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Might And Magic: Clash Of Heroes (Xbox 360)

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Walkthrough (Aidan)

Walkthrough (Anwen)

Walkthrough (Fiona)

Walkthrough (Godric)

Walkthrough (Nadia)


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Hero of Might and Magic (30 points): Complete all main quest and side quest objectives in all Campaigns.
Legend of Battles (25 points): Reach Level 10 in online multiplayer mode.
Online Hero (10 points): Win a battle in 1 vs. 1 online mode.
Bounty Hunter (15 points): Complete all bounty side quests.
Collect 'em All! (15 points): Unlock all special units.
Fusion Fanatic (10 points): Triple fuse an attack formation in battle.
Treasure Hunter (15 points): Collect all artifacts of each single player campaign.
Unstoppable Army (25 points): Reach a Hero level of 10 and max out all units to level 5 in any Campaign.
Young Hero (15 points): Win a battle in the Sylvan campaign.
Sir-Links-a-Lot (10 points): Create a link of 5+ formations in battle.
Skilled Strategist (15 points): Complete all Battle Puzzles in each Campaign.
Team Player (15 points): Win a battle in 2 vs. 2 online COOP mode.

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