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Marble Blast Ultra

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Fly in the air

On Xbox Live with two to eight players on the Skate Battle Royal map (with the half pipes), go to the side of the map where the little brown things stick up and there are two Super Bounces and a Mega Marble. Go to the point where you would respawn and fall off the edge. You should respawn in the same location. Have the other players one by one fall off and respawn. They should respawn on top of you. Have the players start to jump from top to bottom (the top player jumps, then the second, etc.). It is best if someone has a Mega Marble and a Super Jump. When you jump, sooner or later you will be flung so high that the map will turn blue. When you come back down, have someone transform into Mega Marble and hit the player beneath them. They will be flung very high. If a player is underneath another person, use a Super Jump in mid air. The other player will be flung very high as well.

Black Diamond: Easer Egg

There is an Easter Egg on the intermediate level Black Diamond. It is floating high in the air around the map's center. You must hit the green pyramid just before it at the correct angle to reach it.

Daedalus: Easter Egg

In the Advanced level Daedalus, there is an Easter Egg directly under the end portal. The easiest way to get it is to aim yourself as if you are going to jump onto the platform from an angle (as if to jump over the space between). However, only fall just short. As you fall under the platform, use your jump blast. If done correctly, your blast will launch you into the bottom of the platform and you will have an Easter Egg. However, you will fall to your death. Make sure that you are not trying to make par while attempting this. Also as this is one of the longer levels, it is also a good idea to have a nearby checkpoint.

Gem Collection: Easter Egg

When the level starts, go up the first ramp and then the second. Once up the second ramp, turn right and go straight until you hit a ledge. Use your jump followed by boost to get on it. You will find a gyrocopter. Turn so that you are facing the glass wall. Look up and you will see a three tier building. Go up to the wall of the building and make sure you have boost. Use your gyrocopter and jump then boost. Land on the top level of the building. Get the second gyrocopter. Look for the end level beam shooting into the sky. Look diagonally left and you should see a tall pillar with an egg on top of it. Use your gyrocopter to reach it. Note: Some patience is required.

Learning To Roll It: Easter Egg

In the first beginner level called "Learning To Roll", after you jump up the steeps roll across the brown thing too find the Easter Egg. You should get an achievement.

Will o' Wisp: Easter Egg

In hard, an Easter Egg can be found under the finish line in Will o' Wisp.

Super Super Jump

Find a Super Jump. Collect it and move back. Wait for it to respawn again, then get on top of it. You cannot collect it because you already have one. Yse the one you already have. You should travel twice as high as a normal Super Jump.

Change marble color

To change your marble color or pattern, go to the menu and select "Options". Then, choose on "Marble Appearance". You can now choose your marble color or pattern.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.
aaptm e, pwa

Apprentice's Badge: Complete all Beginner levels.
Journeyman's Badge: Complete all Intermediate levels.
Adept's Badge: Complete all Advanced levels.
Egg Seeker: Find an Easter Egg.
Egg Basket: Find all twenty Easter Eggs.
First Place: Finish in first place in a multi-player match.
Gem Collector: Score 75 points in a multi-player match.
Veteran Battler: Accumulate 2,000 total points in multi-player mode.
Timely Marble: Finish any level under the target time.
Marble-fu Initiate: Complete all Beginner levels under the target time.
Marble-fu Master: Complete all Intermediate levels under the target time.
Marble-fu Transcendent: Finish all Advanced levels under the target time.


Marble Fu

Marble It Up




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