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Cheat Codes

Tilt Madness mini-game

Enter the "Bonus Content" screen in version 1.2. Tap four parts of the screen simultaneously.


Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.

Block CPU: Gears: prevent the computer from saving blue Marblenauts in a single game.
Cave 2000: Dark Cave: earn a score of 2000 or more points.
Complex Mode 100%: Complete everything in Complex Mode.
Cross Slice: Match Three: activate a horizontal and vertical slice simultaneously using the same Marblenaut.
Gears 1000: Gears: score 1000 points or more against the computer.
Horizontal Slice: Match Three: remove a horizontal line using a Marblenaut with sunglasses.
Long Combo: Match Three: activate a chain reaction of Marblenaut combinations without breaking rocks.
Lucky Star: Tilt Madness: collect a star immediately after it appears.
Massive Cleanup: Match Three: clean up a huge amount of Marblenauts simultaneously.
Match 4000: Match Three: earn a score of 4000 or more points.
No Mistake: Dark Cave: complete three puzzles without using Undo.
Out Of Jail: Behind Bars: Dave every Marblenaut.
Rolling To The Stars: Tilt Madness: don't let more than 4 stars appear.
Secret Area Found: Collect enough stardust to find the Secret Area.
Simple Mode 100%: Complete all levels in Simple Mode.
The Great Escape: Complete the spaceship and help your Marblenauts escape in Complex Mode.
The Perfect Solution: Multiball: Save all Marblenauts.
Tilt 5000: Tilt Madness: earn a score of 5000 or more points in one game.
Unlock Treasure: Get the silver key and unlock the treasure chest in Simple Mode.
Vertical Slice: Match Three: remove a vertical line using a Marblenaut with sunglasses.