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Easy money


  • Keep hitting rocks with an axe or shovel until finding a special one that gives a bag of Bells. Keep hitting it until the bags stop appearing. Note: This only happens once per day.
  • Take out your shovel and hit rocks with it until it spits out Bells. Keep hitting it. It can go up to 20,000 Bells. If you want to get all the bells, dig three holes away from the rock, and hit it. This will push you back but you will still hit the rock because the holes are there.
  • Use the following trick to get more money from rocks when you hit them with a shovel. Dig a hole behind and on the sides of you. Then, hit the rock. If there is money in it, it will pop out. Because you have holes around you they will stop you from moving away and rebound you back to hit it again. You can get up to 2,000 bells for your last hit. Note: Do not put holes anywhere else or the money bags will not be able to come out and you will not get all the possible bells. You can only get bells from one rock per day.
  • Once a day, if you hit a rock with a shovel or axe, money will appear. You can get up to 8,500 bells per day. Note: If you dig three holes behind the rock and then hit it, you will not move, getting all the possible money.


Take your Golden Shovel and dig in random spots. Eventually you will dig up 100 Bells.

Fish and bugs

  • A good way to get started in the game is to purchase a fishing rod or bug net. Set out to catch fish. If it is rare or at least worth 1,000 bells, keep it. If not, throw it back. You can also collect seashells of the same value. If catching bugs, catch them by listening to their sounds or watch for their colors. You can also look for treasure or many other things to collect money.
  • Shake trees until a hive of bees appear. Then, take out your net and catch them. Each bee is worth 4,500 Bells.
  • Buy a Fishing Rod and fish at the ocean around night time when it snows or rains. When you see a giant fish shadow, it will be a living fossil fish, worth 15,000 Bells.
  • Catch any rare fish or bug, such as a Hammerhead Shark. Make sure it is August or July in your town or just change the date. Catch as much rare fish and bugs as you can. Move all the furniture out of your main room and store all the bugs and fish in there. Fill your room up with as many as possible. Then, change the date to the first Saturday in August or July. Make sure it is 12 a.m. or later. Wait in your room. An animal will come in. Talk to it and wait until it stops in front of a fish or bug. Most rare bugs are worth a lot of money. For example, if the one it stopped in front of is a Hammerhead Shark it is normally 8,000 bells, but you can double that to 16,000 bells. They will buy three things, but just go into another room then come back out. Keep doing this until all the bugs and fish are gone. After everything is gone you should have about 200,000 bells. Keep fishing and catching bugs and you should be a money master. Note: Plant a lot of palm trees by the beach to get more rare bugs. The best time to find a shark is during firework shows.
  • Put three Barred Knifejaws in your house the day before the Flea Market. Also put in five Sea Horses, ten Horse Mackrels, three Bitterlings, and a few Sea Butterflies. Put your furniture in your closet, in other rooms (not the main room), bury them, or put them in your letters and save them. Charge the animals double for each fish. For example, charge 10,000 Bells for one Barred Knifejaw). You will have over 35,000 Bells. Also when they stop looking at items, go upstairs and downstairs again. They will look at something else.
  • When the Fishing Tourney arrives, turn in a huge fish for a good win. When you win, put the trophy in your dresser. Sell the clothes and paper if you do not like them. You will get them for breaking the record. Set the date back and win again. Do this repeatedly until you have six trophies. Sell five of them and keep one. You will get some Bells.
  • When you catch a rare fish throw it back into the sea or river. It will become more common each time this is done.
  • Bugs and Fish both have different seasons. Sharks, for example, are summer fish. Scorpions are bugs with a summer season. The most expensive shells are scallops and pearl oysters, which usually sell for about 1,000 Bells each.


Every day, go to the beach and look for shells. Do not bother picking up the Sand Dollars, Dall Tops, Venus Combs, or anything else worth less then 500 Bells. Just pick up the shells called "White Scallop" and "Pearl Oyster". They are the rarest kind. Also when you check, you might find a Coconut at the beach shore, or a Otter (sailor), and he might give you some random furniture.


