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Metroid Prime: Hunters

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Unlocking other hunters

Defeat a player in multi-player mode who is using a hunter you have not yet unlocked. Alternately, defeat the hunter in single player mode.

Special hunters license icon

  • Successfully complete the game with 100% of the scans. Completing adventure mode without the 100% ending will result in a blue spiral icon next to your hunter's license rank.
  • Get a 100% completion in Adventure mode to get an Octolith icon next to your hunter's license rank.
  • Have 25 total wins in multi-player mode to have a bronze lightning bolt icon next to your hunter's license rank.
  • Have 100 total wins in multi-player mode to have a silver lightning bolt icon next to your hunter's license rank.
  • Have 200 total wins in multi-player mode to have a gold lightning bolt icon next to your hunter's license rank.

Suitless Samus

Get a 100% game completion in each file.

Record Table option

Successfully complete the game to unlock the Record Table option at the main menu. Select it to view the best Adventure Mode times, total time played, and final Boss times.

Sound Test option

Defeat Gorea's second phase.
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Hunters License ranks

Get the indicated number of points by winning Wi-Fi matches to reach the indicated rank.

Bounty Hunter: 0-39 points.
Super Hunter: 40-139 points.
Elite Hunter: 139-389 points.
Master Hunter: 390-750 points.
Legendary Hunter: Over 750 points.


Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding arena.

Compression Chamber: Play 4 local games.
Council Chamber: Play 16 local games.
Elder Passage: Play 18 local games.
Fault Line: Play 22 local games.
Fuel Stack: Play 20 local games.
Harvester: Play 12 local games.
Head Shot: Complete a four-player match.
Incubation Vault: Play 6 local games.
Oubliette: Defeat the final Boss in single player mode.
Outer Reach: Play 10 local games.
Sanctorus: Play 2 local games.
Stasis Bunker: Play 40 local games or 1 Wi-Fi game.
Subterranean: Play 8 local games.
Weapons Complex: Play 14 local games.




Defeating the second Boss

Around the second Boss are three red buttons. Three worms will come out of them. Instead of shooting them or using missals, use the charge beam to kill them in one hit. The giant plant will then start to shoot at you and his mouth will be open. Shoot the little dot inside his mouth with the charge beam to do massive damage. Repeat this and he will be finished. Each time you use the charge beam on the dot in his mouth, he will stay open for less time. Also, as usual, you must evacuate the area after you defeat him.

Defeating Gorea 1

If First, decide if you want to battle Gorea 2 so that you can unlock Oubliette. If so read on. If not, skip to the "main battle" section. You will need to attack the circles on the wall on the outside of the yellow ring that drains your health. Jumping onto the outer ring is recommended because you will be there for the rest of the battle and you will not have to jump there later, saving time. Next, fire the Battle Hammer at the green circle, the yellow thunder one at the yellow circle, the Judicator at the purple one, the Magmaul at the orange, Shock Coil at the blue one and The Imperialist at the red one in that order. It may be slightly out of order. For example, the Magmaul may come before the Judicator, Yellow before Battlehammer, etc. Try different orders if needed. You will know when the circle has been hit because it will spin around for a moment and you will hear a sound. After they all have been hit in the correct order you will get a space ship transmission that there has been an avalanche or something like that. Note: Try not to get hurt too much while doing this especially if you have not found that many health expansions because Gorea 2 is difficult. For the main battle, when you see Gorea, get to the outer rim of the battlefield while he is turning black to green. You may already have done this if you read the above. Circle around the battlefield dodging his attacks while having Imperialist equipped. When he turns light blue after using The Imperialist, immediately zoom in to his arms while he is changing from red to blue. If it is not after Imperialist for some reason, you will know because it will play the music heard when you battle Sylux. Snipe his shoulders and they should blow up. Ignore the health unless you are in extreme need of it. Snipe the yellow orb that floats above him as fast as you can before he starts reaching out at you with the orange thing. If you get caught, try to snipe the orb and he will let go. He should start throwing blue bombs at you. You can destroy them, but just focus on dodging and sniping. Repeat this stately. If sniping does work for you, try other weapons.

