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Mega Jump

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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
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Attractive: Engage the Magnet powerup.
Buoyant: Engage the Balloon powerup.
Burning Sands: Make it to Stage 4.
Chump Change: Collect 1,000 coins in a single game.
City of Mists: Make it to Stage 3.
Comet Nebula: Make it to Stage 9.
Earned Your Wings: Play for the first time.
Edge of Space: Make it to Stage 8.
Fortunate Explosion: Engage the Lucky Blast powerup.
Frequent Flyer: Reach 25,000 feet.
Friendly: Enter a friend's Mega Code!
Galactic Core: Make it to Stage 10.
Gassy: Tap on your character while you had the Balloon powerup!
Gentle Descent: Engage the Umbrella powerup.
Golden Boy: Collect 2,500 coins in a single game.
Great Balls of Fire!: Engage the Fireball powerup.
Hardcore: Complete a stage without using any powerups!
Infinite: Reach the infinite infiniteness of infinity.
Irresistable: Engage the Super Magnet powerup.
Kiss the Sky: Reach 100,000 feet.
Linebacker: Engage the Shield powerup.
Mile High Club: Reach 1,000,000 feet.
Pot of Gold: Collect 5,000 coins in a single game.
Ramblin Man: Walk 10 laps.
Rocket Man: Reach 500,000 feet.
Running Up Walls: Engage the Anti-Gravity Boots powerup.
Shooting Star: Collect 250 stars in a single game.
Silvery Moon: Make it to Stage 6.
Space Oddity: Reach 250,000 feet.
Spirit in the Sky: Reach 50,000 feet.
Spread the World: Give your Mega Code to someone and have them use it!
Spring in Your Step: Engage the Winged Boots powerup.
Star Gazing: Collect 100 stars in a single game.
Starry Night: Collect 500 stars in a single game.
Starry Sky: Make it to Stage 7.
Starstruck: Collect 1,000 stars in a single game.
Supernova: Engage the Super Fireball powerup.
Survivor: Avoid 10 enemies in a single game.
Thunder Clouds: Make it to Stage 5.
Tilt!: Hold the game sideways for too long.
Treetop Village: Make it to Stage 2.
Under the Radar: Reach 10,000 feet.
We're in the Money: Collect 10,500 coins in a single game.