  • At 12:30 on any day, walk along the beach shore and look for fruit. Any fruit you find along the shore is worth 500 Bells.
  • To get more money for fruit, go to your friend's town. Instead of only 100 Bells you will get 500 Bells.
  • Go to an online friend's town. Pick their fruit and plant it in your town. You can make more money from the fruit when it grows.
  • When Joan the turnip peddler comes to your town (every Sunday morning), ask her if she has Red Turnips. If she sells them to you, plant them immediately. Water them every day for a week, and dig them up on Saturday. They will sell at Nook's shop for 16,000 Bells.
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  • Go to a friend's town and pick their fruit and grow it in your town. Dig out a weed and plant it there, or chop down a tree and it will grow 50% to 100%. If you plant it when it is crowded, it will only grow to be a short (tiny) tree. You can sell the fruit to Tom Nook for 500 Bells each.
  • Whenever you get a fruit you do not have in your town, plant it. After you have planted it, water it. This even works on coconuts that you find on the beach, but they need to be watered more.
  • Plant a fruit from another town in your town (not your native fruit). Keep planting them until you have an orchard (fifty or more trees). You should have your pockets empty when you go to collect them (to maximize efficiency). After your pockets are full, sell then to Tom Nook for 500 Bells each. You can get 7,500 Bells for each pocketful of fruit.
  • Eventually you will find a coconut. Your mom may also mail you and include fruit with the letter. Bury them. After five to seven days, they will become trees. Shake them, and you will get more of that fruit. Sell them to Tom Nook, for 500 Bells.
  • To get coconut trees, find a coconut on the beach then plant it within ten shovel spaces from the ocean. Keep planting the fruit you get from the trees. Soon will have a friendly tropical beach. You can also sell the coconuts for 500 Bells.
  • Get a fruit that is not native to your town. Plant it and go ahead in time Bury those fruits you find and go ahead in time again. Repeat this, then eventually sell all the fruit.
  • After you plant flowers for Tom Nook, talk to him. On your next job, go out and use (B) to pick up the flowers you planted. Then, sell them back.
  • Send a piece of fruit to one of your neighbors. They will send you a different piece of fruit. The fruit that you get from your neighbor cost 500 Bells each. Once you get the fruit, plant it. If it grows, shake the tree to get the fruit and plant the fruit. Keep planting fruit to get a town full of fruit. If you chop down all your trees and keep the ones with fruit that you got from your neighbors, you can get 300,000 Bells each day. It is best to have a friend help because it takes long to sell all the fruit. Note: When you send your neighbors' fruit they will not send fruit back immediately, so keep sending it.
  • Get a Golden Shovel and get some money out of your inventory. Use the Golden Shovel to bury the money in the ground. Water the tree that will grow. A money tree will grow later in the week, month, or year.


  • Dig up fossils in your town. Have Blathers check them, then sell them to Nook. Most are worth up to 2,000 Bells.
  • Find a star on the ground. Dig it up with your shovel and sell it to Tom Nook. If it is a fossil, talk to the museum owl. Make sure you do not donate it, even when he asks if he can keep it. Sell it to Tom Nook for a few thousand Bells.
  • During a flea market, dig up a load of fossils beforehand and keep them. On the day before, take all the furniture out of your house and fill it with fossils. Do this on the day before otherwise the animals pop in after you close an inventory screen, try to buy things, and they do not come back. Most of the time you can sell them in the region of 10,000 Bells per fossil.
  • There is a wolf named Wolfgang. If it is Market Day, he may come in your house. Set up a Full Body Dinosaur Set. You can set the price up to 200,000 Bells. Also, if it is early between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m., he will be so tired that he will pay up to 450,000 Bells.
  • With fossils, buy a dresser. Put all your fossils inside it. With a full dresser, you will get over 100,000 Bells in fossils.

