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Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.
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Consistency (10 points): Earn 3 special tiles in one game.
Nimble (10 points): Achieve a Speed Bonus chain of 30.
Milestone (10 points): Complete the Foundation pack.
Back-to-Back (10 points): Achieve a 2-pair Multi-Match chain in Origins mode.

Additionally the following achievements require the October 26, 2012 update.

Lightning Match (15 points): Clear 5 different pairs of tiles in 2 seconds or less.
Time Tile Tiger (10 points): Earn 10 seconds by matching a Time Tile.
Gemologist (10 points): Clear 3 puzzles in one Gem Mode game.
Gems Gone Wild (10 points): Clear Gem Mode tiles with a Wild Tile.
Supersonic (10 points): Achieve a Speed Bonus Chain of 150.
High Five (10 points): Get 5:00 on the clock in Dash Mode.
Forced Perspective (10 points): Complete an Origins pack without rotating.
Astro Logical (10 points): Earn 24 stars in Origins mode.
Success (10 points): Win your first Daily Challenge.
Challenger (10 points): Play the Daily Challenge 5 days in a row.
Marathon (10 points): Win one Daily Challenge every day over the course of one month.
Came to Play (5 points): Play your first Daily Challenge.
Go for the Bronze (10 points): Win 12 bronze Daily Challenge badges.
Go for the Silver (10 points): Win 10 silver Daily Challenge badges.
Go for the Gold (10 points): Win 8 gold Daily Challenge badges.
Tranquility (10 points): Clear 100 puzzles in Relaxation Mode.