Fight Gorea's second form

In the first fight with Gorea, there are six colored symbols on the wall, Take out Gorea's arms so that he reveals the Seal Sphere. Jump to the outside ring of the room and Gorea should leave you alone while you work. Shoot each symbol in this order: yellow, green, orange, blue, purple, red. Each must shot with the appropriate weapon: Volt Driver for yellow, Battle Hammer for green, Magmaul for orange, Shock Coil for blue, Judicator for purple, and Imperialist for red. This is taken from the Alimbic Prophecies collected via scans throughout the game. After activating all six symbols, you should get a message from your ship. Continue to fight Gorea. One you defeat him, you will be transported to the final battle arena for the true final fight.

Sylux: Extra damage

Choose Sylux as your hunter. Get into Lockjaw. When you are playing, set two bombs. Have someone run into them. Then, get close to the person. When the two bombs are attacking him, lay another one. As that one goes to the person, before you lay another one, remember where the first two were. Move into the triangle position and lay a bomb. This should automatically kill the person. Note: You must do this very. If the person jumps during this, it will not work.

Avoiding unwanted Hunters

When playing the game after clearing each area at least once, you will notice that the other Hunters will be randomly placed on each planet before you land. If you do not want to meet any of the Hunters in a certain area or want the area to be completely empty of Hunters, use the following steps. First, land your ship on any planet or outpost. Upon landing, exit your ship then go back in. You can play the level or go through a portal first. Launch your ship and go back to the selection screen. The Hunters should have moved around on the planets/outposts. Repeat this process until you get an empty planet, or until you eliminate any Hunters you do not want to encounter. Note: Remember that this will not affect your encounters with Guardians, because they are randomly spawned. However, if done correctly all you will fight are Guardians. Likewise, you can use this to get more Hunters on a planet/outpost and thus lower your chance of encountering Guardians.

Easy Wi-Fi points

  • Two or more Nintendo DS systems and one Metroid Prime Hunters game are required for this trick. The other DS systems that do not have the game are supposed to be in download play mode. The host of the game will have to win because the star rank on the Hunter's license matters. If you win in a two player round, you will get one ranking point. If three players play, you will get two ranking points. If you play Wi-Fi mode and the other players' ranks are higher than yours, you will must be careful, as they may be more skilled play better than you. Their star rank matters on how many points you get.
  • Keep challenging a friend and put the game on 1 score point. Keep winning and you will be a Legendary Hunter quickly.

Easy high rank

Start a "Multi-game card" challenge. Play as the best Hunter you have. Set the kill limit to "1". Enter a bot of the Hunter that you can defeat the fastest. Defeat the Hunter until you have the desired rank. Note: You may have a high rank if you use this strategy, but you will not gain any experience. If you want more experience, find the Hunter that is hardest to defeat and repeatedly fight them.

Bouncing weapons

In the Oubliette, go to the place where you get the final energy tank. Notice all the windows and green spots. If you look out the big window, you can see the big place where you fight Gorea 2. If you fire any weapon (except Imperialist) at the windows and spots, it will bounce off. Note: Even missiles will do this.

Climb walls as Spire

In Multi-player mode, select any arena and choose Spire as your character. When the battle begins, switch to your alternate form (Dialanche) and approach any vertical wall. Inwardly-sloped walls as in VDO Gateway cannot be climbed. Roll at the wall. You should start climbing the wall. However, you cannot stick to ceilings. If you exit alternate form, you will fall. Also, it is very difficult to get onto edges. For example, you cannot get onto the lower level ramps in VDO Gateway. This can provide you with an easy exit strategy in some cases. The best arena to practice wall climbing is Combat Hall.

Acterra Gateway: Sniping location

Use Trace for this. When you spawn, use the jump pads to get to the top. At the top, there is a group of long wooden log-like objects. Walk across the one that leads to a rock with a blue light. Jump up to the light and you can see a lot of the map. It is difficult to get here, and opponents will have a hard time getting to you.

Imperialist scope

While using the Imperialist, press R to zoom in and have a bigger target. This makes it easier to aim. This works for all characters.

Lives Match mode messages

In Lives Match mode, you can get one of two messages. The first appears when you try to hide. It reads "Location revealed! Return to battle!" The second one appears by doing that many times. It reads "Coward detected!"

Demo version

Jump higher with Morphball

  • Go into Morphball mode and remain absolutely still. Set all bombs down quickly. Once the bombs explode, immediately change to normal mode. You should jump even higher.
  • Find a Metroid (the creatures that cling to your head). Get into Morphball mode and lay three bombs. As soon as they detonate, get out of Morphball mode. If done correctly you will get a super jump.

