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Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat (Xbox 360)

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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.
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Stole Doom’s Thunder (10 points): Complete Issue 1.
Took Back the Baxter Building (10 points): Complete Issue 2.
Victory in the Vault (10 points): Complete Issue 3.
Saved the Sanctum (10 points): Complete Issue 4.
Cleanup in aisle Villainville (10 points): Complete Issue 5.
A Jarring Defeat (10 points): Complete Issue 6.
Five For the Price of One (10 points): Defeat 5 enemies simultaneously.
Hold It (10 points): Defeat an enemy using only Hold abilities.
Big Spender (10 points): Drain two full bars of ink in a single attack.
Two Birds with One Pen (10 points): Use a single ink attack to defeat 2 or more enemies.
Drawn to Distraction (15 points): Use a decoy to distract 3 or more enemies at the same time.
Double Vision (15 points): Use two decoys simultaneously.
All right squaddies... (15 points): Use Hero Up!.
1,000 Issues Sold (15 points): Sell 1,000 issues.
That's a Lot of Points (15 points): Pick up 1,000 Hero Points.
Hi, there! I'm Squirrel Girl. (15 points): Play as Squirrel Girl in a back Issue.
Eraser Dusted (15 points): Use a glyph bomb to defeat 5 or more enemies at the same time.
Rock and Roll (15 points): Defeat 3 or more enemies with one glyph ball roll.
Six Hexxed (15 points): Hit six targets with one hex using Scarlet Witch.
Medicine is the Best Medicine (15 points): Pick up a health pack when a hero is about to be defeated.
A Clean Getaway (20 points): Exit a panel with a full ink meter and all heroes at full health.
Light Reading (20 points): Find 5 Comic Stacks.
Shake, Rattle, and Destroy (20 points): Use an Earthquake to defeat 5 or more enemies.
Hulk Can't Count That High! (20 points): Sell 10,000 issues.
Point Taken (20 points): Pick up 75 Hero Points in a single panel.
Upsadaisy (20 points): Revive a hero to full health.
Costume Change (20 points): Start a panel with a hero wearing an alternate costume.
The Pen is Mightier (100 points): Defeat Doctor Doom in the end boss battle.
Hulk…SMASH! (30 points): Use Hulk to destroy 25 breakables.
Lock Unblocker (30 points): Open a Factor Lock for each factor.
Old Rivalries Revived (30 points): Bring Squirrel Girl into the final fight against Doom.
Hero Up! (30 points): Use Hero Up! five times in one issue.
Heroic Aerobics (30 points): Use Hero Up! to defeat 6 or more enemies.
One Million Sales! (30 points): Sell 1,000,000 issues.
Flying off the shelves! (30 points): Sell 7,000 issues in a single panel.
Summer Reading (100 points): Find all the Comic Stacks.
A Stranger to Laser Danger (50 points): Survive the laser hallway without getting hit by laser.
Bare Hands Brigade (50 points): Complete a panel using Wolverine, Reptil, and Hulk .
Femme Fight All (50 points): Complete a panel using Scarlet Witch, Squirrel Girl, and Invisible Woman.
Loose Canon (50 points): Complete a panel with all heroes in alternative costumes.