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Mario Strikers Charged Football

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This game is titled Mario Strikers Charged in North America and Mario Strikers Charged Football in Europe, Australia, and Japan.


Cheat mode

Complete the indicated challenge in Striker Challenges mode to unlock the corresponding cheat option in Domination mode.

Always Sidekick Skillshot: Challenge 11
Always White Ball: Challenge 10
Classic Mode: Challenge 1
Custom Power Ups and Infinite Power Ups: Challenge 12
Devastating Hits: Challenge 5
Field Tilt: Challenge 9
High Voltage: Challenge 4
No Power Ups: Challenge 6
Power Shortage: Challenge 8
Safe MegaStrike: Challenge 2
Secure Stadia: Challenge 7
Super Captains: Challenge 3

Character cards

Complete the indicated challenge in Striker Challenges mode to unlock the corresponding card.

Bowser card: Challenge 9
Bowser Jr. card: Challenge 11
Daisy card: Challenge 5
Diddy Kong card: Challenge 12
Donkey Kong card: Challenge 3
Luigi card: Challenge 2
Mario card: Challenge 1
Peach card: Challenge 4
Petey Piranha card: Challenge 10
Waluigi card: Challenge 7
Wario card: Challenge 6
Yoshi card: Challenge 8


Win the indicated cup to unlock the corresponding captain.

Bowser Jr.: Win the Fire Cup
Diddy Kong: Win the Crystal Cup
Petey Piranha: Win the Striker Cup


Complete the indicated task in Road to the Strikers Cup to unlock the corresponding stadium in Domination mode.

Crystal Canyon: Win the Crystal Cup.
Galactic Stadium: Earn the Brick Wall Award and the Golden Foot Award in the Striker Cup.
Stormship Stadium: Win the Striker Cup.
The Dump: Earn the Brick Wall Award and the Golden Foot Award in the Crystal Cup.
The Lava Pit: Win the Fire Cup.
The Wastelands: Earn the Brick Wall Award and the Golden Foot Award in the Fire Cup.


Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding award.

Brick Wall award: Concede the least goals in the group stage.
Golden Foot award: Score the most goals in the group stage.
Crystal award: Win the Crystal Tournament.
Fire award: Win the Fire Tournament.
Striker award: Win the Striker Tournament.

Cheating message

Reset or turn off the game while in a tournament match. When that tournament is continued, the news headline will state that you have cheated and the cup must be started again.


Easy goals

  • Note: This may be difficult under the Insane difficulty. Run to either corner of the opposite team's half of field and hold B. Release B just before the "special" kick happens. The ball will curve and go in the net. Note: This happens the majority of the time, and sometimes it will just hit either the crossbar or the post.
  • To do this trick you must have Toad on your team as a side kick. When you get the ball, give it to Toad and run to the net on the other team's side. At every stage the goalie has a boundary line. With Toad you can jump over the other players by pressing Down. Use Toad to jump over the goalie. To do this you must jump just as Toad steps on the boundary line. The goalie will dive at you, miss, and you will be in front of the net with the goalie behind you. This requires precise timing and some practice.
  • Get the ball, then use Boo and stand next to your own goalkeeper. Charge the ball fully then disappear with Boo's defensive deke into your own goalie, who will then take the ball from you. Have the goalie throw the ball to a player with good passing skills. Then, pass the ball downfield to a powerful shooter. Note: Do not pass the ball in the air or charge it when you are passing or are about to shoot. If done correctly, when you shoot the ball it will pass by or through the other team's goalie for an easy goal. Note: Try shooting with a power player.

Easy wins

When you are leading by a point, just run down the clock for an easy win. To do this, have a defender take the ball and stand in front of your own goalie. If an opposing attacker tackles your defender and takes the ball, your goalie will automatically tackle that player and take the ball. Then, throw the ball to your own defender and repeat the process.

Item effects

Use the following item to get the corresponding effect.

Banana Peel: Trips player who walks on it.
Blue Shell: Bounces around field and freezes players.
Bob-omb: Falls from the sky and damages everything nearby.
Chain Chomp: Chases opponent's players.
Green Shell: Bounces around field, injuring players.
Mushroom: Speeds up whoever eats it.
Red Shell: Tracks opponent's players and injures them.
Spine Shell: Bounces around field and smashes players.
Star: Temporary invincibility.

Unlimited tournament chances

Note: This trick requires a SD card and will erase all of your Mario Strikers Charged WiFi statistics (Mii data can not be stored on a SD card). First, play the tournament up to the elimination mode or another point at which you want to continuously retry. Then after inserting your SD card, copy your saved file onto it and play the game normally. If you lose, erase your internal Wii saved file and replace it with the SD card's saved file. This allows you to pick up where you left off until you can win the tournament. The game will not detect you cheating, as with turning off the power or resetting.


Use Wario's gas attack and Bowser's fire attack to create a fireball.

Boo: Double charging

Have Boo get the ball. Fully charge it and then use Boo's defensive deke to disappear and charge the ball again. Boo can charge the ball twice as much as any other character and can allow easy scoring.


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