Super Missiles

In multi-player mode, get as much of the energies (weapon energies) as you can, then get a the missile. Once obtained hold Fire (when you select the missile icon so that you have missiles) and you will start charging with the missiles.

Video trailer

Complete all of the training courses and get at least in fifth place on the leader board on all the training courses. Once you complete the last one, the "Play Video" option will be unlocked on the touch screen. Touch it to se a short video of Samus discovering some enemies followed by a URL, After you watch it once, you can watch it again by touching a small red dot at the bottom right of the main screen.

Charging rocket launcher

Obtain the red missile icons two times (in multi-player or single playe rmode), then hold or tap and hold Fire.

Charging Electro Lob in multi-player mode

  • In Trooper Module, morphball and go to the tiny spacing that launches you to the center. Obtain icon with bombs two times, then charge.
  • In Assault Cradle, go outside on either opposite side or in the center. Obtain icon with bombs two times, then charge.

Rapid fire with Powerbeam

Select the stylus control type. Then, go to either regulator or survivor training modes. Now in order to shoot fast, have your fingers on both L and R and start pressing them one at a time very fast in sequence. Pressing L + R will cause you to shot two shots at the same time.

Morph/Retro Jump

In survivor mode, make sure you are not too close to a wall. Tap the Morph icon on the touch screen (or B if in touch-shoot mode) Lay one mine. Note the energy spikes (blue lines) radiating off. Wait for them to converge directly under you. Then, tap the Morph icon (or B) to be sent up higher than normal. Note: You can also jump for more height.

Double Jump

If you are in the air at any time in survior mode and did not jump to get there (Morph Jump, fall off platform, etc.) you can jump. For example, if you accidentally fall off a platform, jump quickly and hold Back. This also allows you to jump on top of the level with a Morph/Retro Jump.

Triple Jump Metroid style

Turn into a Morphball and do not move. Then, throw a bomb and just before it detonates, throw another bomb. When it explodes, you will go into the air. While in the air throw another bomb. When you fall down, do not move. The second bomb will detonate, and you will fly into the air again but this time the third bomb will detonate and you will fly even higher. When the third bomb detonates wait one second then turn into Retro mode and you should go higher. If you jump when you turn into Retro mode you can go higher.

Death Spot in survivor mode

When the level starts, turn left. Follow the corridor. You will enter a large open area. Look to the left to see a console and a huge horizontal blue core above it. Jump on the console. If facing the wall, look to the right. (where the caged area is located; it contains a blue ammo pickup). Walk towards the caged area, staying on this raised part of the wall. You will notice a small arch, just big enough for Samus. The back part of the right part of the wall is completely passable. If you walk through it, you will die.

Get the alien thing off your head

To get the alien off your head, morph into the ball and set two mines. This should also kill it as well.

Always have ammunition

If you use up all of your ammunition (Power Beam shots), you will get one more shot. However, you will shoot half as fast.


Alinds Gateway: Leave level boundary

Play the fire/lava level with the big arena in the middle of it (Aures Gateway). You must be Spire. When you enter the level, go to the stairs in front of the arena in the middle of the level. Face the stairs, then move to the left. Go forward on the left side of the arena until you reach the circular part. Turn left about 90 degrees. Look up and search for a high ledge that should have the Red Imperialist orb on it, and a huge tall rock to the right of it. If you look down that same tall rock should have a space between it and a lower ledge near the ground. Take Spire and run into that space. Keep running into the wall. While still running against it, press [Morph Ball] and hold Forward for about half a second then release. You should go into the rock to the right of you. Do not press any buttons and allow the screen to settle. After this happens, press [Morph Ball] and you will appear out of the other side of the rock. Do not move. After these steps are completed you can shoot at will, but can barely move around. If you are playing in connected play, have someone position themselves in front of the rock that you are in and start shooting. If all these previous steps are executed correctly, the other person will see shots coming out of the rock but will not see Spire because he is still in the rock. Almost nothing can get to you inside the rock unless you move out of range of the rock or somebody else enters the rock. You can also shoot people from inside the rock.

