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Monster Jam: Path Of Destruction (PlayStation3)

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Monster trucks

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding truck.
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Backwards Bob: Reach level 7.
Bad News Travels Fast: Reach level 17.
Black Stallion: Reach level 6.
Blacksmith: Reach level 15.
Blue Thunder: Finish first in Houston Stadium Race.
Bounty Hunter: Finish first in Southern Series.
Brutus: Reach level 5.
Bulldozer: Reach level 4.
Captain's Curse: Finish first in Oakland Gate Rush.
Destroyer: Reach level 12.
El Toro Loco: Finish first in San Diego Time Crush.
The Felon: Reach level 19.
Grave Digger: Finish first in Orlando Freestyle.
Grinder: Finish first in Minneapolis Circuit Race.
Gunslinger: Reach level 9.
Jurassic Attack: Reach level 10.
King Krunch: Reach level 13.
Madusa: Reach level 3.
Maximum Destruction: Finish first in Indianapolis Stadium Race.
Monster Mutt: Finish first in New Orleans Circuit Race.
Mowhawk Warrior: Finish first in Las Vegas Freestyle.
Original Grave Digger: Finish first in World Finals.
Predator: Finish first in Western Series.
Stone Crusher: Reach level 8.
War Wizard: Reach level 2.


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.

Welcome to Monster Jam! (Bronze): Pass the test event.
Bling (Bronze): Equip an accessory on a monster truck.
Speed Demon (Bronze): Win a gold medal in 1 Circuit Racing event.
Piston Popper (Bronze): Win a gold medal in 1 Stadium Racing event.
Crowd Pleaser (Bronze): Win a gold medal in 1 Freestyle event.
Time is on my side (Bronze): Win a gold medal in 1 Time Crunch event.
Shake and Bake (Bronze): Win a gold medal in 1 Team Racing event.
Gate Crusher (Bronze): Win a gold medal in 1 Gate Rush event.
Fast Learner (Bronze): Win a gold medal in 1 Stunt Challenge event.
Gearhead (Bronze): Customize more than 5 monster trucks.
Training Wheels (Bronze): Reach level 5.
Gas tank is half full (Bronze): Reach level 10.
Heartbreak Hill (Bronze): Reach level 15.
Beastmaster (Bronze): Reach level 20.
Sweep (Bronze): Win a gold medal in 3 events in a row.
Defy Authority (Bronze): Defeat any two champion monster trucks in their home event.
Can't be Stopped! (Bronze): Perform 200 Big Saves in total.
Tough (Bronze): Win a gold medal in 5 different events on hard difficulty.
I don't get Dizzy (Bronze): Perform 100 Donut or Cyclone stunts in total.
I think I'm gonna be sick (Bronze): Perform 50 Flat Spin or Barrel Roll stunts in total.
Showoff (Bronze): Perform 50 Wheelie, Slap Wheelie or Stoppie stunts in total.
Impossible! (Bronze): Perform 25 Front or Back Flip stunts in total.
Port of Call (Bronze): Win a gold medal in at least 1 event in each stadium.
Be your own Boss (Bronze): Win a gold medal in every event of 1 stadium.
Monster Mash (Bronze): Destroy 250 obstacles in the game.
You're the best around! (Bronze): Win a gold medal in 20 events.
Advance Auto Parts Upgrade (Bronze): Unlock all Advance Auto Parts performance upgrades.
Path of Destruction (Silver): Destroy 500 obstacles in the game.
Veteran Driver (Silver): Earn 9,000 xp in a single event.
Pro Driver (Silver): Win gold medals in 20 different events on hard difficulty.
Freestyle Domination! (Silver): Win a gold medal in 1 Freestyle event with a score higher than 40.
United Champion (Silver): Win both the Southern and Western National Tour.
King of the Monsters (Silver): Defeat all 8 champion monster trucks once in their home event.
World Finals Champion (Gold): Win all National Tours.
Monster Jam Master (Gold): Win a gold medal in all events.
Grand Slam (Platinum): Unlock all other trophies.

Additionally there are eight secret trophies.

Yard Sale (Bronze): Lose 2 wheels of a monster truck in an event.
Tricktionary (Bronze): Perform 10 types of stunts in one event.
Split a second (Silver): Win a gold medal in 1 Racing event with the lead less than 0.5 seconds.
Still got three more (Silver): Finish a Freestyle event with a wheel detached and win.
Unstoppable (Silver): Cross the finish line with a wheel detached and win the race.
Bodyshop Wizard (Silver): Fully customize one monster truck: place an accessory, vinyl or decal in every area.
Biggest Fan (Silver): Attend 20 events in a row without changing the monster truck.
They're all my favorite (Gold): Collect all monster truck, accessories, upgrades and decals.