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Brain Dead mission: Easy completion

On this mission you will get a Allied MCV. Deploy the MCV, then sell it. Gather up the soldiers and tanks and move them away from the location that the MCV was in. About thirty seconds after that, another will be sent to you. Sell that one, gather up the units, and repeat the process. Repeat this to get more money and units.

Brain Wash mission: Easy completion

Before you start the mission, go to Skirmish mode and disable super weapons. When you are in the mission, order Boris and some Tesla Troopers (must be built first) to destroy the Psy Beacon. Note: Use Tesla Troopers to protect Boris from Gatling Tanks. There will be too many of them. Use Boris to destroy the defenses and then the beacon. After that, Yuri will build a Psy Dominator but it will not activate because you have disabled super weapons. Use Tanya and Boris with some tanks and soldiers to destroy the base.

Head Games mission: Easy completion

When you get the chance, build a Missile Silo. Destroy the Psychic Beacon controlling the Allied base. Destroy all the Psychic Towers and send in a Navy Seal to destroy Yuri's Fortress. You should try to destroy the Construction Yard so that he cannot build more towers. Also, send in about five to ten Seals in case one dies.

Manhattan Mayhem mission: Civilian structures

Select Skirmish mode, select the game type as "Battle" and choose the "Manhattan Mayhem" level. This level contains a lot of civilian structures and some of them can be captured.

Statue Of Liberty: Located southwest near a small island that contains Jewels and an Oil Derrick.
Tech Lab: Located northwest at the edge of the map. This lab gives you ability to build and use a random unit that your team normally cannot access.
Oil Derricks: Located southwest on a small island next to Jewellery Field. Two more Oil Derricks can be found close to middle of the map. These allow you to get money; they collect some oil all the time.
Airport: Located southwest to the middle of the map slightly near the Oil Derricks. It gives you the ability to produce free Paradrops every few minutes.
Machine Shop : Located southwest of a lower bridge near a player start point. This repairs your vehicles free.
Hospital: Located northeast of a player start point in the southwest. This heals your infantry for free.

Rescue Einstein

In the Allied mission where you must rescue Einstein, do not destroy the Dominator. You will be given a single blast with it at the enemy before it blows up. Aim this at a group of tanks handily arranged in a neat square. Aim at them, and the blast will blow up several nearby buildings. Immediately order the tanks you captured to attack the Construction Yard, and they will destroy it. Then, attack the Barracks and/or War Factory if they survived the initial blast. Make sure that most of your units are attacking these structures, although you can divert a couple to deal with Gatling Tanks. The tanks will eventually be destroyed, however you have destroyed most of the base, and it should be relatively simple for about ten Robot Tanks and Tanya. Note: Make sure that the power is down before Tanya goes in; you will need to destroy several Bio Reactors first. It is a good idea to have multiple tanks to deal with Initiates that appear, since Tanya cannot get in until the power is down. If not much remains by this stage, you may as well leave the robot tanks to finish it. You only need to destroy the structures inside the base (Yuri may sell them at some point) and the two Slave Miners outside.

France mission

After your base is well built, defended well, and you have a lot of money, build a new MCV. Then, build two tanks with it. When the units are finished, order the tanks to escort the MCV. Then, start building a Grand Cannon. Send the MCV to the enemy base, but out far enough so that it cannot get damaged. When it arrives, move the tanks away and deploy the MCV. By now, the Grand Cannon should be finished. Deploy it by your new Construction Yard. Then, target any structures as desired. Make sure you build pillboxes for close range defense. If you need more range to put other Grand Cannons, build Barracks since they are the cheapest. Then, place the new Grand Cannon further out. You can do this repeatedly for other bases -- just sell the Grand Cannon(s).