Combat Hall: Leave level boundary

Select Weavel as your player. Then, go to the second morph ball tunnel but stay out of it. Next, run backwards toward the entrance second tunnel. Charge up a missile and aim near the ground, but not completely down. Once you fire the missile you should be in the tunnel but not your alternate form. Turn around until you see the blackness of the level. Turn into your alternate form but do not move. If you do you will fall off your turret and must get back in there again. Then, press L to do your jump attack and move backwards, but not too far. You should be in an area where the ground is black and you can see the rest of the level. From here you can shoot anyone desired. This may require a few attempts. Note: You can get into the tunnel with anyone, but Weavel is the only one that can jump out of it.

Head Shot: Float in mid air

On Head Shot, Go to outside and turn into Alt-form and drop bombs. Keep dropping bombs and you will be able to float for a few seconds. Note: This works better with Sylux.

Statis Bunker: Invisible to other players

Select Weevil as your Hunter. Turn into alt-form mode and go to the bouncy thing in the middle. Jump up to one of the ledges. Just before you land, press Fire. If done correctly, you should see a lot of black. Jump off the left part. The entire map will be black except for the part under the ledge. When you are walking around you will be invisible to the other players.

Sylux: Never ending death

Choose Sylux as your hunter. Get into Lockjaw. When you are playing, set two bombs next to somebody. Then, go around to the other side of them and place another one. If done correctly, the three bombs should start moving in on the player. If you do a slightly perfect triangle, it will strike for about 50-100. However, if done perfectly, the game will glitch. The person you hit will never stop dying until time has expired. Note: This works best on DS Download.

Invisible field

In Trooper Module (survivor field), when you start, go to the left and go to the hyper jump area. Then, go inside into the blue area. Move to the left opening then go outside and jump to the open area in front of you (the generator). Next, go to the left of it. You will see a narrow area to walk on. Go on it, and be careful to not fall off. Go all the way then turn left. You will find a dead end. Do the "Triple jump Metroid style" trick, and when you are in the air, jump forward over the field gap. It will appear as if you are walking in mid-air, but you are not. It is the stage which has turned invisible. Note: The field will show monsters and other players, and the ledges can be anywhere. So be careful and do this glitch only if you have complete knowledge of the field.

Go through walls

Run against a wall while jumping. You may go through it, but you will die if this happens.

Fall underneath the jump pads

This trick requires a lot of patience. When you are on the jump pads, do not move. Fall all the way back to the jump pads. Just before you bounce back up turn into a morph ball. You should fall through the jump pads into the darkness underneath the level. You should be able to kill people from underground.

Multi-player: Run while floating on wall

This trick requires two Nintendo DS systems and the game for both of them. Start a multi-player game on the Ancient Vestige level. Once both players are in the game, have both of them go to the corridor shown on the right side of the map (with the damage power-up in it). At the beginning of the corridor (where it connects to the rest of the level), have one player face the wall with two pipes running horizontal on it. Then, jump forward towards the pipes and continue to walk forward. Your screen should shake up and down while you are running forward. The other player should then look at the player who is still walking into the wall. The other player should see the person running in place, floating above the ground in front of the wall.

Multi-player: Have body parts disappear into a wall

Start by doing the "Multi-player: Run while floating on wall" glitch. Once you are there, walk out of the corridor and face the pipes; to the left, you should see a corner with a chunk missing out of it. Have one player walk to the corner, facing it. While facing it, walk into the corner slowly while hanging a little to the right. If done correctly, the other player should see your leg slide into the wall. Once your leg is in, you can move your torso around to try to get your blaster arm to also disappear into the wall. Note: Do not move in any direction, just pivot; you will see it on both screens. This glitch is difficult to replicate.

Regulator mode: Make Xenomorphs disappear

While in Regulator mode, at the second spiral hall you can make the Xenomorphs (the Metroids that do not latch onto your head) in the Power Beam reload area disappear by getting too close to them. Note: No other Xenomorphs do this.

Demo version: Multi-player: See out of level

Start by doing the "Multi-player: Run while floating on wall" glitch. Once the person is on the wall and running forward, have that person run forward and towards the corner where the wall meets the other wall that goes to the rest of the level. After awhile, the screen on the person running on the wall should shake up and down to the point where you can see out of the level. If this does not happen, try jumping while still walking forward.


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Action Replay DS codes (v1.0) from Datel. Action Replay DS device required.

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