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Monopoly Here And Now: The World Edition

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Free money and properties

Obtain one of the dark blue properties (Montreal or Riga) by buying or by trading with a CPU player. Trade your Montreal or Riga to the CPU player and get two properties that have same color property and one random property ( for example, Istanbul, Kiev, and one random property). Trade just one of the two same color properties (Kiev or Istanbul) to get Montreal or Riga back. The net total of properties you gain from this trade is two properties. You can repeat the process all over again. When the CPU player runs out of properties, you can also get their money. Trade your Montreal or Riga to the same CPU player to get $4 million and its property (Kiev or Istanbul). After that, trade your Kiev or Istanbul to get you Montreal or Riga back. This time you will gain $4 million. Note: This can only be done only if there is no monopoly for the color that you are trading. In this case if you have Kiev and Istanbul, Toronto is still unsold to anyone. If someone monopolized that color, use other properties from other colors to trade. also, one of the dark blue properties (Riga or Montreal) must be unsold to anyone.


Perfect stats

If a loss is inevitable, exit and return to the iPhone or iPod home screen. Start a new game. Your old game will not be counted as a loss. Note: If you exit game by using the in-game menu, it will be counted as a loss.

Avoid paying rent

After rolling the dice and see that you will be on a property where you will have to pay rent, exit and return to the iPhone or iPod home screen. Open the game, and resume your old session. You will be on that property and still have all your money. You can also use this trick to avoid the effect of landing on "Go To Jail", "Chance", and "Community Chest".