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DK Pass: Mushrooms and stars in first place

Select the "DK Pass" level. Select any character and vehicle, but one that is suited for offroad driving is recommended. As you reach the top of the mountain, turn off the road and climb the steep snowy bank covered with trees. At the top of the hill is a single item block. No matter what place you are in, you should get either three mushrooms or a star. This also works in Wi-Fi mode.

Luigi Circuit GCN: Fly

Go to Time Trials and choose Luigi Circuit GCN. Do a U-turn and face the middle of the arrow line. Try facing left slightly. Yse a mushroom and jump when you are about to tilt. If done correctly you will fly through the invisible wall then fall through the grass. You will land back on the course. Note: This will not save time.

Luigi's Mansion: Freeze game

Go to Luigi's Mansion and park your kart on the stairs at the entrance of the mansion. Press A + B and go right or left and your game will freeze.

Rainbow Road: Upside down stage

Go to the time trials and choose any character and car. Select Rainbow Road for the stage. When you get to the part that is only boosts, crash into a wall and jump. It will appear as if the stage has flipped upside down. Note: If you jump on the first area filled with solely boosts, sometimes you will just fly off into space and the stage will not flip temporarily.

Rainbow Road: Flipping and flying through the rainbows

To do this trick, tap the "Time Trials" icon at the menu screen. Select any character using any type of cart. Go to the track named "Rainbow Road". Drive up to the twisty track that is inside the swirly road. Just before you reach that twist, lightly hit the right wall of the twist and stop the kart. If you hit the left wall instead, you will fly onto the swirl and start over. You might also fly to the beginning of the twist when you flip and have to start over. You should still be moving slowly if you are in the correct position. When you reach about the middle of the twist, you should start rising off the ground as if in zero gravity. The first few times you might miss the track and float off into space, but keep trying. A few attempts may be required. If done correctly, you will fly through the ground, flip the kart, and start driving at the end of the twisty road and keep going. This all happens in about a second or two.

Avoiding the Blue Koopa Shell

Watch the map below while racing. If you are in first place, look at the player's icons on the bottom screen. Their items will be displayed in the corner. If you see someone holding a Blue Koopa Shell and you are in first place, brake suddenly and allow other players zoom out in front of you. Although you will briefly lose your position, the current leader will get hit by the shell and get blown up. Remain behind in fourth or fifth place, then when others get hit accelerate in front. You will soon regain the lead. Because you were not hit by the Blue Koopa Shell it will be easier to catch up to first place afterwards.

Seeing through Blooper Ink

If you get attacked by the Blooper item box, which sends octopus ink all over the screen blocking your vision, look at the map below the top screen. You will still have a clear view of the entire track.

Waligi's Pinball: Fly

Go to Time Trials and choose Waligi's Pinball. Wait at the flippers for a ball to appear. Note: Use the touchscreen to see. When it arrives, jump in front of it. If it knocks you into the activated flipper, you may go flying. You can tilt your car forward and backward. If you land next to the wall but are on the outside, you can ride on nothing for a short while. However if you go too far, you will die.

Steal two balloons

When playing against another person, if both of you have a mushroom ram into each other. If done correctly, you should have stolen each other's balloons instead of getting your own back. Note: You can consider this a "trade".


Press A + B while racing to fly. This glitch may cause you to reset, but may also be an easy way to win.

Backwards forwards

Go to any course in Time Trial mode. Turn your kart so it is facing backwards. You will have the Lakitu following you with the "Turn around" sign. However, if you are using B to go backwards, the game will count it as one lap, two laps, etc., but Lakitu will be saying you are going backwards.

Double steal

When you are in a Balloon Battle with someone else (preferably downloaded play), if both of you have a mushroom and they are used at the same time, you both will steal each other's balloons. Note: You will not get the balloon back that the other person stole.


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