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Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters

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Street Fighter moves

Charge up to the maximum and hold Up when you release Fire. Note You do not have to have full life.

Alternate ending sequence

Play the game with two characters instead of just one. The ending sequence will change based on the two characters that you used.

Bass: Power Move "Saying"

Select Bass when you start a new game. Choose any story and Robot Master. Charge your Mega Buster by holding A and hold Up. When it is fully charged (glows yellow), release both of the buttons. Bass will do a Power Kick. While he is doing the attack, he will say something like "Texas King" in a Japanese voice.



Created by cubex55.



The following is a list of the Charge + Up moves.
erit ad, ws, hwfr

Rockman: Rock Upper
Forte: Cresent Kick
Blues: Blues Strike
Duo: Duo Blast

Recommended Robot Masters order

Use the following order.

Search for Wily
Shadowman: Use Centuar Arrow
Bubbleman: Use Shadow Blade
Heatman: Use Bubble Lead
Plantman: Use Atomic Fire
Gyroman: Use Plant Barrier
Centuarman: Use Gyro Attack
Fortress Guardian:Mad Roller: Use Centuar Arrow
Fortress Boss:Dr. Wily: Use Bubble Lead
Dr. Wily Second Time: Use Shadow Blade
Rescue Roll
Cutman: Use Slash Claw
Shademan: Use Rolling Cutter
Stoneman: Use Noise Crush
Elecman: Use Power Stone
Diveman: Use Elec Beam
Slashman: Use Dive Missle
Fortress Guardian:Yellow Demon (Rock Monster): Use Elec Beam
Fortress Boss: Dr. Wily: Use Slash Claw
Dr. Wily Second Time: Use Elec Beam
Find the Missing Parts
Pharoahman: Use Quick Boomerang
Geminiman: Use Pharoah Wave (when not split up into two)
Napalmman: Use Gemini Laser
Gutsman: Use Napalm Bomb
Airman: Use Charged Shot or Super Arm
Quickman: Use Air Shooter
Fortress Guardian: Mecha Dragon: Use Quick Boomerang
Fortress Boss:Dr. Wily: Use Super Arm
Dr. Wily Second Time: Use Air Shooter


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