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Blue Rathalos (RioSoul)

Kill a Silver Crown sized Rathalos in trial mode.

Pink Rathian (RioHeart)

Kill a Silver Crown sized Rathian in trial mode.
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White Monoblos (MonoDevil)

Kill a Silver Crown sized Monoblos in trial mode.

Trial mode

Successfully complete the "Jungle Menace" quest. The following trials can then be unlocked by completing the indicated quest.

Basarios' Trials: Complete the "Basarios: Unseen Paril" quest.
Cephadrome's Trials: Complete the "The Land Shark" quest.
Gravios' Trials: Complete the "Terror of the Gravios!" quest.
Gypceros' Trials: Complete the "Slay The Gypceros!" quest.
Khezu's Trials: Complete the "The Shadow In The Cave" quest.
Kut Ku's Trials: Complete the "Jungle Menace" quest.
Monoblos' Trials: Complete the "Horn of the Monoblos" quest.
Plesioth's Trials: Complete the "Water Wyvern in the Desert" quest.
Rathalos' Trials: Complete the "Attack Of The Rathalos!" quest.
Rathian's Trials: Complete the either "Queen Of The Desert" or "Slay The Rathian!" quest.

Offline Elder quests

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding quest.

Deliver A Firestone: Unlock and complete the "Gravimos", "Diablos" and "Furufuru" quests.
Diablos: Buy a piece of Monoblos armor.
Furufuru: Buy a piece of Rangosta armor.
Gravimos: Buy a piece of Galeos armor.
Lao Shan Long: Complete all offline quests (including unlocking MonoDevil, RioHeart, and RioSoul).
Pink Rioleia And Blue Rioleus Pair: Complete the "Deliver A Firestone" quest.

Additional gallery pictures

Start the game with a saved game file after being online in Monster Hunter to unlock a fourth gallery page.