Interest from bank

  • Go to the bank and access your account. Save all the money you have into the account. Save the game and turn off the DS. Change the date to ten years later and your money will go up, depending on how much is in there. It usually goes up 99,999 Bells.
  • Insert any amount of money into your savings account. Once there are about 50,000 bells in your account, save the game and turn off the Nintendo DS. Go to the DS time settings (the system settings, not the Animal Crossing settings). Change the date to the year 2099. When you resume the game as the same character, you will receive a letter from the Post Office stating that you have 99,999 bells (possibly less). This money has already been added to your savings account. Note: You will get many weeds from doing this, but if you are going to do it more than once pick your weeds when you are done, as they return quickly.
  • If you have more than 700,000 bells, you can probably get 99,999 bells in just about a year. If you have a good amount of money, change the Nintendo DS system date to the year following. After continuing play, you will receive a letter in the mail saying that you have a certain number of bells. If you are rich this will usually yield 99,999 bells. This money has already been added to your account.
  • First, match your Animal Crossing: Wild World time with your Nintendo DS so it is less confusing. Set the Nintendo DS system time to the year 2000 then sign on to Animal Crossing: Wild World. The date will be also be in the year 2000. When you sign on, make sure you have about 50,000 Bells in your bank. Save and quit the game. Change the Nintendo DS system time three years later. By doing this, the game thinks it has actually been that long. Sign on then check your mail to save space. It will say that you have earned 99,999 Bells in interest. You do not have to worry about losing a neighbor, as this will not happen that often, especially if you are good friends. You will gain many weeds, but this is a small price to pay for becoming rich in one day. Note: If you want to buy the royal hat (2.5 million Bells King Hat) or the royal crown (1.5 million Bells Queen Hat) and you find one, then make sure it remains that date until you can buy it. The royal crown and hat are very rare and are almost never sold at Able Sisters.
  • When your player is sleeping, select the phone and then choose "Set Date And Time". Switch the date to January 1st. You can repeat this any number of times by setting the date to a year later. Note: You will have a lot of weeds.
  • Set the date to January 1, 2000. Then, deposit over 50,000 Bells at the town hall bank. Then, change the date to the highest year possible. Go back to the bank and you will have 99,999 Bells. The town hall will also send you a letter saying you have the most money deposited by interest. Note: You will have a lot of weeds.


  • Change the system date to January 1st to get mail from your Mom with 10,000 Bells.
  • Talk to the same person on Nintendo Wi-Fi ten times to get more money.


  • Get the King Tut Head at the Able Sisters or from a friend. This item when worn makes you trip every so often. Get accident insurance from Lyle the Weasel on Saturdays for 3,000 Bells. Every time you trip or get stung by a bee you will get 100 bells. Put on the King Tut Head and fall ten times. The next day, you should get a maximum of 1,000 Bells from Lyle in the mail (if you do not get any other mail). This is a slow way to get money, but can get you some steady cash.
  • If you have accident insurance from Lyle (the weasel that walks around your house), shake all the trees. If you find a beehive do not run. Stay there and let them sting you. Then, go to Booker at the main gate and see what is in the lost and found. If there are Pitfall Seeds, plant them anywhere desired then run all over them. If you get into one, keeping pressing B. The next day, look in your mail for anything from Lyle. He will send you a present of 100 Bells.


  • When it is time for the flea market, walk by or talk to everyone who is outside. Then go inside your house and choose a lot of furniture that you do not want. This will also work with flowers. When someone comes to your house, greet them and they will walk around. ,When they stop to look at an item, talk to them and say that you will sell it for a low amount of bells. They will say that they think it is a low price. Afterwards, walk out of your house and they will also leave. Go back inside and another person will appear saying "Low prices? I'm in." Do the same to everyone and you should have enough money to go to other houses and get whatever you want.
  • You can run to sapling trees (the basic kind) and shake them for bags of money, bee hives, and furniture. Before doing this, place all your items into a dresser. Only collect the furniture. Sell all these junk furniture items on a flea market day by changing the date. To find out when your flea market days are, check the town news board. Make sure you only sell to your residents well into the night. The loopy and drowsy neighbors will not think straight and will buy furniture for a price 150% more and 200% more if they are in love with an item. On average, by selling a room-full of junk furniture you will obtain about 18,000 bells in a night. You can also hassle your drunk neighbors to make them nervous and pay more.


If you have one character, create another one and talk to Tom Nook. If you cannot find him, go in your house then come out. He will talk to you and ask that you do a part time job. Finish all of the tasks he gives you. When you are done, he will give you 12,000 Bells. Drop them on the ground in front of your house. Before you kick them out of your town, get your other person and collect the Bells from the front of your house. Then, kick them out. The mortgage does not go with them, but does not go up with the more people that you make.

Snowman series

During winter get the entire Snowman series. If you collect the entire series and sell it you will get about 107,000 Bells.

Selling on Wi-Fi or DS to DS

When connecting in Wi-Fi mode or DS to DS, offer a friend or stranger an object. For example, a television with VCR can sell for 3,000 Bells at Nook's. However you can sell yours for 8,000 Bells.