend to be hit up the middle for hits. You will improve your odds by pitching inside.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Control Artist (5 points): Throw a Total Control Pitch with superb execution.
Frozen Rope (5 points): Get a line drive base hit using Right Stick Hitting (Pro difficulty or higher).
Advanced Mind, Advanced Pleasure (50 points): Complete 10 games using advanced controls.
Fantasy Cards (10 points): Create a complete card team.
Buy a Pack (20 points): Use your duplicate cards to buy a new pack of cards.
Earn a Team (30 points): Unlock all the cards for a team in card series 1.
Earn 100 Cards (50 points): Unlock 100 different types of cards.
Quality Start (5 points): Have your starting pitcher give up 3 or fewer runs in 6+ innings of work (Pro difficulty or higher).
Hold! (5 points): Get credit for a hold (Pro difficulty or higher).
Save! (5 points): Get credit for a save (min 3 batters faced, Pro difficulty or higher).
Keep it Down (5 points): Complete a 9-inning game without giving up a home run (Pro difficulty or higher).
1-2-3 (10 points): Retire all 3 batters faced in an inning (Pro difficulty or higher).
Strikeout the Side (50 points): Strikeout all 3 batters faced in an inning (Pro difficulty or higher).
A Day To Remember (100 points): Throw a no-hitter using any number of pitchers (minimum 9 innings, Pro difficulty or higher).
Skillz (5 points): Make a spectacular defensive play (Pro difficulty or higher).
Catch 'em Nappin (10 points): Successfully bunt for a hit (Pro difficulty or higher).
Red-Handed (10 points): Throw out a runner attempting to steal a base (Pro difficulty or higher).
He's Got a Gun! (20 points): Throw out a runner at homeplate from the outfield using Right Stick Throwing.
The Train's Comin' Through (20 points): Score a run after plowing over the catcher at homeplate (Pro difficulty or higher).
De-Railed (20 points): Successfully prevent a runner from plowing over your catcher and scoring (Pro difficulty or higher).
Triple Double (20 points): Turn 3 double plays in one game (Pro difficulty or higher).
Eagle Eye (10 points): Get a Base on Balls (Pro difficulty or higher).
Double Triple (30 points): Hit two triples in one game (Pro difficulty or higher).
Goliath (20 points): Hit 5 home runs in one game (Pro difficulty or higher).
Legendary (50 points): Win a 9-inning game on Legend difficulty.
What's Your Fantasy? (5 points): Complete at least 25 rounds of a fantasy draft in franchise mode.
Glove of Gold (10 points): In franchise, have a player win the Player's Choice Best Fielder award (min 20 games played).
Platinum Bat (10 points): In franchise, have a player win the Player's Choice Best Hitting award (min. 20 games played).
Star-Studded (20 points): In franchise, have 3 or more players make the All-Star Team (min 15 games played).
Makin' a Splash (20 points): In franchise, have a rookie earn the Rookie of the Year award (min 20 games played).
Contender (20 points): In franchise, have your team make the playoffs (min 20 games played).
Domination (30 points): Win at least 105 games in one season (min 20 games played)
Layer Cake (10 points): In franchise, win a game at each minor league level (A, AA, and AAA).
The Brink of Stardom (10 points): In franchise, have a player win the Minor League Player of the Year award.
I'm a Winner! (10 points): Win a ranked match on Xbox Live.
Win 20 Online (30 points): Win 20 ranked matches on Xbox Live.
Card Master (50 points): Win a Card Battle match on Xbox Live.
Slugger (20 points): Win a Strikes Only match on Xbox Live.
League Participation (10 points): Play a game in a league or tournament on Xbox Live.
Cards Shmards (20 points): Top 'em: In a ranked match on Xbox Live, beat an opponent who has unlocked 'Earn 100 Cards'.
David vs. Goliath (20 points): Top 'em: In a ranked match on Xbox Live, beat an opponent who has unlocked 'Goliath'.
Another Level (20 points): Top 'em: In a ranked match on Xbox Live, beat an opponent who has unlocked 'Legendary'.
Live Wire (20 points): Top 'em: In a ranked match on Xbox Live, beat an opponent who has unlocked 'Win 20 Online'.
You're Not So Tough (50 points): Top 'em: In a ranked match on Xbox Live, beat an opponent who has unlocked 'A Day to Remember'.
What Makes YOU So Special? (50 points): Top 'em: In a ranked match on Xbox Live, beat an opponent who has unlocked a Top 'em achievement.