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Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition (PSP)

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Cheat Codes

Master code

Enter fullyloaded as a code to unlock all bonuses.

Maximum nitro

Enter fillmeup as a code.

All cities and cars sunlocked in arcade mode

Enter roadtrip or crosscountry as a code.
, , and

Car takes no damage in arcade mode

Enter ontheroad as a code.

Argo special move

Enter dfens as a code.

Roar special move

Enter r04r as a code.

Zone special move

Enter allin as a code.

Chrome body

Enter haveyouseenthisboy as a code.

Yellow smile head

Enter getheadj as a code.

Pumpkin head

Enter getheadk as a code.

Bunny head

Enter getheadl as a code.

Skull head

Enter getheadn as a code.

Snowman head

Enter getheadm as a code.


Flag vinyls

Collect 12 Rockstar logos in cruise mode.

Rockstar license plates

Collect 24 Rockstar logos in cruise mode.

Cadillac Sixteen

Get a 100% game completion. You must do all the club races.
Big P.


Quick start

At the beginning of the race press R + X then release those buttons and press Triangle. Do this repeatedly to get a larger head start.

Included nitrous

Buy an Impala or Corvette and you will find built in nitrous.


Disappearing rider

Start riding on a motorcycle, then crash into a wall. Quickly tap X as the rider is falling off the bike. The rider will disappear while riding.

Invisible car on bridge

When you are crossing a bridge, stop and look at the road. You will see the reflection of a car's headlights, even though there is no car present.


Complete races in second place to win the corresponding amount of money. Then, finish the same exact race again in first place. You will earn the second place and first place money.

Big air

In San Diego, get near the transport icon. Going right facing away from the doors will bring you to a big jump over the military ship. Drive straight down the alley ways to the underground car park, then turn around and race back as fast as possible using nitrous. You should leap so high you will land on an invisible platform above all the buildings. Note: This was done with the 999R, and it is possible if you use two units of nitrous.

Teleport to Vince's garage

Go to Detroit. Drive around on the map until will see a big loop at the end of the highway. Drive very fast off the loop and you will appear back at Vince's garage.


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