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ModNation Racers (PlayStation3)

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Quick start

To get a turbo start at the beginning of a race, wait for the announcer to count down "3... 2... 1...", then wait for him to say "GO!". As soon as he, tap L1 (Boost) to speed off the starting line.

Stealing Kart bodies

Use the following trick to get a Kart body that you have not previously unlocked. Download another player's Kart that uses the desired body design. You can edit their Kart, then save it for your own use.

United front sticker

Go to "Car Create" mode and try to place a sticker. Zoom all the way out and move the view around until you find a hidden "United Front" sticker on the right.


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.

Anonymous (Bronze): Play an online race.
Newcomer (Bronze): Complete the qualifier race.
Mechanic (Bronze): Create a kart in Kart Studio.
Sculptor (Bronze): Create a track in Track Studio.
Dresser (Bronze): Create a Mod in Mod Studio.
Shopping Spree (Bronze): Enter the Shop.
Getting To Know You... (Bronze): Invite 5 unique friends to an online race.
Fill'er Up (Bronze): Fill your boost meter.
Knockin' Boost (Bronze): Drive over 100 boost pads.
ModSpot Explorer (Bronze): Visit all the locations in ModSpot.
Headspinner (Bronze): Do a 1080 spin and land successfully.
Taster Session (Bronze): Try all the game modes in Single Player Race.
Showing The World (Bronze): Win 10 online races.
Trigger Happy (Bronze): Use all the weapons in the game.
Fast Learner (Bronze): Complete all the race tutorials, and watch all the video tutorials.
Offering Opinions (Bronze): Rate 10 tracks, 10 Mods, and 10 karts.
Pioneer Racer (Bronze): Be part of the first race on a published track.
Drifting Superstar (Bronze): Earn 100,000 drift points in one drift.
The Drifter (Bronze): Drift 1,000 times in total.
Slow and Steady (Bronze): Win an action race without using any boost or using a boost pad.
Pacifist (Bronze): Win an action race without firing any weapons.
Remixer (Bronze): Remix a character, a kart, and a track.
Series Winner (Bronze): Win a ranked race series.
ModNation Prospect (Bronze): Earn at least 1,000 Total XP (including Race XP and Create XP).
Say Cheese! (Bronze): Use photo mode in a race, in a studio, or in the ModSpot.
Beat Down (Bronze): Win your first online action race on a particular published track.
Bruiser (Bronze): Get a total of 200 takedowns.
Aggro Racer (Bronze): Sideswipe 75 opponents.
Sharing Karts (Bronze): Publish a kart and have at least 10 people download it.
Sharing Mods (Bronze): Publish a character and have at least 10 people download it.
Sharing Splines (Bronze): Publish a track and have at least 10 people download it.
Flaming Hot! (Silver): Get in the top 10% in Hot Lap Mode on any given day.
Join the Team (Silver): Beat all 28 developer lap times in career.
ModNation Star (Silver): Earn at least 5,000 Total XP (including Race XP and Create XP).
Level of Merit (Silver): Complete all the career challenges.
Hoarder (Silver): Collect all the tokens in the single player career.
Taking On The World (Silver): Win 100 Online Races.
Dominator (Gold): Come 1st in every race in the career.
Star Creator (Gold): Earn at least 250,000 Create XP.
ModNation Superstar (Gold): Achieve level rank 30.
ModNation Legend (Platinum): Earn all ModNation Racers trophies to unlock this platinum trophy.

Additionally there are seven secret trophies.

Mayhem Tour Winner (Bronze): Win the Mayhem Tour.
Range Tour Winner (Bronze): Win the Range Tour.
Grim Tour Winner (Bronze): Win the Grim Tour.
Third Eye (Bronze): Hit 20 opponents with weapons dropped as secondary weapons.
Shields Up! (Bronze): Successfully defend yourself with your shield 20 times.
Win Grand Finale (Silver): Win the Grand Finale.
Elite Hunter (Silver): Beat all the Elite racers in the grudge matches.

Arctic Tour

Big City Tour

Far East Tour


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