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Mario And Luigi RPG 3

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This game is titled Mario And Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story in North America, Europe, and Australia, and Mario And Luigi RPG 3 in Japan.

Cheat Codes

Heal Bowser's back instantly

Enter the Lumbar Nook and dig into the broken bone. Press A, B, X, Y, L, R, Y, X, B, A to have the alarm ring instantly.


Alternate endings

  • Successfully complete game with Mario, Luigi, and Bowser over level 40.
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  • Successfully complete game with Mario or Luigi less than level 18.

Cholesteroad items

Get an "A" rank in the indicated challenge to unlock the corresponding item.

Advice Patch: Spin Pipe.
Bro Socks: Yoo Who Cannon.
Challenge Medal: Green Shell.
Daredevil Boots: Jump Helmet.
Dizzy Boots: Super Bouncer.
Master Wear: All challenges.
Siphon Gloves: Magic Window.

Massage Parlor items

Get an "A" rank in the indicated challenge to unlock the corresponding item.

Bone Fangs: Koopa Corps.
Fury Band: Bob-omb.
Heroic Ring: Magikoopa.
King Shell: Get an "A" rank in all challenges.
Treasure Ring: Goomba Storm.

Blitty bonuses

After Bowser earns the Vacuum Block, you can hunt Blitties (cat-like blocks). Return the indicated number of Blitties to the Broque Monsieur in Dimble Woods to earn thge corresponding bonus.

Block Band: 4 Blitties
Block Fangs: 8 Blitties
Block Ring: 12 Blitties
Broggy Bonker (Special Attack): 15 Blitties


Walkthrough (North America)

Walkthrough (Japan)


Easy experience and coins

By the time you finally reach Toad Town as Mario and Luigi, you should already be familiar with the two badges received from Princess Lipid during your trek throughout the Flab Zone inside Bowser's body. Mario's badges indicate the effect desired, and Luigi's badges intensify their power. Go to the Toad Town's Badge Shop and purchase the Bonus Badge for 500 coins. Switch it with Mario's Mushroom Badge. Then, buy the Excellent! Badge for Luigi (1,000 coins). When the gauge at the bottom left of the touch screen is filled during a battle, tap the combined badges to increase the amount of coins and experience points gained. This ensures easy level-ups. Once you reach the Airway (after Bowser's fight against Blizzard Midbus within Peach's Castle), fight as many enemies as you can and level up. Also, if you have defeated Dark Bowser with the Mario Bros. at Level 40, you will receive the Excellent!! Badge for Luigi as a reward. Switch it with the Excellent! Badge to gain even more coins and experience in the Airway.


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